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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Jump Street Asia ! Trampoline Park KL review

Please view my video in HD guys! Took some footages at JUMPSTREETASIA so it's easier to show you guys around! 
Also spent a long time on this because my iMovie was PMS-ing LOL. Sharing our jumping journey together with you all~
Hope you guys love it and every body should at least give it a try once in their life. THIS IS SO FUN!!!!!
LOL at my cheesy Go-Pro theme song music. And funny how the play button is placed on my crotch -_-

My last Friday night was spent reviewing and trying out one of the up-coming hot spots to visit in Malaysia! 
With Exclusive Private Previews, I was able to visit the 3rd LARGEST trampoline park in the WORLD! now at the heart of KL.
To be exact, it's just right beside Jaya One! 5 minutes away from my work place! Anytime I'm stress I can just jump there LOL
So convenient! But seriously it helps, when you're there jumping the only thing you can think of is to land safely everytime you jump.
And with this exclusive privilege I was allowed to bring my cameras into the courts (you're actually not allowed to for safety rules) 
so that I'm able to share and take you guys through a full tour for each of their "zones" there! 

Being the 3rd largest in the world (37k square ft) it's built and equipped for massive crowd, and I mean "riot" mass ;)
I'm sure this place will be one of those reasons to visit Malaysia kind of tourism attraction, lol 
because after I posted preview pics of this on my instagram saying it's the 3rd largest in the world, 
friends and family from overseas were enquiring me about it! Damn such pride that it's even First in Asia!

How it looks like from the outside in the morning!

THURSDAY : 10am-11pm
FRIDAY : 10am-midnight
SATURDAY : 9am-midnight
SUNDAY : 9am-9pm

For General Admission:
1st Hour - RM20, 2nd Hour - RM17

1st Hour - RM25, 2nd Hour - RM22

Compulsory One time GRIP SOCKS - RM4.50/pair

 Left side~
 Right side~
 special socks for you to jump in so that you won't slip / fall off the trampoline!
Below the socks (the green part) is made of rubber for extra grip! thanks for thinking about our safety!
Everyone who wants to jump is compulsory to get one of this socks.
attention attention! Stay safe so please read!
Okay I'll start taking you guys through levels (triangles as shown above to represent the level of difficulty)
For The Cage, according to the jump referee, is practically for children because the spring is not as bouncy as the rest. 
This one is good for people (like me) who (sadly) never tried jumping on a trampoline before~where did my childhood go~~
So parents don't worry because the cage is totally safe and just beside it is their in house- jump street cafe 
where you can have a cup of coffee and relax while you watch over your kids having fun.
Furthermore, at every zone there will be a few expert jump referees to help look over the court so don't worry!
Another exciting thing and good news for parents is that this court can be specially reserved for birthday parties!! woohoo!

For this one you can definitely tell the difference of the spring compared to the first one, 
this one is more bouncier because it's only more fun to jump higher and dive into this big pool of spongee (foam) 
I think the huge block of soft foam used are pretty deep, because when I landed on them I felt like just landing on pillows..
ahhhh.. so soft, and I felt so safe because of it's fullness, which explains why it's a bit hard to get out from once you landed.
Takes a while to figure out the hang of getting out, but if you really can't there's referees beside who will give you a hand:)
The court is build to learn how to do basic tricks like front tuck, or back flips, and the referee was teaching us too!
But for me I was just a lil too timid to let go of my fears and just go full out to challenge myself, 
because I know I myself am on the clumsy side sigh :( but the referees were so patient with me, thank you!

WOOHOO! look at me being all pro slamming that dunk! 
ohhh damnnnnn... Toby Bryant and Michael Jordans should be scared now... Holla! new dunker in the house! LOL
This court takes just throwing a ball into another level of FUN! never felt tired throwing a ball ever! 
actually to be honest out of 10 shots I only got 2 in, haha! not really the basketball type of person.
But hey it was really fun and I really enjoyed it! More funny clips on the VIDEO i made!

