Sunday, August 17, 2014

Have you heard of

Greeting folks! 
It's been a rainy cold Saturday morning weather, what's best than being at the comfort of your bed, 
with a cup of hot coffee (I'm having the drip one cause it's so aromatic) and shopping online on the sheets!
I bring good news to all you avid online shoppers cause well, WHO doesn't shop online nowadays?? 
Simple clicks from the comfort of home, and also there's lesser chance of clashing clothes with others
 especially during events or just shopping around malls! Which happened to me recently when I was
 furniture-shopping with my mom one day, I was wearing this shirt and I saw someone else wearing the
 EXACT same shirt with the EXACT color! Oh my god... I scurried my way out of the shop. Texted to
 meet up with my mom afterwards.Well, of course I know I wore it best, but it's just EMBARRASSING 
to clash clothings with a random stranger. Put it this way if it was a friend we could laugh it off. lol


So guys, 
recently I found out about this really cool website ( SHOPBOP.COM ) that I wanna share 
because they carry A LOT of brands that you can't get locally, and even well known international

SPADES, etc. are some of the other brands that you can get locally but well, we all know there's some
 exclusive items that we can't get our hands on locally but you can find it on their web! If you're always 
on lookbook like me well you can see them selling well-known brands on LB such as -

*note that all highlighted brands are clickable links so that you and I can easily go click next time whenever they update!* 


SO MANY BRANDS! and gosh, they refresh new items almost every week! tons of them! And there's 
a SALE section as well and there's even the "NEW TO SALES" section under it which is so awesome!
 which me being an auntie always turn to click un-failingly. hahaha I see them  update new stuffs 
every week! 

OKAY so anyways, 
I found some new brands that I wanted to keep an eye on, and also to share with you guys, because
 honestly these brands are kicking ass! And you can click on the brands that I've HIGHLIGHTED to
 check out more of their stuffs! And also I was under a budget shopping spree, so I wanted to keep 
 all the items that I pick here below $200, some even just USD $ 10! I have trouble picking which 
one I want cause there's just too many! maybe you guys could help me choose your top 
MUST GETS from my choices down below here!

1. grey sweater with details from ENDLESS ROSE
Grey boxy cropped sweatshirt with embroidered pattern details on the long raglan sleeves.
if you never heard of this brand before, it being not so famous in Malaysia, well then you better look out for it! 
They have massive pretty inspiring tops to die for! love how the model rolls the sleeves up for this look btw!
I think I would match it with a pattern skirt if I get this one...

I can totally imagine this outfit with a black leather jacket. totally badass! 
Wonder if it would work as an ultra sexy work out outfit LOL

3. white embroidery dress from ALICE by TEMPERLEY
mad love for the embroidery details on the dress. The perfect dress for a picnic! 
Somehow reminds me of the retro-vintage goddess Lana Del Rey. 
Imagine this look with curled hair and some red lipstick!! Oh god.

4. beige top from TORN by RONNY KOBO
loving this whole outfit actually I stumbled upon this top but I couldn't find the bottom, haha!
just thought that the whole combi is sooo cute I need to share it with you guys!

5. beautiful silk pink cropped tank from KARLA SPETIC
When i saw this on the SALES area at 70% I was seriously hooked on the color, oh gosh so cute!
Made in Australia I think I need this top in my life cause it can bring out vibrance to any of my outfit!

6. Netted sweater from ENDLESS ROSE 
Another awesome top from Endless Rose! see, I told you they were good:)
Sheer mesh panels adds an edgier vibe to a normal casual looking pullover. 
Rocker chic, but yet very sexy in a bad ass way

7. Bra top from DOLCE VITA
Lovely heart shaped bustier in white faux leather brings out a very innocent vibe! totally adorable.

8. Fringed lace cover up from BOP BASICS
just thought this wear-over would look so adorable at the beach,
it's sheer because of it's netting and cute with it's lace on the side, 
I feel like it's a totally fun look! imagine wearing this with a bright bikini!:)

9. Sheer button down shirt from ELIZABETH AND JAMES
I think this look can totally be a soft-grunge look, just ignore the make up on the model, 
haha it'll need to be more grungier than that! loving the sexy sheerness of this tho!!

