Thursday, July 24, 2014

FIRST TIME FASTING (berpuasa on ramadan)

Finally finish editing my one day fasting adventure vlog, 
do check it out and remember to subscribe to show me some love on youtube guys! LOL

I have so much salute for those of you who fast, seriously, 
after trying out this myself I realised it isn't easy going on the whole day without water!
Especially those who work under the sun, those who serve food / drinks, those who travel and walk here and there, 
and those who have to meet clients back and forth, oh gosh, I never knew it would be this difficult without water (or food!)

Like I said, I did this not to mock other religion (in this case Islam), and I have no intention to.
But this is just for the pure purpose of experiencing what my muslim friends go though even if it's just for a day:)
I hope I didn't offend anyone in anyway, and if I somehow did, I'm sincerely sorry for my lack of knowledge for Islam :/

I did this also as a challenge for myself, and frankly it's pretty fun! 
Haha, but oh gosh, pretty hard not drinking a sip of water for the whole day man!
My perspective towards the people who fast totally changed after trying it out myself! 
Seriously I salute you guys who PUASA and I have so much more respect (not that I never had) 
for you guys now after trying it myself!  RESPECT LEVEL 999 I'm just so impressed and look up to people who PUASA.

Like I already said in the video, 
It's funny how people relate me to Felixia Yeap straight when I tell them I'm gonna try to fast.
Haha, no don't worry guys I'm not turning Muslim soon (altho what if I do? Is there something to be worried or upset about?)
To me, religions are just practices and teachings, To me, I may like the teachings of Buddhists that urge us to stay calm at every situation, 
at the same time, I may like the teachings from the Bible reminding us to always seek god's love when we feel hopeless,
or maybe I might like the teachings of Islam to always seek for knowledge and to learn more.
I believe in our modern day society we're given more and more options, even when it comes down to religions,
we're free to explore and we're no longer needed to follow what our families may have taught us, 
we may be expose to more information, more practices, and more learnings. 
Okay, I think I'm going a bit off-track again, haha, somehow I don't really like to talk about religions, 
because I think that it's quite a heavy topic for me to put out there, because I'm sure we all have different views on this, and
because I'm always afraid if I may offend someone, but what I'm just saying is just fully from my own point of perspective.

SO GUYS! Chillax! have fun! 
For those of you who's interested in fasting there's a few more days for you to try out together with your muslim friends! :D
Just go for it and experience it just like how I did, I believe whenever you fast, you learn something more about yourself,
For me fasting this time, I learnt more about self-discipline, cause I'm pretty weak at that, and after this I do realise this problem.
OF COURSE! Time to work more on that! 

TO ALL MY MUSLIM FRIENDS, selamat hari raya in advance okay guys! 
Be safe on roads, and same to the other people who will be enjoying the holidays, HAVE FUN FOLKS!

much love, sundaesins

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I hope you guys watched the video first before reading this because you won't know what I'm talking about LOL! 
Watch it in HD peeps! THANK YOU ! p/s somehow youtube makes the video quality worse :(

I know it's pretty stupid of me saying that because come on it's always summer in malaysia.
But it's nice to have this statement out loud because awhh, the word SUMMER just brightens up my day, literally xD
ANYWAYS, I really love the sun! It just gives you this positive energy to go out and do stuffs!
And what happens when you're cheerful and happy? You go out for some happy shopping!
And what happens after a lot of happy shopping? You're dead broke! But I'm still happy! :D

 By the way like I said again from the video,
THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST. it's all real and true from a real customer - me. hahahaha. 
This month I bought lots of cosmetics and I really love all of them! okay let's go, here's the name of the products I bought:

I wanna say that this eyelash enhancing serum really works!! Altho being rm200! but it's worth it! 
I'll post a progress of it after a few more weeks just to really show the outcome of it, for me there's a slight improvement,
and I can't wait till the final outcome!:) my damaged fallen eyelashes are growing back again! 
Before this they were almost bald due to my removal of eyelash extensions procedure. So stay tune to that post guys!
RM 200

