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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Swedish House Mafia ONE LAST TOUR 2013

As for this post, I'm fully utilizing the space of my blog post. 
Cause I love this shoot so so so much! :) .........
and of course No, I obviously won't wear a denim jacket and a floral crown
if I'm gonna rave in Swedish House Mafia! 
in fact, this post has nothing to do with SHM at all,
despite the tittle, I'm just so annoyed that I can't go, and living in Sunway,
I can hear their bass beating even if all my doors and windows are shut :(
I can't believe I missed it because I'm stuck with this tons of galloping responsibilities to do....
facebook's gonna be filled with overpouring status update about SHM
about ohhh "it was the party of the year" 
and Ohhhh "They'll never perform again"
and not to forget those capital shouting letters telling you how

and here I am whining with my classmates that we can't go because we're responsible slaves to work.

photo credit : JIAZ


dress : black skater dress with sheer & triangle cut outs from CATINTHEBOWL
outter wear : denim jacket bought from SHOPFLASHBACK
accessories : vertical stripes leggings from TOPSHOP
floral crown from CUTEGRANNYVINTAGE
jewel ring bracelet from DIVA
cross bracelet from LUCACCAL
triangle earrings from ALDO
shoes : suede pumps from ZARA

so now I am writing just in case I lost faith in life.
I'm writing to remind myself there's always others things other than 
PARTYING in life to cheer someone up! Like for me it's fashion.
And the glee thought that it's raining outside so the SHM party people are probably soaked wet!! :P
haha I'm nasty.
Rain = sick = flu = no energy = unable to finish work in time = image of lazy attitude.
I'm glad at the same time that I didn't buy the tickets or went to the concert eventho if it's free.
This week had been so hectic for me, almost everyday there were meetings and brain storming.
Yesterday there was class, and 3 different meetings and idea brainstorming in one day! 
Hmmm, I find myself always complaining in my blog How busy I am everyday, 
you guys are probably sick of me lol sorry .__.

But all stress aside, I'm always glad there's the weekends..
My saturdays are always filled with stress-free activities like
snuggling in my duvet and reading, I could read the moment when I open my eyes.
Like this morning, I slept at 4 in the morning yesterday, and woke up at 12.30 in the afternoon!
That's hell late for me, I guess my body needed that extended amount of rest.
I got up, brushed my teeth and snuggle up and ate some cut mangoes while i devour on my book.
A good book always makes my saturday mornings... mmmmm,
Sadly my favorite day of the week is about to end.

What's your most favorite day of the week? :)

Anyways! I owe it big to CAT IN THE BOWL.
they've always been so nice to mee, it's such a precious thing.
this time they surprised me with some of their amazing things that they picked for me.
One of them is this lovely cut out dress that I think is so unique! 
The sleeves are long but I rolled it up to make the whole outfit look more balance.
there's two cut outs on the shoulders with a sheer netting to make it look more sexy.=
and the thing about this LBD that I like is that it can practically match with anything..
it's so special I always thought the dress deserves a more unique shoot :)
that's why I waited so long just to shoot it. It had to be in the right place...
so thankfully Danielle from CITB is so patient with my timing, 
p/s I think they gave me this during november last year? i'm so sorry for the delay but
Thank you so much for understanding, you guys are amazing!!!:')

I bought the denim jacket from chic pop's bazaar, 
when I first lay eye on it I knew that I just had to get it! 
plus it was only like about rm50-rm70?
Check them out guys, they're called ShopFlashBack.
plus their really cool looking namecard allured me more...:0

and credits goes to my "photographer" from young and my bestie jiaz
for helping me with the shoot, we were driving in her car going tru mud and rocks to 
get to places like this to shoot :) it was so fun searching for places 
but sadly out meeting didn't last long:( 
haha, can't wait to annoy you soon with photoshoots ! 

Oh and happy weekend everyone ! CNY's almost around the corner 
AND i can feel them Angpao and ba gua coming my way soon, haha! 

xoxo, sweet dreams!


Anonymous said...

I love your fashion sense <3

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zoe♥ said...

i adore this outfit! i've been wanting a denim jacket like that for ages:) your blog is stunning, keep up the good work and i can't wait to read more! xx

Marianne said...

I love your style and the backgrounds of your photos are so amaizing!

I have a giveaway on my blog if you're interested:)

xx Marianne

Anonymous said...

great blog! i'm your new follower.
i just started doing outfit posts, check out my blog and follow back if you like

Anny Barros said...

The photos looks so nice, i liked the dress and the flowers on your hair ^^

Domonique Wilson said...

So happy I came across your blog today! Love it!


Amanda Chic said...

OMG!! you are pretty. Your style is amazing :)

A chic kiss ;)

Fashion Dawgs said...

I adore your flower crown!

Fashion Dawgs

tippy said...

great photos and loving the jewelry