10. Printed mini dress from CLOVER CANYON
an interesting dress with a slight tinge of optical illusion.
Bold daring psychedelic prints. Would you be bold enough to wear this out? ;)

11. Black cut out dress from YOUNG FABULOUS & BROKE
YF&B, another brand that I've seen over lookbook and another brand that you guys should keep an eye on!
Tamed in the front, wild at the back. totally loving that low back cut out. GORGEOUS!
Think this would be great for the clubs 

12. Trippy skirt from OTTE NEW YORK
Made in the USA and I'm loving it's vivid abstract prints. so acid.
It's pleated and imagine when it spins how gorgeous this skirt will look like!

13. Printed mini dress from CLOVER CANYON
Another awesome printed bodycon dress from the same brand as number 10
Keep your eyes on this brand if you love prints because honestly look at it 
it's so interesting how they can use perspectives views from a room and structure it into this awesome print!

14. Sheer cut out jumpsuit from ELEVEN PARIS
Whoa.. wait wait, hold on, IT'S A JUMPSUIT?! super col! 
honestly an outfit to look effortlessly chic during lazy days! 
soft fabric with a V neckline and that sheer cut out really bring the sexiness to this masculine jumpsuit.

15. Floral socks from STANCE
had my eyes on them the first time I saw them. Looks so girly 
but thanks to that bold striking black lines it manage to tone down the girly-ness to my likings!

16. Mustard bag from BECA by JOY GRYSON
what a lovely POP of color! I simply adore mustard color, but I never saw such a cute one on a bag before!
Definitely loving the leather satchel features and it's structured look! itching to get this!

17. Lilac bag from FOLEY + CORINNA
also comes in brown and beige, this bag is versatile as it can be worn across the body, or carried by it's handles.
I'm loving the color in cowhide leather and it's gold details touches to it. So pretty!

18. Ankle Strap shoes from MODERN VINTAGE SHOES
loving the calfskin leather and honestly I love ankle strap shoes because they're so easy to walk with!

19. Neon pink purse from KATE SPADE
my heart is itching at this one! I don't know why but this summer/spring I have been buying lots of pink stuffs.
This wallet also comes in black but I'm adoring the color pink for this! hmmm :) 

20. Zip around wallet from KATE SPADE
I think I've been wanting to get a wallet for quite sometime now cause my current one is worn out so badly!

21. Jeweled clutch from SANTI
Totally adorable!! would imagine this would look great for dinners and even on casual day out!
love that these beaded clutches always seem so vintage! reminds me of a gypsy too, oh and there's only 3 left! OMG!

22. This awesome watch from LA MER COLLECTIONS
Holy shit, This watch is AMAZING! I like how it added that gold chain with it instead of just plain black!
Genius! Cause I usually see those plain straps that looks really boring, well, maybe some people like it simple, 
but I like my watch unique! loving the roman numberings on it as well, looking really classy yet fun! oh gosh i love it.

23. Mid high top sneakers by PUMA x ALEXANDER MCQUEEN
 yesss Alexander McQueen! how come I never saw this before?? what ever it is ,it looks so damn cool!
Abstract red prints with these black toe caps really brings out the punk-grunge kindda feel!


So torn between so many decision! I think number 22 is seriously awesome.... and 19 is cute too! 
But oh wait what about number 1 and 5?? URghhhhhh.... haha so many cute stuffs I need to get. And
by the way, There's a "play video" button on the images so you can see the model moving and twirling
around with the clothes when you hit the play button! So cool! And it's better that way as if you're 
viewing the clothes live! 360 degree look on the clothes, no more just relying on pictures :) 

I'm gonna be ordering some stuffs from them soon! But oh gosh, I need to figure out which ones! :D 
Woohoo to great online shopping! Hope you guys find the site as interesting as I do too! 