Sephora's single eyeshadow in "SUPERNOVA"
Like I said in the vid, the color is a galaxy kindda purple hence the name and i think it's reallly sexy, I LOVE IT! 
RM 50
pic credits via

finally after so long I decided to get this pallette, after you guys saw my pathetic current eye shadow palette in the video,
one day I decided to upgrade to a better one because I felt bad for my sad Kate eyeshadow palette.
It's like a relationship that's already stall yet you're still hanging onto it just because you're used to it,
haha, sounds familiar? my favorite shade is half baked, tease, and pistol :)
RM 188 (the one I bought here is fake ya)
SEKKISEI white BB cream from KOSE
I am so so so so pleased with this, currently THE BEST BB CREAM that I've ever found!! 
So i'll be posting a vlog about this soon to show you guys clearly how good it is on my skin!!
I figure that it's easier to see on videos compare to words and pictures in my blog :)
RM 120

pic credits
totally smudge proved and a real one swipe wonder, it's the most intense black eyeliner i've ever tried! 
Seriously amazed because with the same pressure my current old eyeliner looks a bit like the line on the right, 
and the left side one is the one from 24/7 glide on eye pencil. seriously i'm loving this eyeliner
because it also has that crayon kindda texture, kindda oil based in my opinion when you apply so it's super smooth!!

The rest of the stuffs that I bought were shoes, clothes, books, and other unnecessary things that made me happy. haha!
I enjoyed the cosmetics the best from this summer haul, I filmed this almost a month ago, and I've bought lots of things after that:/
I'm totally broke right now, and I'm trying to save up for a new mac cause my current one is giving me problems,
like it suddenly shuts down it self and it happened a lot of times already these few months.. sigh getting old I guess :(
And also I'll need to save up for my BKK trip which is end of AUGUST that I don't think I've told you guys before :D
YESSSS TO MORE SPICY FOOD AND SHOPPINGG . sigh can't wait for this break :) 

"Here's to good Women, 
May we know them,
May we be them,
May we raise them." :) 

Friday, July 4, 2014


outerwear : pyramid / top : COTTON ON / skirt : online / necklace : ALDO / boots : DOC MARTENS

What I wore today! Like just a few hours ago. Being very efficient nowadays blogging straight after an event.
Somehow I don't know what to blog about for this post, except for my outfits, and maybe give you guys a lil update of my life now.
So for this post I'll be talking about random thoughts on my mind, like sudden thoughts maybe, so guys, 
this post will be all about random thoughts or facts that you probably or might have not known about me. LEGGO.

What's on my tabs : 

/ - reading on tokidoki x SHELL station in selangor
 / - Frank Ocean - Pyramid
/ - scrolling tru random art works

Speaking about BEHANCE, I do have a behance account, and it's right HERE.
I never shared it out before cause I still have so much work that I haven't put up yet, 
but follow me for more updates cause I think I'll probably update it this weekend since I'm free!

Speaking about the weekends, My plans initially was to stay at home, lay back, and shake my leg....
But thanks to the idiot driver who banged my car 2 days ago, now I have to repair my car on the weekend.
and figure out an alternative way to get to work.. WTFF :( how to go to work like that... :(
Anyways! This weekend I still plan to paint my nails, wanna do a SUMMER NAILS video too,
just wondering how am I gonna paint my right hand side one since I'm right handed :/ yikes! let's see how it goes:)


nice boots.
The most expensive pair of shoes are not high heels or any ferragamos for me. 
For me, the most expensive shoes I have in my closet are just these Doc Marts,
and what not, they're givien to me by my ex for my birthday a few years ago... A guy that really loved me,
and this is the only thing that I still wear which is given by my ex that I didn't throw away.
Frankly I never keep things that my ex-es give me, I'll just throw it away no matter what, cause I had a lot of bad break-ups.
and the things that they gave were sentimental in a bad way, but except for these babies, how could I ever throw you away T_T

what's on my face today:
Nivea moisturizer, Maybelline matte lipstick, Naked2 eye shadow, Kose BB Cream, Cyber color eyebrow pencil 

TINASHE - 2 On ft SchoolBoy

last food I had : CHIPS
Food that I don't think I can live without - anything SPICY. 
Food that I don't quite fancy - mushy brinjal, mushroom, celery (ew)

I haven't been into the gym for more than half a year already....

I have a MICKEY MOUSE birth mark. It's on my inner thigh. which I don't think I can show you.

I still buy myself stuffed animals, sometimes, and I don't think I'll ever stop.
When I was small and younger I never said I love you to anyoneee

I used to hate my height because I was and still am one of the tallest girl among my friends.
I wanted to fit in when I was younger I guess, but as time grew I got more comfortable with it :)

I'm thinking of dying my hair black.... and go back to bangs again.. what do you guys think ? But I love my brown hair...

