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Sunday, September 23, 2012


photo credit : MEL JUSTICE


dress : Chanel inspired mini dress THEGARDENOFFASHION
blazer : Zara inspired candy blazer from THEGARDENOFFASHION
accessories : silver skull bracelet from LUCCACAL
shoes : mary jane pumps from MULTICOLETTE

I honestly can't believe that I am highlighting every piece of garment above right now, 
this is the first time ever I'm wearing everything sponsored from head to toe ...
I feel really gifted and thankful for each and every sponsorships i have, 
you guys really just swept me off my feet :')

My lovely Chanel inspired dress was sponsored by The Garden of Fashion !
the material is so great and thick it almost feels like it's the real deal, 
and the added pockets just shouts cuteness! 

I never had any striking blazers in my closet until now.
Blazers to me were usually boring, camel color or black or navy blue, 
so i decided to go a bit funky this time and picked this striking orange color blazer to spice up my wardrobe.
I'm loving the orange color, and i think it looks excellent with white and neon! making everything look fresher!

TGOF is a preorder online shop which takes up to 2 weeks to get the parcel 
but it's totally worth the wait for every piece! 
because they have all the H&M, Zara, Chanel, ASOS inspired clothings that are so difficult to find!
almost 70% of their items are Zara & ASOS inspired I nearly can faint.
it's almost half the price from the original price, and they look exactly the sameeee!!
seriously you guys have to check it out!! I'm loving their new Sept collection, 
and i love this ZaRa inspired top!

To provide every women with trendy, fashionable clothes is their mission, 
and they've truly acheive it.

Another exiting news is that i finally did my first post in Friendly Fashion.
I was selected to be one of friendly-fashion's official blogger a few weeks ago,
which is quite a big thing for me because since day 1 i've been truly supporting their site,
because i love the idea of recycling/ swapping preloved clothes online so much!
I still can't believe i was given this opportunity to BE an official blogger for the site that i love.
So for my first post, I create a step-by-step tutorial about how i create this DIY neon bag,
which you guys can check out HERE.

the beautiful silver skull bracelet is from Luccacal which is a local online shop who sells accessories,
they also have soo many ASOS inspired items i don't even think it's necessary to shop from ASOS anymore, 
when you can get it locally and online:) lol, and it's also so much more affortable! 
this is the 2nd item they're sponsoring me, and i really love the simplicity of this one.
it also has that type of Pandora quality silver plating that shines and makes it looks expensive, lol.
I recently found out that silver looks soo good on white, compared to gold accessories, 
and plus, metallic or silver is the trend now for fall. and i can't wait to get a metallic skirt!
I've been finding the right one for ages!!!
and i'm loving this metallic/ transparent shades from Luccacal here

so back to the topic. 
.// we Finally got the right time to go high tea in TWG ! //.
it was me and vickie's idea actually to go there for Jimmy's farewell off to London.
I don't think the guys are fans of fine dinings and high teas, but it's always worth a try! lol.

the selections of teas there were close to 8 pages, 
the menus are all texts and without pictures, however the service there was splendid because
i kept asking him to let me smell ze tea leaves, haha! what a fussy customer, but yea, 
the fragrances were close, but I'm a tea lover, so i'm very particular with my teas, :P 
and in the end we had our choice of Silver Moon, and Sakura something tea

the guys were copping and catching up pretty well, haha!
honestly, i think they make very good friends because of all of their sarcasm,
they were practically talking about how going to a mamak is so much more better than this place,
and joking around asking for chinese tea refill or teh ais in the store, it's so embarrassing ! haha! 
but of course we all felt a bit stressed out because the tea pot itself cost about 1.5k 
and the hook of the teacup handle were too tiny and fragile for the guys manly fingers, lol.
so we had to keep out eyes wide open to make sure that we don't topple or break anything. 

my most favorite dish would be the salmon sandwich 
because it really felt like it melt in your mouth and the taste was so divine.
the macaroons were wayy better than anyones that i tasted before.
and the tea was auxiliary good ! 
we took like a gazillion photos i think it's overloading my whole website.
sadly jimmy had to leave early after tea, which was so sadd :(
so me and vickie did some window shopping and catching up afterwards :)

he'll be flying off today so wish him luck on the plane! haha! 
OKay Jimmy, we'll miss you lots and see you soon :)
can't wait for you to get back and tell us all about uk!
have a safe trip and hope you enjoy studies there and
 most important is to TAKE CAREEE :'D adious!


Dale Janeé said...

You definitely look so adorable and I love the yellow heart purse and the orange jacket. You look great


JULES said...

thank you so much Dale! that means a lot! <3

Karina De Jesus said...

It’s so nice to see someone that knows how to appreciate things given to them. you look very cute! And I’m loving the 1st song on your playlist. Will be checking it out. Thanks for sharing!!

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

i love your outfit


JULES said...

thank you @karina for the kind words :)) x, you have great taste in music, haha!

thanks @mihaela <3 !

Dahye said...

The tea party looks so cute and fun!! Love the bright blazer!

Darby said...

WOW I am beyond inspired by your style! I just stumbled onto your blog so I am catching up on all of your posts...I am obsessed with your nails here! I'm so excited to be your newest follower so I can stay up to date! I just started a blog and would be so happy if you stop by and check it out :)
xoxo Darby
Obviously Obsessed 

Hypnotizing Fashion said...

You look stunning ! Great blog ! :)

ps. Thank You for visit and comment my blog:* follow each other..? :)

Citrus - Refreshing Fashion said...

thanks so much for stopping by my blog! so glad i found yours too! u are sooo cute and u have amazing style! newest gfc follower :)

XO Meghan

JULES said...

@dahye, don't you just lovee tea partiess???! it just makes me feel so girly inside!! :'D

@Darby, aww youi're so sweet! :') thank you so much I'm checking out your blog right now.

@HP thank you so much! :))

@Citrus thank you so much loves!

stevia indrawan said...

helo, Jules
you have the cutest smile
and I love your bangs and especially, your blog!
definitely following you now, hopefully you'd follow back!

The Sweetest Escape 

Floortje said...

I really like your blog dear!
Keep up the great work! :)



lovely outfit girl! thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, i'm your newest follower on GFC! please visit my blog and follow me too? i think you'll like my outfits :)

Veren Lee said...

I just found your blog and I love your looks. You always look so sweet and adorable. <3 <3

Clara Turbay said...

love it so chic!

Mila said...

I found a lot of inspirations on your blog. thanks! <3 If u want come chceck out my DIY blog at

Victoria said...

You look adorable - I really love the heart shaped clutch! :)

- Victoria

the girl never gets older said...

oh, you are just extremely lovely, Jules ♥ and so is your dress, I love it paired with the white socks :)

JULES said...

thank you thank you everyone!! especially @TGNGO !! i love your blog since ages!! xxxxx