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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My insane experience at Bukit Tabur (Crystal Hill)

Okay here's my first time doing Hill Reviews. haha! pfft hill reviews.. to more hills this year? lol... not after I've climbed this one. LOL
Apalah ni... Hiking also wanna put make up. BUT CHILL LA PEOPLE! it's just eyeliner! excuse me for being vain alright! lol
Just another tragic news hit the net about Bukit Tabur (this hill), a few days ago an Indian girl at the age of 25 DIED there
check out the news here! And a week before I hiked this crazy hill a teacher around mid 30's died as well. 
Even experienced trekkers fall and break their bones, some even caused death, and I was just a starter....
Of course I didn't acknowledge this fact BEFORE I decided to give this hill a try, 
Silly me, I didn't go do my research first and I felt so small and vulnerable tho... .__.

PEOPLE PEOPLE, I just received news today that
probably because of the recent amount of deaths that happened there... RIP :( 
I think they're just closing it awhile to make the news more quiet, and I think they'll open it to public again,
just not thattt soon. The hills are covered with police tape right now.
Hill shouldn't even be the term for this place, it's more like MOUNTAIN.
they should call it Crystal Mountain instead of Crystal Hill! 
And honestly I'm so glad that I LIVED to tell you guys my experience at Bukit Tabur...
I feel amazing, this whole thing is so surreal. But I feel sorry at the same time for the people who died there:(
Who would know that some silly hiking journey would end up in a funeral right? 
This whole experience truly made me realize life is so fragile and vulnerable.
So those of you who are thinking of hiking this hill, I guess you'll have to wait a while till the news cools down.

By the way, Crystal Hill is 10x more extreme than Broga Hill (if you've been there before).
I never tried climbing Broga Hill before but that's what my friend's say, just imagine this:
My upper body strength sucks, my lower still not bad, 
I've never hike up Broga Hill before, and I've never tried rock climbing in my life before,
and I decided to take on this extreme Hill for hiking. Am i stupid or just plain daring? My mom says stupid, LOL.
P/S, I told her I went hiking, but I didn't tell her about how it went.... if she knew she would fire me...

So here is my documentary of my experience at Bukit Tabur aka Crystal Hill, it's insane I tell you. 
Okay so like I said this is my first time hiking, so I didn't really know what to wear.
At first I was wearing shorts (like really short) so my friend Vickie borrowed me her leggings D:
And thank god because omg, I can't imaging if I wore shorts to hike up, my whole leg would be gone! 
And also Jim.. Oh my God, I'm just too touched, when I got down from the car he straight away asked,
"You got bring gloves or not?"
and I said no, because in my mind i was like "Do we even need gloves???" but yes.... we do! 
Thanks to his kind and thoughtful gesture I didn't got pierced by any sharp edges on the rocks :') 
thank you you two! You guys saved my hands and legs!! :'D

OKAY no joke. heres some things that you should PREPARE for hiking, 
can you see HOW MUCH I emphasized on this?! fonts Large in BOLD and red and UNDERLINED.
I'm trying to save your life here!! for them bimbos who wanna be adventurous like me

fucking tie your hair all up into a bun like how you wash your face in the morning.

don't wanna rip those gorgeous legs of yours now do we?
there's this endless journey of constant climbing and a lot of times you'll hit your leg. 
My friend had bruises and scratches everywhere..

if you have it, bring it. You know those types where you go to the gym ones, 
the thick ones that won't damage your palms even through fire. How to make sure it works? test it. haha, jk.
But if you want to you could. Or if you don't have those, you know those free ones you get when you go ice skating?
Yeah, I've seen people using that to go hiking too. Or you could use gardening or rubber gloves, whatever you do, 
JUST PROTECT YOUR HANDS LADIES. Don't want them to be rough when you touch your man. HAHAHA

define the RIGHT pair of shoes? Those ones with grip. 
Upon hiking / climbing I learnt that apparently a lot of people buy those cheap shoes from Giant,
they buy them once and then they wear them to hike and throw, which is something I SHOULD HAVE DONE.
I wore my usual jogging shoes out, cause well that's the only pair of shoes I have which have a tough grip for outdoors.
But the process of cleaning them is SO DAMN TEDIOUS! My shoes were SO muddy in the end!! 
and I left it out for a few days, no actually I still haven't clean it can you believe it or not,
And the mud became hard, AHHAHAHAHA, I really wonder how the fuck to clean this shit up.

the only thing that brings people together. water.
It's true because some of your friends might forget to have bring theirs, so I advice to bring 2 small water bottles, 
put them in your bag, I know it's a lill bit heavy, but trust me you'll need it. There's not clean water up there,
so let's say WHAT IF you stab / scratched yourself badly, you obviously need water to clean the wounds,
so bring one water for drinking and another one for cleaning wounds just in case.

