Saturday, April 12, 2014


top, bottom, shoes : cotton on / outerwear : some shop in sunway

date : 5th + 6th April 2014
venue : beside Zouk

Hello everyone! I'm here again searching for preloved and thrift shopping like Macklemore! hahaha.
I was so excited because this event is held by the same person who did KL Vintage Festival which went awesomely well, 
it's organized by the very famous Duriana & PINTUMERAH people! and again I parked at this place in front of Zouk~
omg so happy for FREE PARKING, hopefully no one sees me writing this so they won't collect fees the next time ~_~ whoops!
I went here with my babe / partner in crime Vickie, and so did we for last year's KLVF
seems like thrift shopping is gonna be our tradition now, aww so sweet~~~ :D 

When I first arrived at the venue I was kindda shocked because I was approached straight away by friendly the organizers 
saying that they knew me from reading my previous blog post on KL Vintage Fest here and that they really like it. omg... damn shy~~~ 
I'm so honored! too bad I forgot to take a picture with the awesome team who made it possible this time again! 

I've learnt what to wear during thrift shopping... (anything comfy and airy) 
Comfort is the key because you're gonna be digging, searching up and down for the coolest stuff.
That's why this time I'm wearing my house pants (that I use for running) and my jelly sandals to be in total comfort.
I'm dressed for maximal flexibility to grab and search for items fast! haha


One thing that I'm absolutely delighted about is the (new?) brick pavement that they put in.
It was a rainny saturday morning so I was really afraid that the ground was gonna be muddy and smelly.
because that's how it was the previous time for KLVF, so this time I'm SO GLAD I didn't had to go through the same thing again!
Not sure was it because of the new brick pavement or the placement for the booths, but whatever it was,
great job to the organizers making sure we had total comfort while thrift shopping! 360 bazaar KL here we go!!

first stall we visited, and this was our first buy!! :D  
we bought the same one because omg it's so CUTE! and only rm3!

Coca-cola collectibles, vintage silverware, old cereal boxes, and preloved Dr. Martens are a MUST in any vintage event!
The reason why they named it 360 Bazaar KL, is because it's not like the previous KLVF which has mostly preloved colthes, 
this time they wanted to pull in lots of other things besides clothes hence the name 360! 
Was glad to acknowledge that when I met the organizers :)

The drink I went crazy for at KLVF, POP, THE SODA is their official drink woohoo! 
Got mango for myself, and vickie got lychee ~ yummmss so good after walking around.
Thank god the weather wasn't hot too! It was 12pm I expected the sun to be stoching hot on top of us, 
but no it was dancing tiny drizzle of rain drops, which I didn't mind, at least it's not raining cats and dogs!

OKAY continue shopping! (with my drink and a grin on my face)

and omg there's this shop that stayed close to my heart ...
the owner and I from her shop - Escape Artist Collective
so friendly and so kind to all of her customers, so patient with a warmth spirit, and such an inspiration!
I wis I could travel the world, collect unique items and sell them :) sigh such a free spirit, I love people like that!

the first thing that caught my attention straight - these awesome pipe tightener rings and she only had two! 
I was there early when she was setting up her booth (lucky me) so I saw this on the table before she was setting up, 
haha, and of course, I grabbed it! ;D with pride. I always see these kindda industrial DIY rings on the net,
I always wanted one, and trust me, I even went to check out hardware stores but couldn't find the right size!
Most of the items that she sells are from all around the world, it's no wonder she's called Escape artist.

Left is some amazing handmade brass spiral hooks! me and my babe got ourselves one of these
Right are some molecule LSD, Acid, ecstasy and etc necklace. too cool! I like how not everyone will know what sign is that.
And only the ones who knows, know. 
Lol this little girl wondering which one to get. 

Nice way to display her rings, haha! she even sells crystals omg, I love this shop and it's aura so much!
check her out at facebook guys!

but now it's
so many booths for food!! but here's my favorite! (clockwise)
-Yummy meat balls just because I was craving for Ikea's one the other day,
-this nasi kukus was SO YUMSSSSS. the fragrant of it allured me from a mile away no joke!
-Surprisingly my friend opened a booth - gimme shelter, their virgin mojito are yums! 
-lastly is the bbq... omg... looking at it just makes me so hungry!!!! I can smell it tru my pictures...

and I love this awesome maison jar (and drink) from the booth behind me, 
RM9 just for lemonade wasn't cheap, honestly I was just buying it for the awesome jar,
Now I must think what awesome stuffs I would wanna put in this jar, woohoo!!

