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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


photo credit : SUE LYN/AMANDA KOK


dress : pink bodycon with seahorse details from BLUEYJOYCE
shoes : black peep toe pumps from MILKTEE
accessories : mickey mouse sunglasses (!) from LUCCACAL
zebra bag from TOPSHOP

do you see what i'm wearingggggggggggg! 
it's the micky mouse sunglasses that I've always wanted!!!
now i can't wait for someone to sponsor me a trip to disneyland so i could bring my sunnies along too! lol
If ever ever one day! I have the chance to go Disneyland, I'll definitely bring this sunnies along :) 
come on guys! Pray hard for me! XD
thank you thank you LUCCACAL for sponsoring me this piece of sunnies that I've always been craving for.
I literrally screamed and jumped with joy when I open that box of stuff they sponsored me!! 
and of course I can't wait to share with you guys everything that i've got from them:)
remember the post here, where I had to draw on my OWN mickey mouse glasses because I'm so poor to buy one myself.
does days are over baby! 
come get yours here (!) before it rans out of stock,
seriously no regrets, and I'm kindda fancying this keyholeclear sunnies too! 
go check them out! 

this is very sadly my last pick of choice from BLUEYJOYCE
oh darlings, I will miss you! :'( 
they're one of those one-stop blogshops that you surely can find something that you like there.
I think their style is very versatile and is almost for everyone.
from young to sweet, cute to edgy and casual to formal, they have everything!
(except for sleeping clothes, haha!)
here's the other 2 outfit from them (DavidGuetta & CandyCane)
it was really great getting the chance sponsored by you guys.:)

I'm loving the pretty shade of baby pink mixed with the sky blue tone,
and of course the seahorses with, what i think, is the mirrored underwater details of the sea.
I feel like a mermaid~~~:P hhahaha wtf perasan!
there's a gold back zip beside with 2 cut outs for a edgier design too,
and the front cut out definitely tease sexy too, lol.
notice I didn't say "shouts sexy" because it shows just a shadow of the clevagee, which is just enough.
it's a dress which I think is proper cause it's not too showy :)

thank you so much for sponsoring me this lovely dress which I adore a lot.
it took me quite some time to blog about it because i really wanted to leave if for a special occasion,
which was one of my best college buddy's birthday - suelyn

we all wanted to give her a surprise, 
so i had to take her to walk and walk all around Giza.
Since she knows Giza under her nose (which made things more difficult for us) 
I had to walk her round and round, spin her countless times, and went in and out of the building again and again.
which was pretty funny because people were staring at this beautiful lady which i look like i'm kidnapping.
but she's holding the blindfold herself. haha!
and after walking up and down for a very long time, we finally reached our lunch spot.
which i forgot what name it was, but it was an italian restaurant in Sunway Giza.

look at her happy face with her neon presents and birthday card.
the food was "mmmmmmm! "
everyone of them. except for amanda's angle hair dish which was super ordinary.
I ordered this grilled chicken with mash potatoes which i think is wayy better than tony romas, 
and it has the best sauce that i ever tasted. according to lyn it's mostly sugar / honey. =__=
She ordered a really nice baked salmon with some milky sauce ,
and nadine ordered some cheese rice thing, which sounds so much better in Italians. lol
we were tasting everyone's dish and was "MMMM"-ing to every bite of it.
Ah, i miss it.

last year we were celebrating her birthday in Jogoya,
we were all dressed up with red lipstick, pretty dresses, fake eye lashes and high heels.
this year was a bit laid down because it was a lunch just in a normal italian restaurant.
but where ever the place was, and what we wore didn't really matter.
and as cheesy as it may sound, the only thing that mattered was the company,

I had to re-edit the photos to my likings, 
and look at all these vain pots looking at themselves on the camera's rier screen.
we always have so much fun together when it comes to group photos.
and can you believe behind those smiles there were actually rainstorms of mosquitoes attacking us!
there were like 3-5 on each leg having an italian feast for themselves, lol.

Not to be a bummer by saying this, but i really hope this will not be the last birthday that we celebrate together.
I still wanna see you during your birthdays but ending of college is pulling us apart even more.
But if it is, at least we enjoyed it and had our times spending it together.:)
I still remember the first day of college it was drawing class and you and your nerdy face came up to me,
you gave me a shock with your bright and glaring huge smile and said, " Hi! I'm suelyn."
and i think after that you walked off with the wind, and all i could think of was,
"how weird. this girl is WEIRD!"
you were so naive as if kept in a cage from the dirty society
and all you knew was pureness at it's best and that was something very unique about you.
you made me believe there's actually good out there and not everything was bad.
I know you've touched my soul ting sue lyn and I bet you touched many more too.

and who knew we would became this close as a good pair of friends.

if you were a jewelry, you'd probably be a pearl to me.
You're so motherly and kind in the most honest ways,
i think anyone who's ever encountered you surely would love to know more about you.

and thank god she likes her present! 
we bought her a neon dress from topshop 
(which coincidently, she wanted to get ever since she saw it!)
we were so afraid if she didn't like it or she wouldn't be daring enough to wear it.
but it was thankfully all good at the end! pwef! 
glad you liked your birthday gift! 





I will always remember you suelyn,
especially this face, 

love you, xoxo!


Tiana said...

Those glasses are all too fun! You also look amazing :)
I love your effortless style and edgy-cool vibe. You also look like you have such an amazing time just spending time with your friends. Excellent blog, my dear!

tiana of l'esthetique

Jennifer said...


xo Jennifer

Mint. said...

your adorable! What a cute look! Come by and visit my blog sometime!