I have a phobia with tight and crowded spaces. 

and last but not least, I can't swim, because I always hate the thought of water going into your ears, 
I have real sensitive ears by the way. haha and also I don't like the thought of emerging your whole head into water.

haha this was really random...

ASK ME ANYTHING HERE AT ASKFM if you're too shy to ask me in real life k!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Lazy Weekend at PULP by PAPA Palheta @ BANGSAR REVIEW

top : COTTON ON / bottoms : MANGO / shoes : VINCCI / bag : vintage

Here's a picture of my sulky face right there, because today unfortunately my car got banged by this idiot driver who was speeding...
He was speeding out from a junction and he thought that it was a one way on my side of the road but omg it's NOT!
They say you should drive carefully because if you're not banging other people's car, idiots on the road will bang yours.
Sigh, and it did happen to me today, I just really hope he pays up as promised because man I'll be a fool trusting humanity if he doesn't.
Just pray that people out there really do stay true to their words :( But then again, 
I know there's a lot of doubts, and people would be calling me silly for not launching a police report, but let's pray for the best! 
Just feel so traumatized driving now because this is my FIRST TIME getting into a car accident... :( my heart aches and my hands are shaking...

my boss was saying, "Wah you can still smile after that" in the office when she heard I got into this car accident.
But honestly... I'm just hoping for the best even though there's so much doubts.

 But anyways! This is one of those rare photos of me with long pants on, I HARDLY wear any long pants, in fact
I don't really own much long pants because I think they're just so unflattering on me! makes my lower body look so fat!
But these are an exception just because I love the prints! Crazy coconut prints with a tinge of green on a super nice red background.
FUNKY! Just the way I like my long pants. haha. I think I own less than 4 long pants in my wardrobe by the way.
So last weekend I wore this comfy lazy look to a cafe near by my house that I always wanted to try- PULP!
Love the logo by the way, Check it out! 

When you talk about having COFFEE in BANGSAR the usual place you'll think of is around Telawi area, but this one is not. 
It's one of those hidden cafes located in Riong's Balai Berita building, the head office of New Straits Times Press.
No wonder I was shocked and was in a "HUH?" look when I saw the sign "Art Printing Works Factory"
This place previously belonged to a paper-cutting space. Pulp is run by a Singporean coffee boutique PAPA PALHETA,
and I heard they do authentic coffees in Singapore so coffee lovers were ecstatic when they heard that he's opening another branch here.

Checking out the place.... I love anywhere with HIGH CEILINGS. honestly it just feels so.... stress-free.
Love that there's aluminum on the ceilings so that the natural light can reflect through, perfect industrial design!
Then again, this place used to be an industrial place... It was so crowded during the weekends, seriously,
this place is getting famous because tons of people kept on coming I was amazed as the door kept opening.
Amazed because actually there's nothing much at all in this area, and people would still come all the way for this coffee
It's quite difficult finding a place to sit here during the weekends so I reckon weekdays would be best.
But then again, who goes to coffee houses during weekdays (except for free-lancers, ah so nice!)... 

We were seated on an old printing / cutting machine, and here's the menu! Simple (and not much choices)
At first I was thinking of having lunch here but thank god I didn't because there's no food here except for cakes and scones.
So folks, if you're thinking of having pasta or some big breakfast, you can't find it here okay~

What my friend ordered - Cold Brew Coffee which I like and should have ordered

But I went for the middle one with the big huge black circle on the menu. 
Hand-brewed, you can have it either in bright, balance or bold. And my friend accidentally ordered BOLD for me, 
omg damn kao. hahaha. Damn, but one thing good about this place is that they practice cupping before serving every cup.
That's why it takes a bit of time to reach to the customer's table... 
No need to think about coming here on a weekend, because it so packed and noisy like a MAMAK. 
This certainly isn't a very nice place to chill and catch up with your friends during the weekends.
I donno why this post is turning a lil over-bitter like this coffee here, but yeah.. haha.

For Parking we park just in front across the road which had plenty of parking space that time. I came here around 3pm ish.

And one thing that you should know is PULP is open from 9am-7pm WEEKDAYS ( EXCEPT MONDAYS)
and 9am-10pm WEEKENDS Pulp By Papa Palheta
29-01, Jalan Riong, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2201-3650