You seriously need this, if you're not an avid rock climber like me, it's really a LONGGGG journey. 
And trust me, many times, you'll just feel like giving up... but you know what, there's no one to help you.
No even roads for any sort of legit transportation, the ONLY transportation is a helicopter (wish I had one).
Me and my friends hiked for 6 hours!! Imagine how many other things you can be doing for six hours?! like sleeping.
Meditate. Meditate before you go hiking. be like "Ummmmmmm... I can do this, 
I can climb this piece of this, this is nothing. I got the world in my palms, I am UN-DEFEAT-ABLE. I just wanna go home.."
I certainly didn't know it would take THAT long of a journey, so I had to constantly tell myself I can do this on the way up.

So with all these 6 tips / preparations, You are now ready to hike Bukit Tabur !!
oh and do wish your love ones goodbye too, cause people dying while hiking this hill is a common issue...

Meditating.... (act only)
We left our homes about 4.30 in the morning, so basically we had to wake up at 4am! I couldn't sleep that night I sleept at 1am ish.
Reached the destination at about 5am, and we officially started hiking up at 5.30am... Here we go people! 
It was absolutely pitch dark, the moonlight was covered by the tress so we need to rely on torchlights, 
apparently mine was the brightest, so everyone practically had to rely on my torchlight. others were using iphone.
Jim was holding my hand up for the first few thousand steps hiking up, making sure I don't slip and fall cause it was quite slippery,
how sweet D': I'm truly speechlessly touched! 

7am view.... just incredible. Look at the clouds floating above the lake. we're in aeroplane view now.
so we were practically hiking Genting Highlands.... damn hardcore!!

Check out the pretty city lights!
finally a spot to rest and to take it all in.Wearing my bindi out is just a funny way for me to remind myself I'm one with nature.
with the boys from Right Click production (jim on the left, jonathan on the right) photo credits to them!
They're the ones who decided to carry the heavy cameras to document our trip to Bukit Tabur. THANK YOU GUYS! 
it was kindda cold so I thank god I brought my shawl. and here we have matching outfits! lol
look from the back mountain, this is how high we've hike, after...2/3 hours? to enjoy the morning sunrise.
me eating my chips. Yes, I brought chips up a mountain.

I love these candid pictures of us having a great time!
This is actually such a great friendship photo. I love it! Okay before I show you the next photo, 
I have to apologize in advance cause I need to jumble some phone quality photos together to explain my trip better, lol.

eating my chips that were given from my best friend, and enjoying the sunrise...
Slowly everything becomes brighter. The air was better, the breeze was colder. I love it up here.

hehe. jim the jagabee
left (clouds, nature, lake) Hooo look at the clouds I just wanna lay on them~~
right (the city) which is still soundly asleep.
center of our view. 
Just take a look at that glow. 
You know I just realised. I think this is my third time sitting and waiting watching the sunrise:) 
seeking peace at this height... Loving the fluffy clouds above the city... 
at about 8 in the morning, most of the people are asleep during the weekends
a picture of our scary hiking journey. Once you slipped, you fall, you die :X
Below is just filled with sharp rock with can stab you everywhere... Highly dangerous so please be careful!
climbing up was quite fun (and dangerous) because you get to figure out which rock should you hold on to get up.
OH yeah, I you tend to use your butt a lot during hiking. trust me you will.
getting ready to jump right under....
this part is the scariest... If you slip you fall and this is the part where a lot of people died....... :'(
on the other side there's no handle at all. 
SO SCARYYYY!!! If I slipped my hands I'll surely FALL AND DIE. and there would be NO MORE SUNDAESINS.
Let me just tell you there was a lot of moments where I had crazy flashbacks of not seeing my friends and family again.
And it was terrible, I can't believe I took such a gamble on my life, ish, not doing this again, it's not like I'm a pro-hiker or something LOL.
But at the same time I'm so glad I did it, I felt like I concurred my fears! I'm really scared of heights btw. 
I'll get lightheaded and wobbly whenever I'm at a high place, so I was gluing toward the rocks when climbing this hill.
And this was unlike rock-climbing where they have robe and safety equipments, THIS ONE HAD NOTHING
you can only rely on your BALANCE, HANDS, and LEGS. gosh I'm so daring,
trust me after you completed EVERYTHING you feel damn good about yourself.
You'll feel that you've achieved something really big and it's such a good starter for the year!

my face was sad and pale after the *shock* :<
group photo!!