Have a great weekend yall! 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tokidoki x Hello Kitty x Shell Malaysia !

Hello! Has everyone recovered from the Hari Raya holidays yet? 
Know some of you, (even I myself) feel the extra blues after this long weekend, lol
But hey, I rested a lot this holiday didn't go out much because I was at home filming this! 
Lemme show you something really exciting!

ME unboxing the Tokidoki x Hello Kitty blind box from Shell Malaysia!!

Probably the most exciting thing that happened to me this week, haha!

HELLO! So i'm assuming you guys already watched the video before reading all these, 
OR you guys might be watching the video WHILE reading this.. ahh, look at chu multi-tasking!! lol. 
Whichever way you prefer, do remember to check out the video cause I'm afraid if I might leave out some important bits!
and so back to today's topic! HELLO KITTY X TOKIDOKI FIGURINES!

check out all 10 of them! SO CUTE! which one's your fav?!

and guys, where have you been if you haven't heard about the latest hello kitty craze in town!?
Well not literally all guys in general but guys! I'm sure you've seen their huge banners on shell stations! 
I personally pump from Shell every time (hey, no they didn't sponsor me petrol or pay me to say this okay),
but I usually pump with Shell because it's the closest to my house. 
And frankly, I noticed there's 2 similarities between Shell and Maybank.
First, they're both yellow like Digi, second, THEY'RE EVERYWHERE! SUPER CONVENIENT!
So folks it's not difficult getting these cute adorable limited edition TOKIDOKI x Hello Kitty figurines!
Guys, get it for your girls! Seriously she'll love it and the fact that it comes in blind boxes makes it so much more interesting!
The anticipating feeling of opening the box... I remembered when I bought my first box after pumping at shell,
I had to stop by the road side for a while to open the box, LOL was planning to open it when I reach my destination that morning, 
But NO, the itchy heart cannot drive without thinking what's inside of that mysterious box... HAHA, 
so guys, do open your boxes before you drive if you know you'll think about it non-stop while driving like me :P
It was 2 weeks ago when I got my first box, you can check my instagram pic right HERE

and it was a week after that I received good news from my email:

close up on the items

Shell Malaysia & Ogilvy decided to give me some of these awesome stuffs to spread the kitty love with you guys!
OMG the box is just sooo cute! Frankly, I think anything with hello kitty on it is immediately indicated as cute!
But I don't mind, I think there's one thing about us girls is that no matter how old we grow,
our hearts will never fail to be thrilled and get excited everytime when we see something cute!
Well, at least that's for me tho, haha.

I bet from the video you can already see me so excited when I found out I got the one that I wanted!! 
The CACTUS KITTY!! which is totally adorable and which now sits proudly on my work desk!
And the SUN key chain that I have from them is hooked on my black vintage bagpack that I carry everyday.
I must repeat again Shell Malaysia doesn't know which one I wanted, and getting it was seriously pure coincidence / luck!
I'm sure people will think that I may look a tinge childish with all these hello kitty figuring everywhere around me, 
but hey, as long as I'm happy am I right? And if you're happy you'll work better! (trying to prove justice here, haha!)


Shell has just launched a range of adorable Hello Kitty Tokidoki designer collectibles! 
What is TOKIDOKI you say? Well basically it's a brand designed by an Italian artist - Simone Legno.
I saw their collaboration almost 10 years ago when it was still launching in HK because I was (and still am)
such a huge fan of HELLO KITTY. haha. So when I see Shell bringing them in, I got super excited! 


Available exclusively at Shell Select convenience store nationwide 
UNTIL 31st AUGUST! (31 more days to go!)

Priced at only RM9 each, and can be purchased with:
• A minimum purchase of RM6 worth of Shell Select Products 
(excludes Tobacco, Alcohol, E-pay, Touch n Go & Lubricants)
at any Shell Select convenience store.
• Any purchase of Shell Select monthly promotion items
(can check out the items on the counter!)

you can also get an exclusive Hello Kitty Tokidoki Collector's Kit at RM25 and earn 50 BonusLink points! 


