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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Meeting the love of my life X NIGAHIGA

...and i saw the light...
time stopped as he held me in his big big arm and as i feel the warmth from his tight firm chest, 
his hands slowly moving downwards....

hhahahha, i sound so much like a perv i can write a sexual novel like 50 Shades of Grey.
i usually start my blog with my outfit posts, but this one will be an exception!!


hehehe, okay now we can start with the outfits. 

photo credit : VICKIE


dress : topshop inspired lace dress from CATINTHEBOWL
accessories : gold wing earrings from CATINTHEBOWL
flower crown : DIY
shoes : mary jane pumps from MULTICOLETTE

what a weird outfit to go meet Ryan Higa, haha! 
i look like some creepy girl who wants to marry him! hahahaha! 
i wanted to be "the flower girl" for this look, so that he will remember me.
Other than being covered with neon clothes, i can't think of any other memorable outfits than this one.
I wanted to make sure I stand out in the crowd, so that he could see me! LOL, and he did! 
the crowd that evening was massive! the event starts at 4pm but me and vickie already arrived there at 10am!

btw, i wanna thank Cat in the Bowl for sponsoring me this lovely topshop inspired dress! 
i saw it in topshop a few months ago and it was lovely, it's just that the price of the dress stabbed me in the heart.
and i had to give up and put it right back in the rack. But thankfully Cat in the Bowl saved my life.

meow meow meow. 
Vickie said that i looked like Ariel in this pic, and i do agree because of the lipstick and hair, haha!
i love the dress so much! especially the lace part above the belly! 
they also dropped in a pair of gold wing earrings just for me as a surprise and i felt so loved!
super cute lil earrings that can match practically anything! 
go check them out now! Cat in the Bowl. what a cute name too . meow! 

we reached there about 10am! so me and vic had to get up at 9am
ate breakfast at ikea, bought marker pens to let him sign our macbook casings, and got ready to line up!
thankfully we were at the very front, I can't believe people thought that we were the organizers or somehthing.
lol, made a few couple of friends and look at that crowd! I think there were about 500++ people there that day.
glance tru, 70% were girls with black hair, most likely still in high school. sigh! i felt so old!
no wonder they thought we were the people in charge, lol.

and one thing about girls, that all you guys should know, is 
don't mess with them when they wanna meet ryan higa! 
there were only about 10 guys? and all of the others were girls,
pushing like there's no tomorrow just to reach and get into the door first,
i swear i was almost slipt into half when i was trapped in between the door with the girls pushing behind.
insane, totally unbelievable things that girls do just to see niga higa! 
haha, but thankfully i'm not the type who backs down after a push,
thankfully we both made it to the 2nd row! pweeeff! 

a very awkward picture of him with his cheesy smile. 
the picture above this one is super sexy for me i could die, and his not even showing his abs!:P
I think my mind would blow off if he ever shows his abs, 
and I think this post is filled with the most pictures i've ever posted. 
lol, there were lots of questions from the audience, some of the questions were quite silly cause we as a fan already know =__=
GAH, waste of questions, lemme ask him instead ! :(
sigh, there was limit time, and chances of me raising my hand up hysterically to get spotted in a thousand people was too little.
the Q&A section was over, however i really enjoyed watching his try our malaysian delicacies like charkiewtiao, nasi lemak, and omg durian.
haha! you can find footage from youtube, it's totally funny when he rapped with sangat sedap.
thanks Joseph Germani for letting him try all those things, it was total fun!

heart beating durrrpdup durrrp dup!!
there were practically bees, not butterflies in our tummy as our meet and greet line got even more closer to him.
duuurrdup duurrrduppp i tell you!! we were rumbling here and there for the marker pen and adjusting our cameras.
insane moment were you get sweaty palm and for a second you became like a robot.
and not to forget checking the mirror every 2 minutes! 

everything was practically unreal,
the love of my life, for 5 years i've been watching him tru the screen, and now he's standing right in front of me.
and he was hugging me! holding me on the waist! and i could feel him.
so inception, so mind fuck, SO TOTALLY UNREALLLLLLLLLL. 
i should have stolen a kiss from him! :P 

can you see how happy i was?!?!
i felt like i could breath again, 
or do amazing stuffs that i never thought i could like speed run for a mile.
it was such a wonderful day that day, even the days after was so so fine.
i lived in this "unreal" state for a couple of days, till i realize i  need to let go,
cause the "unreal" state was starting to make me slack on my work.
it's the start of my new sem now, no more imagining about ryan higa no more.
time to study study work work work! 
I think that as also another reason why i couldn't bring myself to blog about him earlier.
it was Ryan Higa's first ever visit to Malaysia, and i still couldn't accept that he's here for real till now!
now that i finally let go of the "unreal" state of mind. i could peacefully blog about him.

me and my "unreal" face looking very drunk with Jinnyboy 

Joseph Germani, another local youtube star that i like to watch :) 
it's really cool that there's some pretty awesome youtubers in malaysia out there.
let's cheers for more to come.

and finally reuben, 
he said that i should send him this picture so that he could let his mom see that he's married.
lol, funny man. he's also PSY from Oppa KL STYLE. 

tired face, smudged make up, half-eatten lipstick and messy hair.
the day ended too well with a nice view of the sunset and we singing in the car along the way home.
We took snowflakes after massive screaming at our top pitches, and i got sore throat after that=_=
but so much so, everything was worth it, even tho the tickets were a bit pricey, and the services weren't that fabulous, 
we still went back home with a whopping smile on our face that made our cheecks sore.
I can't remember the last time i smiled for that long, and that happy :) 
sigh, good memories .
can you belive i even slept with a smile, and wake up smiling for 3 days?!
thank you so much Soul Manna for bring Ryan to Kuala Lumpur for the very 1st time.
you made my dream come true! :3 

with loveeee.


Elfena said...

Great post!Nice blog. Whtat about following each other?

Nora Aradi said...

O-M-G!!!! I can't believe you met him! I'm so freaking jealous of you right now! I love him so much, and I've been watching him for years like you! You're super lucky girl! :D

Michelle Jiafang said...

OMG!! That's just so unbelievable!

❁ s t e p h said...

wow you're so lucky! :)
super adorable outfit btw xo

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

gorgeous white dress!

Steffys Pros and Cons

t said...

Nice dress!

JULES said...

thanks everyone!!
and yes it was a really mind blowing him getting to meet him! :))

-Stephanie said...

You look so lovely! This dress is beautiful ,and so it your flower crown! I love your blog, and I'm your new follower!

Valeria said...

Lovely Style & Blog!!!!! xoxo from Rome

Ps. Follow each other on Bloglovin & GFC?????

Valeria said...

Lovely Style & Blog!!!!! xoxo from Rome

Ps. Follow each other on Bloglovin & GFC?????

Kendra Alexandra said...

Love your flower crown :)
Your blog is great too, going back to check out past posts now!
Would you like to follow each other on GFC??


Ohhh by the way we have a great giveaway on at the moment!

his little lady said...

This all looks like so much fun, and everyone looks fabulous! Loving all of the outfits!
You can never go wrong with flower crowns :)
xo TJ

Bellamoreway said...

OMG i cant believe you met him! and a hug! im really jelly right now lol by the way i love your dress! and the flower crown looks really gorgeous :)

Fiona Chan said...

Nice picturess!!! And I felt old there too wtf.

Your hair colour looks red-ish, I like it :D