FINALLYY! this is vickie and I after the hike, we're the last ones from the group to get down,
mainly because of me too la, cause I was already damnnnn tired and scared from the shock! D: LOL
and it's a funny thing that the whole sole from her shoes came off, xD she threw it there after that.
So girls, always carry extra shoes in your car, never know when your shoe decides to commit suicide. 
Was so tired and hungry after that we went back to my place to my place, bath gaogao, and had korean food xD

OKAY GUYS, so if anyone of you reading wants to climb and hike Bukit Tabur, make sure you take ultra good care of yourself.
LIFE is SHORT YOH. OH and BTW, here's some "souvenirs" I got from Crystal Hill

I'm not a stone / rock collector, but at first it was vickie's idea to just collect a nice piece and write the date on it for remembrance.
But in the end we ended up with stuffing our back with pebbles, rocks, and crystals that we collected, and it was heavy!
woohoo! free crystals !! we're gonna sell them and get rich! Well, just bringing a part of mother nature back home,
 no wrong in that I think, and there weren't any notice or restrictions that you can't carry anything back.

 My favorite piece cause I think it's so weird, haha but I gave it to someone in the end. :)
found this lovely piece of crystal that looks like a tooth, It's long just like what I wanted!
feel like making this into a necklace. :) It would be so meaningful tho! :D 

After the Hike

my muscles were sooooo sore... especially my thighs, 
can't even squat can't even walk down and up the stairs without hugging the handling bar.
can't even go to the toilet without the support of your arms!! My arms were so sore too.
Especially the shoulders, omg, I sound like a total bimbo now, but gosh I could use a nice massage.

And that's my experience hiking Bukit Tabur guys.
Seriously I can't help but emphasize, PLEASE BE CAREFUL if you decide to go give it a try.
6 long hours of constant hiking really did made me so exhausted. But I feel soo good right now.
Adius guys, good luck! 


Sybil said...

wow.. astonishing photos!!! thanks for sharing! :D

Animated Confessions

Unknown said...

The pics are insane! Love them.

Emilie said...

Cool pics!

OceanWind said...

You guys are so brave and your pictures are amazing especially the lightning!

OceanWind Blog

Edyta said...

WOW. AMazing photos!



Great Blog!
I'm following you in GFC
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Lenya said...

Gorgeous photos!!!!! Thx for sharing with us. Interesting post also. Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow back. Thank you.

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Loving these photos. Must be an amazing experience. x

Unknown said...

Just thinking of going to tabur.thanks for that great info! Great photos too...n ya...we girls hiking with makeup on is a must.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, the flow of the hiking was nicely illustrated/told. Oh yeah, thanks for the pictures it finally help me decide whether Im going or not..

Anonymous said...

It is Jabatan perhutanan selangor. Not jambatan. Jambatan = bridge. Jabatan = department

Sarip Warisan said...

Have a great experience at Bukit Tabur. Nice...

Anonymous said...

did we need a permit for hiking that hill?

Unknown said...

Hi ^
My friends went there last week and they didn't need a permit :)


Unknown said...

Hey did u hike tabur east or tabur west? I'm inexperienced as well but if u could do it, i could do it! Any tips??

Fathiyah Jamaludin said...

thanks for sharing this really makes me think more than twice now to go hiking at bukit tabur or this crystal hill.
btw i am a geologist and it impressed me how you interested and managed to collect the quartz crystals. they are all quartz and not a stone. just a mineral/crystal of quartz.

the one that you like the most (which you already gave to someone) is the most deformed and highly folded.

Anonymous said...

Leave nothing but footprints, TAKE nothing but pictures...

LimShell said...

Woah nice picture there! That artistic vibe!

Anonymous said...

Superb,heard alot about these place, and the picture gave good idea about the place. Tq pretty girl. Though I'm late!!

Anonymous said...

Superb,heard alot about these place, and the picture gave good idea about the place. Tq pretty girl. Though I'm late!!

Unknown said...

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