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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


photo credit : JIM CHUAH

dress : color-block dress from BLUEYJOYCE
accessories : DIY floral crown
leaping unicorn earrings from LUCCACAL
shoes : oxford pumps from TIMESSQUARE

I wanted the whole look to be as dreamy as it could to celebrate the sponsorship of this dress
and my very fabulous leaping unicorn earring! 
I wanted everything to look as nude as it is hence i didn't put much makeup, haha! 
thank you so much Jim again for helping me take these pretty pretty pictures! 
i love them and i hope you guys do too! 
Haha ! after that we finally got to go shop at H&M because this is the 1st time
they're opening H&M in Malaysia, like Finally! been waiting for this moment ever since!
overall it was a really nice time meeting up with my best buddy again :) 

Wheeeeeeeeeee ~ i'm a twirling ballerina ! 

These are all the pretty stuff that i got to pick from BLUEYJOYCE
subconsciously I got everything in pastel pink!! 
I'm not usually a fan of pastel pink dressings as i don't have much of them in my wardrobe,
But like i said in my previous previous post, 
I'm really blessed to have all these sponsorships, 
like seriously, blessed.
beat it just for a moment, a piece or whatever it's still a very fortunate thing for me,
and like i said before, all these generous sponsorships allows me to try new things / style.
which is part of what i love about fashion, it's always about being daring to try new things for me.
I can never imagine myself wearing this when i was younger and much more of a timid when it comes to fashion.

But today, embracing this loud color block dress is a new adventure for me,
yes, eventho it's just pink and white, I think that any color block shouts a statement. lol 
Like i heard one wise man said before, If you're lucky enough to be different, don't ever change it. :)
then again, what i'm typing might not really have anything to do with my outfit post, lol,
but yea I'm really glad that i picked this dress from BLUEYJOYCE, because now when i look at it, 
it really looks very sweet, and altho it reminds me of a candy cane, it's definitely a very sweet one

If you're an avid malaysian online shopper, I bet you've heard of this brand BLUEYJOYCE before.
They're known for they efficiency, quality, easy browsing experience, and their affordable price range!
everything in their website is totally chic and omg, they've personally been a lifesaver for me,
as i wrote a post about them saving my life in one of the biggest moments in my life here
 and again, thank you so much BLUEYJOYCE for being a total life-saver up till now! 

I'm also loving this Leaping Unicorn earrings to death from LUCCACAL
it was love at first site when i spotted it on their super chic website.
One thing about LUCCACAL is that they are so different from other online accessories shop! 
almost all of their accessories are ASOS inspired and they're so good in quality! 
like this one, I'm loving that it has a certain weight on that makes it feel more valuable, 
but not to the extend where it feels like a heavy burden on your ears,
I'm loving the overflowing awesomeness because who doesn't love UNICORNSSS! 
and check out their amazing packaging! 
layers and layers of plastic and bubble wrap just to ensure that the accessories reach safely to your doorstep.
which is also part of why i feel that they're a trustworthy and responsible brand.
this is probably the most thoughtful thing that i experience tru out my whole life of shopping online.
this is what you call a good service, and the customized chop on the smooth cupboard box 
definitely gives the brand a better feeling and image! I really love this kind of feeling.
It's like being pampered as a customer, the similar kind of feeling when you're being spoilt by your bf.

I know you guys must be very sick of reading this but,
sigh, thank you so much to my lovely sponsors....


Nora Aradi said...

wow, amazing photos!

Victoria said...

You look wonderful. I really love your headpiece!:)

- Victoria

Samantha said...

Suuuch a cute floral headband, love it!


Anonymous said...

you blog very inspiring, i never bored look your post by post.
amazing outfit and photos. followed you, this 1st time i came a cross. love if you follow back sweetie :)<3

OhSevenDays said...

Lovely - i like your blog. If you're interested in DIY stuff see mine!

Kay C. said...

I absolutely love this look & your blog! Hyped & fanned on (:


Hannah said...

Wow you are super stunning! These photographs are so amazing!