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Thursday, November 8, 2012

CHILLAX COCONUT x JUJUMILKY sponsor x experience with MILKTEE

photo credit : NADINE FER


top : Zara inspired top (which is amazingly exactly same with the ori) from JUJUMILKY
bottoms : mustard short from BANGKOK
shoes : black peep toe pumps from MILKTEE
accessories : gold spike necklace from JUJUMILKY
Hermes inspired bracelet from JETEDEESIRE
rings from YSL

I'm so thrilled to say that JUJUMILKY which is one of my best online boutiques for funky wear
decided once again to sponsor me some of their items! thank you so much! muack! muack!!
It's so fun working with them because all of their stuffs are super cool.
their clothes & accessories shouts fun, bright, colorful and it's always so funky.
especially their accessories which are totally funky and i love love love them! 
if you're a fan of funky stuff like me, you should totally check them out! 
and with the cherry on the top, their price range are totally affordable! 
good for us students with no money all the timeT__T

I especially love this cool top which i think the hem part is the coolest,
it's not the typical fishtail but it's a block asymmetrical hem (self proclaim), LOL.
it has dipdye green on the side and I think that makes it more funkier :)
I didn't wanna pair this fun top with some boring black pants which is so expected,
instead i paired it up with my only mustard pants to pump up the volume. 
HAHA, do let me know if it's a yay or nay HAHA.

okay, i think i'm totally talking like a 15 year old teenager now, shit! 
that's what you get when you keep watching the TV series AWKWARD,
which i'm totally hooked on right now! 
but the more I watch it, the more i feel that I'm SO OLD! GRRRR! 

I got this amazing Hermes inspired bracelet which is a gift sponsored by JETEDEESIRE !
thank you sweetie! 
if you guys are interested there's also black /brown/ red :)
and the price is so much more affordable than HERMES! HMMPH! lol.

HAHA, i also think that the back hem of my "block asymmetrical top" looks like a superman's cape when the wind blows :P
thank you so much JUJUMILKY again for sponsoring me the 2nd time :) 

I'm glad I'm writing this post now, sigh, it's raining outside, 
but thankfully the weather in the morning was sunny enough so that i can take some good photos today. :) 
anyhow, It's been all good lately, (GAH! i feel like it's been so long since I talk to you guys )
After hurdling with all the rampage and dissatisfaction, 
I feel that my project has finally got a lil spark in it, and the front will be soft sailing...

this is what i thought about this afternoon before my nap,
"stress is a powerful thing, that some times makes people go nuts and insane,
but if you could find a way to make stress your motivation, 
you're a saint"

yup, wise words by me. lol
It's coming to the time of the year where all my fellow classmates will be sick.
Not sick with assignments or stress or waking up in the early dawn to go to class, but sick as in, literally sick.
I'm still surviving, but sometimes it's gets really stressful in college, 
but honestly we complain alot and in a few months i'll graduate and be off to work.
Honestly, I shudder at the thought of it. I wonder sometimes if whether or not I'm fully ready to work.
irritated and incredulous in equal measure, reality was coming in,
and the count down of the days to my graduation doused me with cold reality that i needed to work soon.
How is it like in this design industry that I'm about to be heading? 
I wished I have a mentor that could give me advices beforehand I enter the battlefield.

Can you imagine, working for people already ? 
it is true that fresh graduates will get bullied all the time?
if so, what do we do? do we do anything? 
or do we do nothing so we still have our jobs! 

they say that there's always a child in a person, 
and mine's certainly vividly there. as bright as a torchlight.
psh, enough said, everyday we're in a battle field anyways.

OKAY this was suppose to be a very stressfree post! 
focus on the coconut, on the chilll out coconut!!

one thing that made me absolutely stress-free is it ubber pretty gladiator inspired pumps that i purchased from MILKTEE.
that's right, I bought them okay! with me own money son, lol
doens't mean when i highlight and bold the name means it's sponsored.
lol, I just wanted to share with you guys my experience buying from Milktee.

I bet you guys are surely quite familiar with this brand, since they usually advertise in facebook.
hmmm, i wonder how much does it cost to advertise there! lol. ANYWAYS.
Don't you guys feel worried when purchasing shoes online? aren't you guys afraid that:
• it wont fit 
• quality sucks
• no confort 
but for my experience with milktee, i had none of the following after i got the shoe.
It was love at first sight, because at that time i was finding something black / wedges.
and the gladiator inspired design is a thumbs up, so that explains my love at first sight situation, lol.
okay, the thing with milktee is that, when you purchase from them, you feel like a total queen.
I can feel that they really treat their customers so good and from seeing the comments on their facebook page, 
I'm sure that I'm not the only customer that were treated this way. 

good quality, excellent comfort and good packaging. 
what more could I ask? I wasn't expecting this in the 1st place.
and I only got this shoe for rm60 + !! 
to me, it's a total steal ! and i'm so happy about it, almost addicted to it now.

It was such a comfortable experience that I'm blogging about them now,
and again, i need to emphasize that I'm not being paid or sponsored to do this,
what I'm typing now it fully out from my heart.
and one thing that i'm really satisfied and proud of them is that they have a "exchange" option
like if you got the wrong shoe size you can exchange it back within i think 7 days? 
I think so far a lot of online shoe shop missed out this super fantastic advantage and policy.

okay, so that's about it guys! 
I've been listening to 
DVBBS lately, 
loving their song DRVGS. 
they're 2 DJs which aren't so famous yet! 
go listen if you want some eccentric electro / dupstep tunes for your night! 


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