OHhhhhhhh dayummmmm... We're on the high performance sista! We so badass cause this one ain't for basic kids.
We on the high rollers nigga bouncing on them higher astatic trampolines like a double Big G. 
Ain't no body got time for taking pictures sweetie this thang too hardcore for that shit. lol why the hell do I talk like that.
but on a serious level, this one has "alert alert, danger" written on it for beginners like me. (who also have fear of heights!)
The spring here is extremely bouncy! and beside it is actually a huge inflated "pillow" for people to land on.
The court is equipped with 6 Olympic sized trampolines! And I noticed beside it there's a yellow wall,
being careful I researched abit about extreme trampoline jumping before coming and I noticed some stunts are done with walls.
When I asked the referee is that why the walls were built and he said yes! But that one is not open for public to try out yet!
So stay tune guys! Some tricks include walking on the wall and jumping off from the wall!! LOL

Thank you to all the referees who thought us and made sure we're OKAY! Feeling safe under the guidance of these pros!
They were practically flipping around as light as feathers! Actually flipping more like fried eggs on a pan. 
Damn cool and inspiring weihhh. They make it look so easy but actually it's not! good job guys!

Two of the other courts that we didn't try because it acquires larger sum of people! 
Will definitely be inviting all my friends over this awesome place to all jump together!! Would be so fun in a big gang tho!

Went up to the CAFE which is just an open floor up above (beside The Cage), downstairs also got tables.
really good space for parents when they wanna chill and relax while their kids are having fun with them other kids.
Went up there to do what? 

selfie lah of course! lol

But hey check out the view just behind me, See! The cafe is also good for parents who want to look out for their kids!

tired face is tired after excessive jumping... never knew jumping would be so tiring! Never jumped on a trampoline before~

selfie dengan babe! ewww.. look at her sweatssss

Some of the awesome crew from Jump Street Cafe! Both charming and friendly!
I tried the coffee and food on their opening day and it was delicious! So convenient too cause I got super hungry after jumping

With the dear Zehan! thank you for letting us have a preview on Jumps street asia! Thank you so much darling :)

"Bitch you think I'm a bimbo? I climb death mountains and do extreme trampoline jumping as sports "

One good thing about this extreme sport is that they do provide lockers! 
Small lockers (which is the one we're using here) =Rm1, and Large lockers = RM3
Also they have a wrist band for you to attach your locker key safely with so you can jump around with no worries! 

The guys were still sticking the stickers up for their big opening day while we were there for the preview!
Honestly feeling blessed to have this opportunity, 
Thank you again JUMP STREET ASIA! Will definitely be coming back for more JUMPS! :D

P/S: It's better if you book your time slots ONLINE HERE !
Sure you can walk in and get tickets at the counter too, but it's easier to book it yourself online and confirm your space and time!:)

till then, xoxo


Ramida Dusdeevutikul said...

OMG! this is amazing!
would love to try it!

Vsa_Jean said...

Is that your real voice or ur Gopro did somethig magic on u guys sounds so cute hehe

Izzy said...

Oh wow that looks like an awesome place, I've always loved trampolines and we could never have a big one at home. I wish there was something like that around here, great pictures <3

The Quirky Queer

Alice Young said...

This looks like so much fun, your sandals in the first picture are awesome! x

The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

Miss Eliza WonDerland said...

Oh wow that looks so fun! Wish they had something like this in Sydney!


Miss Eliza WonDerland

Suzila Azis said...

Hi guys.. juz ask, where can i get trampoline shoes? Realllyyyy tq in adv. U vuys can wSap 0 msg 0176845448.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Impressive to be the host of 3rd largest in the world! I will try one day!

JULES said...

Vsa_Jenn, hi dear! No... it's the edit from my Imovie hahaha, I think it'll be a tad bit annoying if my real voice was like that, haha

Hi Suzila, they provide special socks there, I think it's about RM4-Rm10 I can't really remember, But they're reusable ! :D

Vitaminstreet, Yes dear, it's really fun, go try!

Miss Eliza, Oh yes, I don't mind trying that if they have it in sydney! :)

thank you guys for the comments :)

ricky james said...

Thanks guys for your appreciative efforts, you really have done the awesome searching for your blog! Rob Stone

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Mizanur said...

Thanks a ton to a referees who seem to assumed united states plus ensured we could ALL RIGHT! Sense harmless in the suggestions of experts!

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