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Friday, November 9, 2012


photo credit : MEL JUSTICE


dress : basha blue prints dress from CUTEGRANNYVINTAGE
shoes : black velvet ankle back flat from BANGKOK
accessories : ASOS inspired triangle earrings 
& two finger chain from LUCCACAL
floral crown from CUTEGRANNYVINTAGE

I received this parcel this morning and i HADD to write about it now, 
because I'm absolutely loving this Lana del Rey inspired floral crown, mm! :) 
CuteGrannyVintage decided to sponsored me once again which is such a WOW thing for me,
making me cry somemore because she decided to put in this floral crown as a surprise gift for me. 
thank you! thank you des! You're so sweet and charming if I was a guy I would marry you, haha! 
I'm loving this floral crown so much (hence i'm changing my 1st song on my playlist to lana's song)
even might maybe add another 2/3 after the first song. hehe.
haha, I'm such a Lana-wannabe, but obviously I'm not! lol
She is effing pretty. I wanted to put a photo of her here 
but I'm afraid I might make you laugh
because I laugh at myself too thinking that 
"Owhh, this photoshoot has that LANAdelrey feel~~"
but no. when i compared myself to her.
I was soooooooooo far away.
I don't think I can win the tittle of being Asian Lana. LOL

please tell me AT LEAST(!) this photo reminds you of lana.
and I shall be happy ,HAHAH ! 
damn perasan weih! 

haha, anyways.
I think that this vintage blue dress is super retro! 
i can imagine myself wearing it for swing dance in publika
It's light, and it's not like chiffon where eventho it's thin, you cannot breath in there! 
I like the fabric because it's soft and flowy, and i also think that i have this thing for button ups, lol
I just noticed that my previous dress that was sponsored by CGV is blue too! 
haha, what a coincidence! check it out here,
it has a sweet name called cloudy that's why i love it so much too! :)
thank you for giving me this oppurtunity to wear your clothes, des.
I feel very honored because I love the quality of preloved vintage clothes,
I feel that they're very precious and I like to think that the person who wore it first
must be very elegant, fancy and ladylike, because look! 
all the clothes from CuteGrannyVintage are so classy! I love them! 
thanks again :) I'm always open for a future collaboration with you

and another exciting thing to announce is that my favorite accessories shop
which sells mostly ASOS inspired accessories with affordable price,
decided to sponsor me a series for the 2nd time, (YAYYYY!)
I think LUCCACAL is one of those cool accessory shops that you shouldn't miss out on.
previously they sponsored me a cool never seen before Unicorn earring,
ASOS claw earring, silver skull cuff and i hammer earring that i'm writing about soon, lol.
I can't wait to show you guys the new series, SUPER LOVE............
if you like them, please show some love too by clicking the like button on their FB page! 
because if facebook allows us to multi click, 
I would click like and liked and like and liked again and again on their page, haha! 
thank you so much again LUCCACAL for sponsoring me. I feel so honored! 

I think my most favorite pick from this series is defiintely this triangle designed chain, 
I think that it's really unique, and honestly I've seen two finger chains before,
 call me a jakun if i'm wrong, but I never seen one as soft and elegant as this one.
it just makes the whole look look much more pricier, :P
oh oh OH! and i like the "cling" sound when the two rings hit each other.
mmmmmm, reminds me of the sound of the beach, and wind chimes. 
okay, it's official, I am so in love with this one.
Oh, and not to forget I do love the ASOS inspired triangle earrings as much.
I love geometrical shapes and triangles that's why i picked this earring:) 
it's just that they don't make the "cling" sound when they touch,
so I'm a buyer for the chain more, haha! 

show some love and support for local online boutiques guys! 
without the fans how can there be smooth sailing ! :) 

okay, goodnight everyone 
I hope you enjoy my new playlist

P/S: I just finished the whole season 2 of Awkward. 
my life feels so empty now... EMPTY! 
please recommend me any chick flicks/ comedy that i can laugh at during boring nights!


Temporary:Secretary said...

Your floral crown is SO pretty! x

Destiny Lim said...

Very Lana indeed! Not being biased, but it's probably the best set of outfit pics yet! Love it, from your hair, to lips to nails and the colors, and it's a bit of an autumn feel too! <3

Immi said...

I adore that flower crown! You have such a nice style :) x

Sharina said...

Loooking lovely!! :)

New follower!

The Misty Mom

confetti said...

You look absolutely amazing, lovin the flower crown!


t said...

I really like that two finger chain bracelet hybrid jewelry!

Patricia Ayuso said...

great outfit!!! i follow you now ;)
i would love to follow me back because love your blog!!

S▲N said...

Amazing blog :) I follow You now and I hope that you like my blog too! Have a great day ❤

xx San

Charlotte said...

awesome floral headpiece <3

- ordaining serendipity

Bellamoreway said...

i always adore your style! loving the flower crown and dress <3

Elegantesque said...

This outfit is pretty cute on you !

Elegantesque Blog

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

So gorgeous! Love the printed dress and headpiece. x

CHERELLE said...

Thanks! I totally love this outfit, the dress, but especially the hand and head pieces! LOVE it.

Dale Janeé said...

You look adorable and I love your headband. That dress is very stylish too, congrats on the sponsor