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Sunday, February 8, 2015

UltraSonic Premium Iron Hair Treatment, Number 76 Style @ Starhill Gallery KL

Hey GURLFRIENDSS... I am back with a super awesome review on this life-saver hair treatment from Number76 Style! I love doing
reviews! It's been a while since I've last done one!:D So anyways, if you're from KL, if you're my girlfriend, and if you follow news 
from social media (okay who doesn't?!) I'm pretty sure you've heard of this famous hair saloon before... Number76 Style! And here
above is just a messy hair of mine, I woke up way too early in the morning, the night before was spent drinking in a bar, so obviously
there's gonna be smoke particles, and alcohol stuck on my hair even tho I wash and scrubbed it real hard afterwards. You know girls, 
I'm sure you're familiar with that annoying after morning hair after you've spent your night in a bar or a club before. Isn't it annoying?
 For us girls, it'll never be a good day if your hair is bad. So here is me in my "shamefully rolled out of the bed" look, stuck on some
fake eyelashes, and carried my eyebags in hopes that Number76 would do my hair BTW, random question, which one would
you rather live with for the rest of your life?? A bad hair day(everyday), or dark eye circles?? Hmmm... I still can't decide lol

Okay if you followed my FACEBOOK PAGE you would probably know that I went to Number76 to do my hair treatment,
So here is just a look around the shop from Starhill Gallery's branch...

So here's how their Starhill branch one looks like. I'm using my own terms for the areas btw – like set hair space LOL
Loving how they have this kindda vintage vibe to their theme, even the staffs there dress up in B/W too which is major cool!
In front of me is the Private room, see how they have blinds in them? Mostly for Muslim customers who don't wanna let anyone else
to see their hair, major cool as well. and where I'm sitting / laying in my so called "Wash hair area" LOL. look at the two ladies
next to me enjoying themselves... Oh man... This is the "tai tai" life man... Getting pampered all day long. lol

So here is where I will take your through my hair treatment journey in detail! And when i say detail, I'm including every ugly part of it, 
one of it being me and my wet hair, fuck damn, it's not sexy at all - unlike beyonce or jessica alba or any hot model with a sexy wet hair shoot
LOL no, this is the damn truth, and will you look at that white stuff that they collected from my hair?? Looks exactly like spit which is GROSS!!!

Okay so firstly we're doing a TANSAN (CO2) hair wash for a sparkling scalp experience! (see those soda gas tubes beside me) 
they're used to wash away all dirt and excess oils from your scalp and hair follicles. This is to generate hair shine instantly!
And weird enough I could feel the pores of my scalp being less clogged! (most probably psychology wise lol) 

Next on! Applying the magical hair treatment that Number 76 is famous for- their Ultrasonic Iron treatment! 
Look at the treatment that the hair stylist was showing me, it's more dense than normal regular hair mask / cream obviously! 
Just look at that lil ball of goodness! so firm and so not watery / sloppy. Proves that there are some good rich stuffs in there...
(IDK my logic) so she continues to squeeze and combs the product evenly onto my hair! 

After that, proceeding to detangle any knots in the hair and unto the iron treatment! 
LOL her face is like,  "why this girl so many tangled knots one..." LOL but no okay, ahaha

You'd be amazed cause I guess if you're a hair jakun like me, you probably never heard of a cold iron... I know, it was new to me. As 
I don't usually do treatments or go to the saloon to style my hair, quite a few technologies in the hair department that I'm unfamiliar 
with, for example this one! It's a COLD IRON! It still amazes me cause whenever someone mentions iron, I straight away think of heat 
or the normal HOT IRONS, but no this is a COLD IRON... LOL. I guess that's what makes them special because you can only find this at
Number 76. The hair stylist showed me by spraying some water on it (and I was instantly like won't that spoil the iron??) LOL ohhhh 
myyyy gawdd... I sound so bimbo I cannot... I feel like slapping myself, hahaha. So after she sprayed some water on this iron, slowly 
cold steam / mist started appearing from the iron! Which I think was really cool... Like you know one of those feng shui ball 
fountains?? Yeah those kindda cool steam started to appear from that iron, hahahhahaa. MAJOR BIMBO RIGHT HERE GUYS. 

it works. The iron has enhanced effect on all chemicals such as hair color, perm lotion, and hair treatment that are applied 
to your hair, and when it touches that it will vibrate at 37k beats per second! (WHICH IS INSANE!!!) Separates particle of protein,
water, and oil in hair treatment and help it to penetrate the product deep inside your hair. The iron doesn't use heat like how the
normal irons do. It vibrates the cells of your hair and helps to penetrate treatment deep into your hair. Highly recommended to 
those who are concerned about dry / messy / damaged hair due to coloring / perm / rebonding. which pretty much sums up me. lol

The iron flats out your hair as thin as paper!! Crazy insane! Proves that all the products gets pushed deep within the hair.
And yeah, I still couldn't believe it's actually a cold iron, so the hair stylist was asking me to touch the iron, and I was like,
"you sure or not..." HAHAHA, lmfao when I recall that part, so she had to demonstrate putting her finger in there with me, LOL

