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Sunday, June 1, 2014

CAT in Malacca

Pssttt.. Here's a trick, just take pictures with a lot of flowers on the background lol....

top : CAT IN THE BOWL / shorts + shoes : FOREVER 21

I'm not joking when I say I'm gonna spam you with flowery pics now....
Start getting knocked out by our local bunga kertas pictures, oh and, by me of course HAHAHA lol. BAM BAM BAM BAM.

  okay I really adore this random street just in front of our guesthouse in Malacca (yes I was there for the weekend).
But I love my outfit here more because of the subtle-ness from the pastel blue top which compliments the contrastive from the bottoms!

My top is sponsored once again by the beautiful CAT IN THE BOWL which has a pretty re-newly launched webpage look!
With a new face-lift you guys should totally check them out. And the reason why I said once again is because
previously they sponsored me some other awesome stuffs too like here and here and here
I think their style is reallly cute! A LOT of items are unique unlike some blogshops which sells the same thing, just a different picture.
This lovely cute top is one of their in house manufactured design from Cat's creation which I think is so darn cute!
There's more of their self-manufactured designs coming out this 2weeks guys, so be sure to be updated on their FB
Just look at some of the items they sponsored me before, super cute! And on top of that I'm really thankful that it arrived on time!
On time for my one day FOOD TRIP to MALACCA!!! THANK YOU CITB! Here's a short video of some footages I took there~

The main objective to go there is to eat eat eat and be fat fat fat!! Whenever I think about malacca I think about food.
Cause seriously the food there is to die for.. And ONE DAY just isn't enough, cause how much can your tummy take ONE DAY??? 
I was just stuffing and stuffing myself to the very top making sure I consume all those delicious food like a greedy hamster!
soo adorable, and quite obedient! and ONLY FOR rm150!!! Damn cheap, cause KL price is at least 300!
But of course we're not buying it because it's cheap, my friend always wanted to get one but it was the price that always turned him off.

a corner of our nyonya room....
 GROUP PHOTO!!! not really....
awesome-r group photo.. being silly posing like some silly old antique family portraits.
omg.. It's damn difficult keeping a straight face doing this.. LOL 
favorite paintings on the wall
malacca has Durian EVERYTHING, durian ice-cream, durian coffee, durian puffs, etc...
dying queuing up for our Satay Celup... wonder what the rest are looking at tho... lol
mmmmmm.. dirty goodness....
one thing that I MUST EAT when I go to jonker street... THIS chicken wing,
oh no it's no ordinary chicken wing... this one is awesome, and it's only sold at night at the end of jonker street!
If you had it before good for you, I'm glad we have something awesome in common! LOL
Another restaurant you have to visit in Jonker Street is NANCY's KITCHEN !!
Queeqed up for an hour + for this! Famous for their "home-cook style" authentic baba-nyonya dishes,
I love their flavoring SERIOUSLY you can never get the same taste in ANYWHERE EVERRRR!!
GOD... looking at this pictures right now from their restaurant makes me wanna drive all the way down to Malacca for this!
I seriously don't mind driving 2 hours all the way down for this awesome food...And ALL THESE, only for rm120 (4pax) !!so cheap!
8 dishes weihhhh!!!!! My favourite?? ALL OF THEMMM I KENOT CHOOSE!! if you go there just show them this pic and order as per!
Dropped by this store before we left and yums.... coconut.. I'm telling you the weather in Malacca is so hot.
Honestly I think it's getting a lil hotter as each year passes... :/ I don't remember it being as hot when I was at high school

And gosh... Time flies seriously fast... Half a year has already gone by!! YIKES!
Haha, I'll be having some more frequent updates on my blog, cause there's some pretty awesome things lining up
waiting for me to share with you guys! :) I guess the month of June will be more blogging for me!:) 
see you later guys! x