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Friday, September 14, 2012


another great event that i HAVE to put this picture of us before my outfits. 
Finally(!) for the first time ever we got together to club.
it was suelyn's first time and it's great that she shared it with us!:)
oh my god, can't believe it took us so long, like, almost 3 years?! WTF.
finally 5 of us close college buddies FINALLY finally club! 

did i mention we finally CLUBED together?! 
after 3 years of sisterhood. finally.

photo credit : SERENA GAN


top : crop top from TOPSHOP
skirt : asymmetrical slit cut pencil skirt from CATINTHEBOWL
stockings : knee length socks with love from TOPSHOP
accessories : claw earrings from LUCCACAL
shoes : mary jane pumps from MULTICOLETTE

this is the most unique skirt i have ever owned in my closet! 
the cut hem is so sexy and appealing i feel like a sassy cat women or some seductive secretary when i wear it.
you can play with it by deciding where you want that high slit cut to be,
i decided to place it in the middle since side slit is so mainstream, haha! 
since it's a customized sexy pencil skirt, I'm sure i can pull off a casual look for this skirt too.
just put on a denim top, take off the stockings and change the heels to sneakers :) 
and wallaa(!) another funky look from the skirt.
thank you so much CAT IN THE BOWL for sponsoring me this skirt!

and i also wanna thanks Luccacal for sponsoring me this ultra cool claw earrings that i love to the most! 
the design is so interesting that I got so overjoyed when i received the parcel, 
don't you think it looks like the claw is actually penetrating tru my skin?! 
it's ASOS inspired that's why the design is so special, and plus the price is totally affortable! check it out here.
their quality of packaging is the best packaging i've ever seen and i'll reveal it in my next post,
because it's too cute and sweet for my this post, which is going to be hot, sexy, and seductive. HAHA!

us, before entering the club.
sweat-less, prim and proper, goody girls with nice neat hair and chanel's fragrance. 
i was free of clutches and handbags because all my stuffs are in serena's alexander mcqueen clutch! it's so hardcore.

hey, i look like i got dip dye on my hair too, LOL.

a lot of people has been asking me, everytime when they see me with the girls,
they question why am i not doing anything to my not so fancy and attention seeking hair.
being with the girls definitely makes me fall out of place because, just look at their hair! so caroful.
well, the number one reason why i don't wanna do all those fancy hair colors to my hair is because
I don't wanna take the risk damaging my hair with the bleach.
2. I don't like following people or doing things that are soo mainstream now.
3. It's really difficult matching clothes with those kind of hair cause everytime i hear them complaining about it alot. LOL
4. I'm satisfied with just looking.
5. My mom would kill me.

lol, so here's the reasons why people. stop asking me already, haha! 
besides I can always say that I'm their manager and they're a band LOL.
which sounds kindda kewl P: 

us, after having massive shots and hitting the dance floor for a couple of times later.
the whole dance floor was with LED lights, which is pretty cool, but sadly, it looks pretty small for me.
I think me and serena were the first to dance up the stage cause the DJ was pointing at me and everyone was pushing, 
omg, so embrassing. LOL, but i surely had the time of my life with this party animal.

we got everything for free; shots, cocktails, entrance fees, everything FREE. :'D didn't even spend a dim.
can't believe we met micah, sammy, raisa, david, chin etc etc etc so many more ppl there last night! amazing!!
Vertigo rocks! most of the time me and serena were the ones hitting the dance floor.
party party party dance dance dance shots shots shots whole night.
the ambassadors there were really friendly too, made friends with some of them, 
and one of them turn out to be studying medics, haha! 
they were so kind they kept feeding us free drinks again and again and again! so cool :) 

the red lipstick, tight black outfit, and my fair skin reminds me that i look like a vampire in the photos.
I'm really glad that we got to go there together, it really depends on companion whenever you go clubbing.
I think that's the reason why my feet hurts so bad this morning, but thank god no hangover for all of us!:)

sighh, all that's left is good memories of that night, 
xoox :) 


Aqui A. said...

You sure really had a pretty good time together!

Bellamoreway said...

omg heart the skirt too much!<3 seems like you had a quality time there

Meera said...

That outfit is absolutely gorgeous! These pictures are amazing. It looks like you had an incredible night!


Carolyn Tay said...

Your Outfit is so gorgeous and I do actually agree that you do look like a vampire :')

xox, c

Hannah said...

What amazing photographs! Looks like you had an amazing night, and you looked so stunning!


Destiny Lim said...

You're an amazing bombshell sweet. You look extremely gorgeous and so is dear Suelyn! I guess you really suit the sexy cat look!

JULES said...

@aqui : yes we did! thanks for visiting ! <3
@bellamoreway : yes i heart it so much too!! go get it:) i bet you can pull it off the same!
@merra : haha, it was an unforgettable one!
@carolyn : AHAHAHA! guess i know what to wear for halloween! P:
@hannah : awww! thank you, you too! stunning :)
@destiny : ahhaa! THANKSS! i'll let her know that :))

-Stephanie said...

Love this. This look is perfect for clubbing!

his little lady said...

Aw, it looks like you guys are having so much fun! Loving all of your styles! And that hemline is so unique and fun!
xo TJ

Clara Turbay said...

awesome blog, love it!

ASparklyHanger said...

your earrings are awesome!
Check out my runway inspired beauty essentials on:

Amy said...

awesome earrings and such nice photos!