After that was my 2nd time to wash mah hurrrr! Adding in some shampoo from a Jap brand - New born, using warm water
to clean off the treatment and scrub-ba-dup-dup the 3rd time with cold water this time using a shine and soften conditioner to 
lock in moisture. After that they placed a really hot towel on my head, instantly I was jolted by the brisk change of temperature, 
the surprised cold to ultra hot treatment was somehow like a tingly sensation of joy dancing on my scalp pores... ahhhhh :3

After that I was hungry... Because I haven't had any breakfast and it was lunch time! (almost 3pm then) so the hair stylist asked
me to eat the cookies provided. Usually I don't really drink or eat the stuff they give in saloons (except for the free candies you
 can get from the counter) but this time I was really hungry. She told me that the cookies were really good and I did had my 
reservations, but wow when I took a bite.. it was soooo gooood. LOL! If you ever go to Number76, EAT THE COOKIESSSS! lol

Anyways after washing your hair and applying that hot towel, it's time to let your open pores sip in that rich goodness with 
Shiseido's scalp essence! Wondering why I was laughing here? The hair stylist was telling me about the benefits of this product,
and when she mentioned that it prevents grey hair I was like, "Hello what grey hair are you talking about here?! lol" haha it was 
pretty hilarious, I guess the staffs in 76 are really friendly and humorous LOL. I did had a fair share of laughs while I was here :) 
Anyways, after spraying the essence on my roots, she continued to massage them in.  

After combing she asked me to touch my hair... and seriously it's super soft... my face instantly reminded me of the OBAMA meme. 
NOT BAD.... seriously Julie-approved! Next is blow-drying the hair - I secretly look forward to this the most when I go to hair saloons.
At home I usually don't blow-dry my hair, I just let it natural air-dry, #1 Because it takes damn long for my long hair to get dried, and 
#2 It's just too much effort! So when I go to the saloon, it's always nice to just sit back and let the experts pamper you, and further 
more, she told me that they even use a ultra cool hair dryer... Which is nanocare- specifically for healthy scalp and hair, which 
wasn't too hot like the other normal dryers that damages your hair :) another Julie-approved moment! 

The boss himself decided to help me blow-dry my hair, hehe, much honored!

After that time to curllll ze hair! I don't really suit straight hair so the stylist gave me curls! But not too much! Because I just 
did the hair treatment, so it'll just be loose kawaii japanese hair curls. Oh one thing about Number 76 is that when you enter it, 
you'll be wondering if you've just entered a sushi place, or a hair saloon, LOL. because they will use Japanese to greet you, and it's 
cool! So since I'm in a Japanese hair saloon.. Let me pose a kawaai pose here... HAHAHHA *vomits* 

By the way, I'm sure you girls may know that Japanese are famous for their hair products as well, Number76 uses high 
quality Jap products like SHISEIDO, KERASTASE, NEU DUE, etc, so their products are definitely trust-worthy!

sorry I'm kindda falling asleep already on the left pic, hahahah, I am totally not a morning person! LOL But nevertheless, 
the loose japanese curls look soo good! Thanks so much for making me look FAB guys! LOL

And taddaaaa! I'm finally done!!! Hair looks so healthy and tamed now! unlike the morning after's horrible bush! I came here at
around 1pm and finished by 3pm! Which was miraculously fast for a hair treatment! Usually I dread going to saloons is partly because
of the wait... Usually takes half of my day to wash, treat, and style, but they did it pretty fast here at Number76 with a pretty great job! 
Plus sometimes when you do treatment your hair will look SUPER FLAT!! I'm just glad that it didn't turn out that way for Number76, 
my hair after the treatment was just fresher and more bouncier! WHICH IS AWESOMEEEE! 

The Ultrasonic Iron treatment is priced at RM350 but now with promotion price so it's: RM280! 
You can check out their PRICINGS AND SERVICES HERE and even do a booking on any branch near by your place! :)

BANGSAR : 03-22831776 / 2776 // MID VALLEY : 03-22870661 / 0662 // STARHILL GALLERY : 03-21416676 / 7076

Online booking is available too @ WWW.NUMBER76.COM 
here you can check out their updates + promotions at their FACEBOOK / TWITTER / INSTAGRAM

okay girls, that's it for now, remember to stay FABulous this FEBuary! LOL 

Signing off, SUNDAESINS xx


Annabelle said...

Your hair looks so lovely afterwards!
The cold iron looks interesting too. I've never heard of them before!

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Unknown said...

You have such beautiful hair - I'm never heard of a cold iron!



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Unknown said...

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Sizzling Suzai said...

GREAT review there! gosh i love how u show each ways by those photos! haha i m suck though i cnt show my hair but well, got a same treatment as urs so yeahh i know how it feels HAHAHAHHA very sleepy huh at the end! XD hi5 !!

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