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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Future Music Festival Asia 2014 Day 1, Day 2, Day 3


Finally I'm putting down my everything to blog about this. FMFA was during the month of March, 
but like I said before, there were too many things that made me so upset on March I couldn't get myself to blog about this awesome day.
And I didn't wanna spoil the vibe with any negativity, so GUYS, here I give you the best of FMFA 2014 from me to you!

but first, lemme take a selfie here's a short video that I edited for Day 1 + Day 2 :D nothing fancy but come take a look! 

I've already written a post on WHAT TO WEAR FOR FMFA
So read that first to find out why and how did we decide to wear what for each day. (a month before fmfa) lol
me and my partner in crime (which I already mentioned a lot of times) Vickie decided to go all out for FMFA.
so this post will be more towards our make up, how it looks like and of course the awesome event itself!!

line up : Deadmau5, R3hab, Adventure club etc...
top : LA SENZA / bottoms : FOREVER 21 from vic's closet / shoes : TOPSHOP

Being cats instead of mouse for DEADMAU5, my spots were hand-drawn on,
and my babe helped me because well she was already done with her stick-on ones... ehhh, cheat....
I used white eyeliner (thank god I have) for the dots, and filled it around with jagged black eyeliner.
The whole night I was praying that I won't 'accidentally' scratch or rub my face and smudge everything,
Thank god I don't sweat a lot so the make up latest pretty long! and plus I sprayed some "stay-on" spray for make up afterwards. 

close up of my make up
yup we went out for food like this. gotta get our energy filled before raving right?! ;D 
Now I know how fun it is when those crazy daring cosplayers go out for events to order food together. LOL
just look at us, nothing but happy faces like kids waiting in line for a huge roller coaster ride, In FMFA we were kids again, 
running like a wild child jumping up and down turning round and round wherever we want to cause we don't give a fuck!
 joseph germani at fmfa
 one of the official photographers and my good friend Jeremy Choy!
 okay this was some random guy but omg his jack sparrow look is too awesome not to take photos with!
Oh and notice why all the people behind are wearing masks? Well its's because there was terrible haze going on,
for the past few days before FMFA and during FMFA the haze was pretty bad, but you know what?
NOTHING can stop us from RAVING. WOOHOOO!!
You can get print outs from DR MARTENS too so cool! so guys what do you stand for? cause we stand for LOVE :) 
My make up lasted for the whole night and it was pretty incredible! 
And I'm telling you, us dressing up like this seriously attracted a lot of attention 
(of course I know it would, I was just surprised that not many dressed up as crazy as us)
Loads of pouring people & strangers came to take pictures with us, and I'm telling you if we were to charge,
I can buy a Chanel bag already. HAHA! :P but yea, jokes aside, it was soo fun... meeting new peeps and all.

a state of trance line up: paul van dyk, armin can buuren, etc...
whole outfit: TIMES SQUARE

Can't believe I got all of these from Times square my one stop shopping destination. HAHA omg oh no~
I think we look our prettiest out of the three days of our fmfa ootds, haha so fairy like and pastel-ish so girly omg~
Even vickie's mom approved. And yea btw I overnight at her place for 3 days straight cause her house was so near!
Damn felt like a mini roadtrip / getaway for me, haha!

I'm surprised the make up turned out pretty good! Initially we wanted a neater look with just a few colors,
but in the end we followed the colors accordingly to our outfits instead. Just dab on primer first, and add on lots of eyeshadow...
It looks quite easy to apply but it took us about almost an hour to get our make-up done because it's done in a "layering" way.
Going over dabs and dots of colors together, and being both designers we had to make sure which shade blends best. haha.
But yeah, I love this make up the most cause it's so fun! and artsy of course.
And I bought my colorful hair extensions from sungei wang a long time ago, I never used it before,
cause I never had any special event for this, and I didn't know why I bought it in the first place before,
but I'm glad I did cause it goes so well with this outfit! So kids, if you like something but don't know why you're buying it for,
it's okay... You'll use it someday anyways! haha! My theory when it comes to buying things that I don't need.
But sadly in the end I lost them in FMFA.... (probably from excessive head-banging)... lol
I think someone would probably be freaking out when they see it coming off of my hair, as if  I'm losing hair lol

 happy girl is happy with her polaroids! This film proudly stays in the holder of my wallet now:) such good memories!
Vickie and I. look at her cute big PEACE face! LOL look like some Jap girl man... Hello Kitty Kawaii LOL
hohohoho love this PINK SEE-SAW i want one at home~~ so cute. and omg ferris wheel!!

me and my pretty lady, woohoo feels like we're in a theme park... epic nice feelingggg
Some of the peeps I was hanging with. was going around partying with different people everywhere! lol
my friend's boutique hotel room's toilet is awesome! lol make up still looking great, but hair is super messed up!
epic good memories.... I love that grammer tho... HAHAHA. of course, my idea...
... and that's what best friends are for right. 
but yeah, in the end of Day 2 we were so tired...rub all of our make up off and KO-ed straight.
You know, throuh FMFA I truly understand the meaning of ' Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat ', cause we were living that life man lol.

line up : (was suppose to be) Martin Garrix, Yuna, Pharell, Knife Party, etc...

First time doing face painting (not sure if I did this before when I was a kid), but this is the first time during my adult years,lol
Was a lil worried about getting pimples from this but it was okay! But it took realllly long to get dried tho...
It's so difficult for it to set in... I highly doubt it would survive the whole night if Day 3 was still on...
Well, you know, Day 3 was canceled because of a lot of stupid reasons... but sigh... Life goes on anyways yea?

close up of our make ups, and our angry 'red indian' looking faces.... hmmmmpphhh....

Some of the awesome people we met who take dressing up seriously like us too! :) 
We were walking around taking pictures since we can't have fun to go in sigh... 
People from Japan, Germany, and lots of other countries fly all the way here for this... some flown in just for this day,
and in the end it had to be canceled... No doubt, we were so disappointed and upset as well, well because
it wasn't a proper goodbye to FMFA for us, and it just ended with such a 'finale' like that. and it was totally unexpected...

but nevertheless, we all had fun haven't we? :)
Cheers to good memories man, Never miss out on any music festival folks!
Too bad there's not much raves anymore after ASOT 2014 in Malaysia...
Say no to drugs guys, just because of the people who can't handle their intake, overdosed and died, we have to bare the sadness
of the boring life without music festival and raves in Malaysia... Sad case man.

BUT Hey,
I hope everyone enjoyed my post! Hoping for the best, hope there's still FMFA next year!


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