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Thursday, October 18, 2012

DavidGuetta Live in Malaysia 2012 X BLUEYJOYCE X LUCCACAL SPONSOR

photo credit : NADINE FER


top : pastel pink crop top with studs from BLUEYJOYCE
bottom : scallop high waist pants from BANGKOK
accessories : claw earrings from LUCCACAL
wolf and robot ring from BANGKOK

I know the "artist name on your arms with marker pens" are sooo 16 years old. 
but #YOLO man, lol.

I think that this top totally has my name written all over it.
It's a mixed, of pastel pink and studs, I mean they're not the best combination, but it's weird, and i like it! 
I'm a mixed of attitude, I'm a lace with boots, or pastel with studs, haha! 
It's weird in a unique way, and I think that follows up with my blog name very well, 
SUNDAE (good) SINS (bad) , get it get it? haha.

I'm a mix and I thank you so much BLUEYJOYCE for sponsoring me this amazing top that i wore for DAVID GUETTA!!
Alesso, Goldfish and blink were there too! so it made the rave ever more happening! 
it started if i'm not mistaken from 8pm to about 2am? Gosh, so tiring altho we reached there at 11pm+.
Sepang is the most appropriate place to have this type of massive concerts or rave. with about 4k of people showing up?!
OMG, you can imagine the HEAT. and about half of the people there were wearing bikinis.
SUPER amazing night that gave me major bone ache till the other day. I couldn't even lift up my hands haha!

which i had to ditched in the end cause me and nads were too tired.
I even had to OVERNIGHT in nads place because we came back at around 5am.

It was practically Party of the Year so far, cause I bumped into countless friends there i can't even remember! 
GAH, I was so upset previously thinking that I can never go to David Guetta because I was so broke,
i usually don't spend for concert tickets...but I was so blessed to get free tickets at the last minute! 
sometimes i wonder do i even deserveee all these free tickets and free clothes, lol.
I really feel like a jewel from the bottom of my heart right now, THANK YOU SO MUCHHH :')

Now I'm just waiting for someone to sponsor me tickets to THIRST 2012 at 8 dec in Sepang
*hint hint* ! ;D

I ultimately love this topshop cream blusher,
don't you think it looks so natural? :D 

OH, btw, like i said I always thought initially that I'll never get to go for David Guetta's 
that's why last month i decided to do a sad acoustic cover for Titanium, which is one of my fav songs.
To let people know that I'm totally sad that I'm missing out on the PARTTTIEH.
BUT, Fate turned tables and so did the Mood of Filming. HAHA! 
Just showing you around places that i go everyday during my college life, haha. 
I hope you guys liked it, because it really made me LMAO. 
and btw, it's just a quick edit so please don't expect any special effects or anything, lol.
but please view in HD, it's so much better than 380px! 

thank you again BLUEYJOYCE for sponsoring me this lovely top 
with a sexy back and front cut out that i think suits these type of events best! 
And thank god this top is so unique i didn't crash outfits with anyones.
hehe, gtg class now! 


Clara Turbay said...

It´s special and smart!!!

Stephanie Huang said...

So so cute! i love this top - it looks so cute on you <3 and your smile is adorable!

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