our awesome hennas that make me smile whenever I look at it sighhhh :) ONLY rm5 people! so cheap!
You know, I love hennas so much, maybe on my wedding day (if I were to ever have one one day in the future)
I would get some henna artist and draw them free for my guest. I'm thinking of having a very "indian" theme wedding,
omg why am I even thinking about weddings?! I'm so single right now it's not even funny! but maybe one day~ *shy*

my buys from 360 bazaar Kuala Lumpur!!! My best buys (or best gets in this case) would be my henna.
Next would be my accessories from ESC :) There weren't much vintage / pre-loved clothes for this event compared to KLVF
so that was quite a bummer for me cause I was expecting and usually would be carrying bags of clothes back! haha
For this event there were more "other 360 things" like collectibles than clothes, so I didn't spend much,
but we still had great fun and enjoyed ourself even tho it was drizzling, 
we still had many laughs and enjoyed the spirit of thrift shopping. :)
And I met so so so many familiar faces and said hi everywhere! XD

This was more like a warm-up for KLVF, 
which I heard is coming this August? (correct me if i'm wrong).
OH WELL, can't wait!! I hope it does happen and hope that there'll be more new booths for that ! :D 

I've got so many clothes right now I'm thinking of selling my own preloved clothes away, 
how about organizing an event that does only that? 
If I were to do that, would you guys come to support? 
:) till then! xx

Sunday, April 6, 2014

How to look BADASS + Sennheiser Momentum On Ear headphones Review

Ola my beautiful people! I've truly missed you, and I've missed writing my blog! 
There were some (actually a lot of...) downsides for me in the month of March (which was ironically my birthday month)
that's why I didn't want to spread the negativity in writing in my blog, it would be unfair to you guys if I lied and said my life is good.
BUT NOW I'M BACK WITH A SMILE PEOPLE! can you sense me smiling through my words??!?! :D

OKAY back to business people, 
Well you know how there's a fine line between looking LANSI and looking like a BADASS
During my high school days, I used to be called LANSI A LOT. a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot....
BTW for those of you who doesn't know what LANSI means, it means stuck-up / arrogant / very proud.
I used to get a lot of HATERS because of my so called "lansi look", and it was bothering me because I wasn't doing anything!
Have you guys gotten that before? I'm sure some of you do because (you know la) high schoolers love to find DRAMA.
As time flew by I understood the reason why I was called lansi a lot; 
I barely smiled, always hang with the same gang, never said hi to the people that I'm unfamiliar with, and always walked by really fast.
There's a real dramatic change from my high school days compared to now. I'm almost the opposite!
I could say HI to anyone, I always smiled, (try to) hang out with different people, and I walked slower (maybe cause I'm lazy)
Although today I still hear people telling me that I look lansi (when I don't smile), but it's way more lesser than before. 

*note* this few tips may apply to guys too.

top : JEREMY SCOTT x ADIDDAS jersey / boots : PROMOD / bottoms : ZARA

hahahah, you know how some cool people have this "wind" beside them whenever they walk?
haha lame, anyways BE CONFIDENT! carry out the vibe that you're confident and comfortable in your own skin. 
One easy way to do it is with the help of alcohol (for me) *btw I'm not promoting alcohol here, 
for me when I have that tiny sip of booze, my confident level just boosts up and it's easier for me to talk to strangers that way.
As long as you're confident and comfortable in your own skin you'll look like a BADASS and still be approachable to people.

top : vintage / boots : DR MARTENS / bottoms : ZARA

After you're successfully confident and carry yourself well, what camoflogese the OUTSIDE is not good enough, 
you gotta know that YOU.ARE.A.BADASS deep within you through the INSIDE, your brain has to digest that.
and one way to tell that to your brain that is...... through your ear loops, LOL. through MUSIC of course! 
and this is my kind of music that I listen to to make me feel extra badass, especially when driving and when I'm speeding
*I'm not promoting speeding here... of course some other badass music besides EDM for me includes Arctic Monkeys, and..... yeah, only them. 
Somehow listening to the right music helps me express myself even better, you know the cliche line that says 
"No music, No life" come on, it's so true... My friend's car radio broke the other day and I was sitting in her car, 
wondering how the hell does she drives a long and exhausting way back without MUSIC!? 
I seriously can't live without music in my car to survive a long drive, HMMMM... maybe I shall buy this headphones as a present for her, LOL

top : ZARA / shoes : ZARA / bottoms : H&M

"I thought my life would be more awesome once I've own a leather jacket, UM, YEAH!"
I lol-ed so hard when I saw that, Of course it'll be more awesome, 
even more awesome-r if you had a pair of headphones to make you look like a DJ. haha
Conclusion is OWN a piece of leather jacket... It's a life-saver!

top :  TOPSHOP / jacket : FOREVER21 / boots : PROMOD / bottoms : ZARA

Speaking about leather jackets, How you carry out yourself is important. 
Cool badass people usually wear the coolest stuffs, AHAHAHHA
wear "sporty" clothing, cool people always wear a hoodie, some cool pumped up kicks, or anything with a great jacket.
And remember no matter what you wear, wearing a smile is the best accessory to look approachable while you're being a badass.
And last but not least, speaking of wearing the coolest stuffs...