I'm putting this RED in color and BIG BIG because this is so worth it, haha!
there'll be a INSTAGRAM CONTEST where there'll be weekly winners and a Grand prize!!

All you need to do is to:
1) post a picture of Hello Kitty in a CREATIVE LOCATION on instagram
2) hashtag #ShellTokidoki in your caption

and you'll stand a chance to win a FULL SET of Shell Tokidoki x Hello Kitty collectibles! 
OMG SO GOOD RIGHT?! just need to buy one and you can stand a chance to win EVERYTHING!
okay I think that thought is a bit "Auntie" for me but hey! I say it's a GREAT deal, 
I myself am participating in this fun contest as well, so why not guys, join in the fun!

3 weekly winners to be selected EACH WEEK. not one, BUT 3 !!!
and a Grand Prize winner to be chosen at the end of the contest.

Contest period : 1-31 AUGUST 2014

• Grand Prize : Full set of Shell Tokidoki x Hello Kitty collector's KIT (all 10 of the figurines!!!)
• Weekly Winners (3 winners each week) : Shell Select Premiums

I hope you guys are as excited as I am, and And here I'm ending this post with 2 selfies of me 
(not that this post have not enough selfies) HAHAHA. But I really like the lighting and my make up that day. sooo... lol

That's it for now folks! 
Do remember to join in the fun because I can't wait to see some creative photos from you guys! 
I saw one today while searching on the hashtag for #ShellTokidoki and I saw this apple ones which is really cute!

Toodles peeps! Miss you. xx Goodnight!


I just shoot this 2 just now for the instagram contest! just thought that I could share it with you guys here,
hehe, totally adorable I love these kitty figurines to the max! and when you search on the #shelltokidoki,
you can see all the other awesome participants, even Lisa Surihani is one of them!:) 
so guys! Remember to HASHTAG and stand a chance to win! let's join in the fun! :D


Thursday, July 24, 2014

FIRST TIME FASTING (berpuasa on ramadan)

Finally finish editing my one day fasting adventure vlog, 
do check it out and remember to subscribe to show me some love on youtube guys! LOL

I have so much salute for those of you who fast, seriously, 
after trying out this myself I realised it isn't easy going on the whole day without water!
Especially those who work under the sun, those who serve food / drinks, those who travel and walk here and there, 
and those who have to meet clients back and forth, oh gosh, I never knew it would be this difficult without water (or food!)

Like I said, I did this not to mock other religion (in this case Islam), and I have no intention to.
But this is just for the pure purpose of experiencing what my muslim friends go though even if it's just for a day:)
I hope I didn't offend anyone in anyway, and if I somehow did, I'm sincerely sorry for my lack of knowledge for Islam :/

I did this also as a challenge for myself, and frankly it's pretty fun! 
Haha, but oh gosh, pretty hard not drinking a sip of water for the whole day man!
My perspective towards the people who fast totally changed after trying it out myself! 
Seriously I salute you guys who PUASA and I have so much more respect (not that I never had) 
for you guys now after trying it myself!  RESPECT LEVEL 999 I'm just so impressed and look up to people who PUASA.

Like I already said in the video, 
It's funny how people relate me to Felixia Yeap straight when I tell them I'm gonna try to fast.
Haha, no don't worry guys I'm not turning Muslim soon (altho what if I do? Is there something to be worried or upset about?)
To me, religions are just practices and teachings, To me, I may like the teachings of Buddhists that urge us to stay calm at every situation, 
at the same time, I may like the teachings from the Bible reminding us to always seek god's love when we feel hopeless,
or maybe I might like the teachings of Islam to always seek for knowledge and to learn more.
I believe in our modern day society we're given more and more options, even when it comes down to religions,
we're free to explore and we're no longer needed to follow what our families may have taught us, 
we may be expose to more information, more practices, and more learnings. 
Okay, I think I'm going a bit off-track again, haha, somehow I don't really like to talk about religions, 
because I think that it's quite a heavy topic for me to put out there, because I'm sure we all have different views on this, and
because I'm always afraid if I may offend someone, but what I'm just saying is just fully from my own point of perspective.

