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Friday, August 24, 2012

CLOUDY X thank you CGV

photo credit : ME & MY TRUSTY TRIPOD


dress : Cloudy day from CUTEGRANNYVINTAGE
shoes : loafers from VINCCI+
accessories : bow from DIVA ring from YSL

I'm really proud to say that each and every photo in this post are taken all by myself :))
finally feeling independent enough, cause since day 1 i always needed a friend or someone to 
help me take all my outfit post. it's tiring, and sometimes you don't like the outcome, 
or you don't feel like bothering your friend under the hot scotching sun! 
I've finally found a great way of taking self-shots picture with a tripod by yourself.
no more running back and forth clicking the shutter button. no more sweats and messy hair.
do PM me if you're interested with this technique:)

so i was back in my hometown to visit my grandpa who's currently recovering from surgery
and i was forced to take this outfit post alone because no one was there to help me as i live with my gramps
haha, I laughed at the thought of my granny attempting to use my DSLR, 
she'll probably complain and wonder why use this big chunk of camera the size of a dog to take a picture.
being back in my hometown was nice, i'm sure most of my muslim friends enjoyed it because of hari raya.
but for me i was enjoying my raya holidays too back in the place where i was born,
life is at the most simplest peak there, ate all the good food that you could never find in the city.
Even cooked a self-captured fish by my dad from his fishing trip for dinner, 
ate my home's self grown papaya from our, i believe, very blessed 2 huge papaya trees at home.
it was like a gift from God, I felt so cottage-ish like those girls with braids and cute black&white cows!
i was truly amazed because i got so used to the city life, i couldn't really relink myself with my former home.

1. There's a reason why i painted my nails with clouds and a sun, i think this is my first attempt to proper nail art, haha!
 and it's because of the dress, it's called Cloudy! :) so cute right?!
it was love at first sight, and the reason that it's vintage makes it even more priceless.
when my mom saw me wearing it i think she said it looks so nice on me for about 5 times already,
she said i really look good in it because i had the height, and that i could pull it off cause i was tall enough.
haha! and yes i really do love it! knee length dress like these really do make me look like a goody-good girl.
I love it! and did i mention this is my first knee length dress?! :))

the dress was kindda like a gift from Destiny, founder of CuteGrannyVintage who is also a good friend to me now, haha! :)
After i blog about my shopping experience HERE with them on June this year, she loved it,
and decided so generously to sponsor me a piece from her collection of vintage preloved clothes.
such a wonderful thing to do, you really do have a big heart, Destiny! :) GAH! isn't her name beautiful ? x
destiny destiny destiny destiny destiny destiny lol
thank you thank you thank you so much! i wore it 3 times already since i receive this beautiful piece.

so here are the other pictures i took for myself.
yup, i'm laughing so madly with myself in the pictures where there no one else,
scary things that i can do to achieve a happy photo mood, LOL
really satisfied with my self-shot outcome! :D
*clap clap*

thank you again CGV for sponsoring me this lovely dress.
have fun with your fridays nights people! :)


MissPlayground said...

you look awesome! love the dress! xx

Carolyn Tay said...

Love ze dress a lot :) <3


Destiny Lim said...

Please don't stop me from stealing your pictures hoho! xx. Des

JULES said...

thank you ! @missplayground @carolyn <3 !!
haha, @destiny the pics are all urs <3

Jenny said...

beautiful outfit!



Suzie Yusof Mohamed said...

you really know how to style it gorgeous hunn :DD