Truth to be told, I was so excited when I got offered the chance to review Sennheiser's Momentum on-ear headphones,
everyone knows that the German brand Sennheiser is famous for it's top quality true sound 
and for endorsing international DJS like Afrojack and our local duo Goldfish and Blink.
For more than 65 years, the brand first started off with producing microphones, so can you imagine how clear the clarity is?!
I never own a pair of headphones before, the closest I have are just earbuds, which now I realised WOW it's so different! :P
okay bimbo moment coming up next....

 I'm surprised it comes with a hard carrying case, how considerate! 
good for those who don't want to damage their earphones by chucking them into their bags.
It also comes with a manual for instructions but believe me you don't need it no matter how bimbo-tic you are. and so again! 
I never had headphones before, so when I first joined the connector wires onto my desktop I was like,
"Ohhhhhhhh... OMG so smart!" AHHAHAHHA, okay that's damn bimbo-tic. this shows how un-tech-y I am,
but hey, I give the best reviews ;) HAHA! 

After very proudly attaching the wires, my first song that I clicked to listen to was RED LIGHTS by TIESTO and damn it felt surreal! 
My eyes practically popped right out and my jaws fell when I experienced the "all around you" kindda sound system in these powerful headphones.
Like you know the ones you hear in the cinemas, where it's like the zombies are breathing behind you against your neck?!
It felt as though I was sitting in my car listening to music because of the surround sound and bass (but I was at work doing work) 
I couldn't believe how awesome the sound is, clarity is great, bass is not too loud to suit for other music too!
it doesn't completely mute sound from outside but it muffles it making sure you enjoy your own music to the max.
Oh and btw there's an iRemote connected with the wires so you can volume UP (or down) easily ;) 

Actually one of the things that I find annoying wearing headphones is because it flattens your hair after long hours.
Probably because of the weight of the top and the ear cups which drags the whole headsets down, 
you know, us girls being girls always caring about how our hair look, and I'm no different.  
But when I first carried these headphones they weren't as heavy as I thought considering the fact that the headband is made from stainless steel.
I was even more surprised after finish watching Frozen on my laptop with these headphones, 
they didn't flatten my hair at alll~~~ T___T omg thank you thank you for inventing these Sennheiser~
The ear pads can be adjusted up and down to suit each individual and BY THE WAY, 
the ear cups are padded with Alcantara, don't know what's that?? 
It's a super soft and breathable suede-like material normally used in luxury yacht upholsterers as well as high-end supercars.
WOOOHOO, I'm feeling smart, LOL
Overall, comfort is excellent, it wasn't stuffy at all after long use, and doesn't flatten your hair, and most importantly,
I've learnt that headphones are way comfier than earbuds, because some earbuds do stress and hurt your ears after long hours.

I'm pretty impressed with the design. Nodding my head and saying "mmmm" when I first laid my eyes on it, 
Being a designer myself, I care about the design for any gadgets that I use, and most importantly,
whether or not it suits my everyday outfit, and as you can see from my many style shoots above, 
I must say that these Sennheiser's Momentum headphone blends in very well with my wardrobe.
I get worried because to me, many headphones out there looks very "geeky", but thank god these are
Modern, elegant, BADASS and yet still approachable. 
Unlike some headphone brands that start with a B and rhymes with "FEETS" which I think it's too futuristic, and it doesn't look "friendly"
It feels like very LANSI, it sends out this "oh I don't wanna talk to you" vibe, however this brand feel BADASS but still approachable. ;) 

thank you so much Sennheiser for giving me the chance to try out and for opening my "ears" to experience how awesome sound quality is like!
Guys believe me you need to try this headphones out, 
when deciding on which headphones to get the best way to decide is through testing them out yourself!
You can head over to Sennheiser Flagship Store at BSC to give these babies a try, if you like them,
bring them home at only RM809!
It also comes in blue, green, pink, black, red, and ivory too:)

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it.
All picture by Right Click Production, edited by me :)