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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Extraterrestrial knight

photo credit : MEL JUSTICE


top : chiffon white top with studs from SHOPLIGHTS
bottom : metallic skirt from ELFINTREATS
shoes : black boots with studs from F21
accessories : spike and skull bracelet from LUCCACAL
skull and studs necklace from JUJUMILKY

I'm writing this at 3am in the morning but you'll probably see me posting this up 
another day at 10pm because I probably can't finish writing it now.
I'm still very wide awake [inserts katy perry song here] from my late night coffee habits nowadays,
it's been almost a week now since i maintain my everyday sleep at 4am lifestyle, but tonight is saturday,
so Imma gonna sleep at 3am! BECAUSE I DESERVE TO REST! but counting how long I might write finish this post,
it'll probably be at 3.45am... I guess that's nothing different from 4am right =_=
not to mention my addiction for instagram which is enslaving me whatever state I'm in;
sick, dead tired or whatever, I still need to keep scrolling down down down 
just to see what people posted on my tiny xperia screen which is still very bright and it burns my eyes 
even tho you turn it to power-saver at night!
honestly, I think my eyesight is deteriorating because of this matter.

okay, as you can see from my stressed mood, 
and my lack of sleep, and i'm still a bit hyper from the caffeine,
I am talking crap right now, 
I'm sorry for all the lack of commas and fullstop that I felt that I gave you.
I'm just typing out whatever that goes tru my mind right now! 
sometimes i think that i'm going crazy! 

[and this is the part where i close my laptop and went to bed]

and now it's sunday. 

Okay! First off I have an announcement to make, 
I finally have an official sponsor – Elfin Treats, who sponsored me this metallic skirt and this silver hair cuff! 
I love them both to bits, and it was so surprising cause I didn't picked any of this, 
but she, the owner of the blogshop herself saw previously that I wrote in my blog that i really wanted a metallic skirt.
And so she got me one T__T how touching and sweet is that!? 
you can get your metallic skirt pre-ordered here, and it only takes less than 2 weeks!

okay why do I say an official sponsor is because, she decided to go full time on me! :)
I usually have sponsors who sponsor me one series or twice but I haven't had a stable one until now!
meaning yes, it's gonna be a long term sponsorship, and I feel very safe under her arms
because all her stuffs are what I mostly like, and is what you can mostly spot on on lookbook.
I feel so loved and honestly lucky.. I can't say anything but thank you I'm really grateful to have you as my first official sponsor... 
and I really can't wait to work with future pieces from you ! thank you!!

so please contact me if anyone is interested in sponsoring me full time, haha!
I will also design a side banner as you can see on my blog for you guys, *hint hint* 

thank you so much Nicole for believing in me,
this really pushes me to work hard and strive hard for my little humble blog.

my necklace is sponsored by JUJUMILKY which is filled with tons of neon and super funky accessories! 
the close up of the necklace looks kindda scary, haha! 
imagine all dead skulls smiling at you like that.
eeeeeee, i cannot imagine. 
last 2 weeks ago they did a giveaway and my friend, Amanda, was so lucky to win it!!
it was a really pretty neon green and pink statement necklace with diamonds on the side.
(and it also looked pretty expensive too!) I saw it today, and I reallly want it so much! 
too bad you can't purchase the necklace because it was specially for this giveaway!

whereas my bracelets are sponsored by the one and only LUCCACAL 
which provides you almost all ASOS inspired pieces! 
I'm quite into elegant tiny pieces like these nowadays, especially arm swags.
no more chunky bracelets for me this fall. this fall is gonna be more lady-like! 
they two really makes the whole outfit even more pairing and interesting.
I wear them almost everytime when I see them on the table! that includes at home, haha!
haha, I wanted to go for the futuristic look. I hope I got it right :P 
thank you so much JUJUMILKY and LUCCACAL again for playing such a big part for my accessories. 


Nowadays I literally chuckle at every fortunate time my body gets to meet my dear bed.
It's been a rough sailing for me as my finals are getting closer and I feel that I'm losing my soul.
I feel like a crazy women everytime i lay my tired back bone on my fluffy mattress,
I laugh. laugh like someone bought me a chanel bag like that. crazy...
and when i close my eyes, I FEEL the softness of my pillow deflating when i rest my head on them.
see what assignments and final projects can do to you....
It feels so stressful like I'm picking up broken glasses 
and trying to join all this million pieces back together again.

But fortunately 
I've meet 2 new people that takes me away from this stressful state whenever I'm with them.
And I just finished a photoshoot with them today, a final one.
which leads me to wonder will I ever see this happy little people again, haha.
they're really genuinely nice people 
and it's always good to have people like them in your life to inspire you and motivate you more.
Peggie and Amanda are the little ones I've been talking about,
no they're no as little as a child. and altho we do have an age gap,
there are just so many things that we have in common! which surprises me the most!
thank god I'm still young at heart. 
I can't wait to share with you guys the photos I took for them, Amanda more specifically 
because it was for one of my final project that I've been up to this semester. 
hopefully one day we could meet again and I could bring you guys to alexis for some cake, haha!
it's a pleasure meeting you guys and i look forward for our future meeting:)
you guys just made my afternoon today,

till then,


Bellamoreway said...

totally love your dress! also the skull necklace is too cool <3
gorgeous post ^^

Amanda Chong said...

HI JULIANA!!!! WHY ARE YOU SO NICE OMG T______________________T

paggieness said...

The last time I had someone say nice things about me was my birthday, so thank you!! Me & Amanda are always going to be fascinated by you & your life! HAHA!

Beckerman Girls said...

Love your skull necklace and your silver skirt!!!!
You loooook awesome!!!!!!
what a wicked cool blog!
big hug!
xoxo Beckerman Girls

Metajojuana Nyt said...

I came across your amazing blog and I'd like us to remain in touch! How'd you like to follow each other?

Love Nyt,
BIG hair LOUD mouth

Fash Boulevard said...

Adore this outfit. You look stunning. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo

stevia indrawan said...

Juliana, I found your rants is amusing and definitely put a smile on my face :)
the metallic skirt is the first thing I noticed and it is absolutely look amazing on you!

congratz on your official sponsors!

The Sweetest Escape 

Linde Lou said...

Wow. I Love it! You have so so great blog! <3

Would You like to follow each other? :)

Lucia Yin said...

such a cool top, love the cut out shoulders!

Izzy said...

this is such a cute outfit! really loving your flared metallic skirt :)