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Monday, January 7, 2013


photo credit : MEL JUSTICE


top : white button up from MANGO
skirt : red pinafore from CAJOYNESS
shoes : black velvet ankle strap heels from MULTICOLETTE
bag : hermes inspired ostrich bag from ALICEWONDERS
accessories : knee length socks from TOPSHOP
cross bracelet from LUCACCAL
watch from foliefolie

okay so I started class about a few days ago, and I'm guessing most of you guys too right? 
So again this is my another attempt for a school girl look next to this, I miss high school uniforms obviously! 
but sadly mine was the very lame blue and white malaysian government school ones.
I remember I unruly went to the tailor to tighten the dress in the right places and cut the hem way shorter.

And for most of you who don't know, 
I'm actually a 4 eye geek since high school. I've always worn black frames for as long as I know. 
Except when I was standard 4 where everyone wore frameless specs and thought it was so trendy and cool!
so here's a picture of the real life me, with glasses. I recently changed them into a smaller one.
My previous one almost covered half of my face and it was those cool 80's black frame glasses.
and there was a lot of people asking me did the glasses really had powered lens on, 
and most of them thought I was wearing them just for the style.haha! 
I'm very vain actually and I hate to admit it, 
I usually take off my glasses whenever I feel that I don't need to wear them.
Even if you were a stone throw in front of me and I couldn't see you, I still don't feel the need to wear them.
Hence, many mischances of greetings from me and many misunderstanding that i'm a proud bitch, haha.

so yes again, back to topic. College has overwhelmed me (especially today) with so many responsibilities.
Especially now that I'm an art director team leader for my college's exibition's creative team , 
wow, I'm completely engulfed. Engulfed by the amount of task that needs to be done and the decisions I need to make.
It's honestly not the easiest position to be in, but I'm absolutely thrilled to see the outcome of our teamwork! 
no bad mojo and I don't wanna jinx anything so I shall stop the news now :) 

Psalm 90:12 So teach us to number our days so that we may get a heart of wisdom.

this is honestly the only verse I can remember in Psalm. 
I remember when I was much younger my grandmother would train me to remember bible versus. 
and everyday she gave me The Daily Feed(?) to help me with my spiritual life. 
I think this verse suits me the most now since I'm back in my whirlpool of busy college life.

thank you Lucaccal for sponsoring me this pretty elegant gold bracelet that I adore so much.
It's so pretty cause it's small and delicate, 
a lil gold chain wrapped around your arm definitely makes you feel special.
and somehow it reminds me of Life of Pi. 
Do check out their new january collection cause there's also new cross necklaces and bracelets now :)

and not only that, I have a new sponsor Cajoyness who decided to sponsor me some of their pretty stuffs!
I'm so grateful and beyond thankful to have them sponsoring some of their lovely items.
among all of them is this cute school girl pinafore dress which flows gently with the wind when I walk.
their trend is more Korean/ Japanese look. No wonder there's a bit of japanese feel in their clothing.
there's a hidden zipper behind and it's also stretchable, and do you know the front buttons are fake?
how cute! 

these are some of their stuffs i adore....
love at that! They also have the candy clutch from H&M where I always wanted! 
and check out the funky dinosaur earring haha! crazy! 
I love their style and it's not wonder that have soo many likes on facebook! 
Good Job! :D Oh! I do check out their CNY cheongsam collection. 
Super cool! So that you won't have to wear clasing dull cheongsams for CNY anymore :D 

haha, Once again thank you so much :)
I gtg back to do my assignments because..
gah! So much work to do! 



Valentina Coco said...

Beautiful pics!!!i'm following you!!!if you like mine, do the same!!
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Dalia said...

This is very cute! It's very youthful, in a chic way!
The Introverted Brunette

Stylesmiths said...

Very cute look, nice styling of the pinafore!

With love from D.C.,
x Kelley

Chioma said...

what a cute dress! lovely style!

C's Evolution of Style

Kate Lees said...

Gorgeous, I love your watch and bracelet x

Megan said...

you look realy chic and cute! Kisses

Patricia ♥ said...

Lovely music that embraced me once I entered your blog ^^
I got the same problem as you, with wearing glasses or not. I just don't think of myself as being a persons who wears glasses. I wear them in class because I can't be attentive without them xD I should definitely try to wear them this year more because my eye sight gets worse..
Lovely outfit! I wish my school uniform was somehow like yours.

Have a nice day,

onesixthreechirp said...

Cute yet chic outfit! Love it! :)

Jagoda said...

I love your blog...amazing photos

Let's follow each other?

Anny Barros said...

The photos were beautiful. And the clothes, so cute .. As a former student, but a little sexy. I liked it.
I'm following your blog, visit my if you can (:

Aubrey and Melissa said...

Such an adorable outfit, love, love that skirt!

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Adorable outfit! Love the bag :)


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You are absolutely adorable, girl! Loving this look!!
xo TJ

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You look so pretty! Love this dress, so lovely! Great pics :)
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Andrea said...

Wow you look soo cute!! Such an unusual outfit.

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Nice outfit!

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I love that GIF it's so cute :)
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Anonymous said...

You look so adorable in this outfit! :)


Grace said...

heyyy i think i saw you today at mc'd sunway pyramid!!!!

JULES said...

aw i wish I knew which was you, haaha! @grace :)