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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mickey mouse is hot!

the over-expose effect was taken accidentally.
but i kindda like the effect! :)

Is it only me, or is the weather getting hotter and hotter?
It's becoming wayyyy more hotter than it should be , it's getting a lilll bit concerning. :/
the weather outside now is 34 C,
my aircon's leaking (spitting) waterfall out,

I can't imagine how the end of the world would feel like! :/

photo credits: MEL JUSTICE


top : B/W floral top from TOPSHOP

outwear : varsity jacket from A BIRTHDAY GIFT
bottom : mustard short from BANGKOK
socks : scallop lace pattern socks from COTTON ON
shoes : zebra pattern wedges from ALDO
bag : cream 2 way bag from MISS SELFRIDGE
collar : white collar from BANGKOK 
sunnies : drawn myself. haha! 

whao! i can say i sure mixed and matched myself some pretty big amount of clothes!
never thought that the vibrant pop red color of the jacket would go so well in the photo, haha! or is it just me.
the reason why i drew those mickey mouse sunnies are because i always wanted to own a pair of those
and because my eyes are too small in the picture, it's really difficult to open them under the bright afternoon sun! haha!
oh well! thanks to my tablet, i can just draw it on now:)
the mickey mouse sunnies that i've alllways wanted :D

I know it's a bit ridiculous wearing like that to class under a 33 degree weather but (!)
i can never say no to fashion, and plus the aircon in my class room is like a northpole! 
Fashion is always a comforting thing for me. 
like sometimes when i'm down and want to cheer myself up,
I doll up and try to wear clothes that i don't usually wear.
mix and matching clothes together really makes my day, 
especially when it all goes together :)

I'm here just to make a very quick update because the sun is draining off all my energy.
my aircon's not really working right now so you can imagine the heat being stucked at home *dies*
the sun is ruining my aircon :( i feel like I'm a cookie in an oven! baked!
I'm feeling so lazy and not motivated to do my work at all! help! where can i find my motivation again. :(
being so busy with everything that life offers recently i can feel my shoulders burning and slowly breaking,
carrying all these weight isn't easy at all and i'm just only 20! GAH, I think i need some massage soon before i break! 

Did you guys know that solar energy can actually drain your strength and energy?
i heard my mom saying that countries with the hottest weather have the most dumbest people.
yes i know my mom's damn straight forward ! lol 
so i asked her whether if alaska has the most clever people , hehe.

okay i gtg now:)
gonna regain my strength eating smoked salmon,
my most favorite dish ever that can make me happy :))
mmmmmm.... oh and dressing up! haha! 


Andrea said...

I like the effect too, your blog is so cool I love it! So youthful and so much fun. I wish we had hot weather in London :(

JULES said...

thank you so much andreaaaa <3 your blog is effortlessly beautiful even without any effects! love it so much ! x. Come down to my place! it's freaking hot! haha! xoxo

Angeline Ng said...

nice jacket! :D i always cant really match with my school varsity jacket and mine was blue and the sunnies are so funny xD

JULES said...

aww it's so cool that you have a varsity jacket in your school! i had to buy mine, lols, try taking it out and match it with your clothes! you'll never know what lovely match you'll create! ;D

GlamorousGirl said...

so cuuuteee :)

Stella Matilda said...

Hey Jules, you are also very pretty ")

Just follow your blog. dont forget to follow mine too. happy sunday sweety


Wynne Prasetyo said...

hahaha you sound so fun! i love this outfit on you <3


mariel janina said...

Really cute outfit hun, and I think you should just send all the hotness here, we can use it :) <3

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