SO GUYS! Chillax! have fun! 
For those of you who's interested in fasting there's a few more days for you to try out together with your muslim friends! :D
Just go for it and experience it just like how I did, I believe whenever you fast, you learn something more about yourself,
For me fasting this time, I learnt more about self-discipline, cause I'm pretty weak at that, and after this I do realise this problem.
OF COURSE! Time to work more on that! 

TO ALL MY MUSLIM FRIENDS, selamat hari raya in advance okay guys! 
Be safe on roads, and same to the other people who will be enjoying the holidays, HAVE FUN FOLKS!

much love, sundaesins

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I hope you guys watched the video first before reading this because you won't know what I'm talking about LOL! 
Watch it in HD peeps! THANK YOU ! p/s somehow youtube makes the video quality worse :(

I know it's pretty stupid of me saying that because come on it's always summer in malaysia.
But it's nice to have this statement out loud because awhh, the word SUMMER just brightens up my day, literally xD
ANYWAYS, I really love the sun! It just gives you this positive energy to go out and do stuffs!
And what happens when you're cheerful and happy? You go out for some happy shopping!
And what happens after a lot of happy shopping? You're dead broke! But I'm still happy! :D

 By the way like I said again from the video,
THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST. it's all real and true from a real customer - me. hahahaha. 
This month I bought lots of cosmetics and I really love all of them! okay let's go, here's the name of the products I bought:

I wanna say that this eyelash enhancing serum really works!! Altho being rm200! but it's worth it! 
I'll post a progress of it after a few more weeks just to really show the outcome of it, for me there's a slight improvement,
and I can't wait till the final outcome!:) my damaged fallen eyelashes are growing back again! 
Before this they were almost bald due to my removal of eyelash extensions procedure. So stay tune to that post guys!
RM 200

Sephora's single eyeshadow in "SUPERNOVA"
Like I said in the vid, the color is a galaxy kindda purple hence the name and i think it's reallly sexy, I LOVE IT! 
RM 50
pic credits via

finally after so long I decided to get this pallette, after you guys saw my pathetic current eye shadow palette in the video,
one day I decided to upgrade to a better one because I felt bad for my sad Kate eyeshadow palette.
It's like a relationship that's already stall yet you're still hanging onto it just because you're used to it,
haha, sounds familiar? my favorite shade is half baked, tease, and pistol :)
RM 188 (the one I bought here is fake ya)
SEKKISEI white BB cream from KOSE
I am so so so so pleased with this, currently THE BEST BB CREAM that I've ever found!! 
So i'll be posting a vlog about this soon to show you guys clearly how good it is on my skin!!
I figure that it's easier to see on videos compare to words and pictures in my blog :)
RM 120

pic credits
totally smudge proved and a real one swipe wonder, it's the most intense black eyeliner i've ever tried! 
Seriously amazed because with the same pressure my current old eyeliner looks a bit like the line on the right, 
and the left side one is the one from 24/7 glide on eye pencil. seriously i'm loving this eyeliner
because it also has that crayon kindda texture, kindda oil based in my opinion when you apply so it's super smooth!!

The rest of the stuffs that I bought were shoes, clothes, books, and other unnecessary things that made me happy. haha!
I enjoyed the cosmetics the best from this summer haul, I filmed this almost a month ago, and I've bought lots of things after that:/
I'm totally broke right now, and I'm trying to save up for a new mac cause my current one is giving me problems,
like it suddenly shuts down it self and it happened a lot of times already these few months.. sigh getting old I guess :(
And also I'll need to save up for my BKK trip which is end of AUGUST that I don't think I've told you guys before :D
YESSSS TO MORE SPICY FOOD AND SHOPPINGG . sigh can't wait for this break :) 

"Here's to good Women, 
May we know them,
May we be them,
May we raise them." :)