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Thursday, June 26, 2014

KL Fashion Week 2014

Remember to click on HD guys! 
I've been quite active on Youtube lately and I do wanna make use of it since I already have an account there.
So I guess I'll be posting up more videos to keep this blog up to date and going and I think it's more personal to me,
rather than just showing you guys pictures, I do wanna share with you guys another part of my life :) 
And I guess I'm ready to open up little by little , haha just please don't get too shocked because of my bare face:(
I never post it up on any social media platform in any ways before so guys don't bash me up okay! haha.
I hope you guys do enjoy the video. And also Sorry for the bad toilet lighting, 
I swear I'll film elsewhere with sunlight when it comes to make up tutorials. haha. next time! :)
But guys, here's how I got ready for KL Fashion Weeek 2014 !

what I wore for the last day of KLFW 2014:
corset : LA SENZA / top + bag : H&M / outerwear : ZARA / skirt : pyramid / shoes : CHARLES & KEITH

It seems that the fashion design scene has taken a leap throughout the years, I remember coming for KLFW 2013
and to compare their showcase of works for this year and the last one is another level. 
The industry has grown and fully blossom into a gateway of originality, of freedom to design and to express,
 of no bullshits, and of plain strong competition because the standards for KLFW has jumped up so much.
I'm really proud of what our local designers are bringing up to the runway. No more Student Work guys, this is the real deal.
Hence their tagline- Ready to Wear I guess.. (omg and seriously can it be ready to buy soon??!)
I've got my eyes on the fantastic Marble bag from Silas Liew on DAY ONE! (did you guys see that?!)
Which is why this event glorifies those names who participate in them. KLFW never disappoints! 
It's a once in a year time for upcoming and experienced designers to showcase what they all got! 
I truly recommend KLFW to all those who are interested in fashion, whether you're just going there to see (like me),
or those young designers who want to show off their talent to the local market, KLFW is for you.
Because every year is getting even better, even juicier, even more wow-factor 
(somehow I'm making it sound like KLFW is a reality tv-show like project runway)

Anyhow. I was fortunate to participate for the last day in this year's one as well because I'm working on the weekdays. 
Honestly most of the people there were wearing full black or full white it's so predictable, same goes for last year as well!
But no doubt, some of the structured pieces were awesomely cool and more alluring than any colors you may put to mind.
When I was getting ready wearing this out my mom asked me, "Are you seriously wearing that??"
And in my mind I was like, "Mom! You should see what people wear there! It's more crazier than me!"
This outfit is already practically toned down to it's max already. LOL. 
I was planning to wear something colorful at first because come on it's spring / summer now, but I decided I didn't wanna show up as a peacock -_-
so I toned down my look with some black elements. Actually in other countries, wearing black also represents that you're respecting the designers.
But I guess we don't practice that in Malaysia. To me, I really salute those who are daring and play up with colors,
because to me it shows that you're putting extra efforts to style yourself. Not saying that full black is easy, 
but I think that styling black is easier than styling colored outfits. *no offense to those who wear all black ahh k i still love your guys lol*
For me, I still wanted to add in a splash of pastel (in this case, pastel blue) for SS14. Since pastels are in again for this spring.
So here's how my outfit looks like!:) 

on the famous Ralph Lauren wall....

my same typical pose - look front , look left, look right. AHHAHAHAHA. LMFAO.

Surprised that the make up latest pretty well...
I took these pictures and video AFTER i got back from the show.
Went out to the Hot Sun to drink coffee, under the cold weather, I must say my new BB cream is amazing!

Make up I'm wearing :

On skin
Nivea moisturizer 
KOSE sekkisei white BB CREAM
The Face Shop concealer

On eyes
Cyber colors eye brow pencil
Maybelline glossy eyes liquid eye liner
NAKED 2 eye shadow pallette
Sephora eye shadow "Supernova"

On lips
Maybelline color sensation Matte 6


that's all guys! Hope you enjoyed! And see you again next year! KLFW! 


Flick said...

Love the skirt, I see you say it's from Pyramid. What is that and how can I get it!!

Jodi H said...

Pretty girl. Cute look.

JULES said...

Don't think you can get it online my dear @Flick.
It's from Malaysia (a small country beside singapore) :)

Arden said...

Love your look! The shoes are so nice. xx


Courtney said...

I love everything about this look! You look wonderful doll :)

XO Color Me Courtney

Sammie said...

your outfit is beautiful and so is your makeup :) the naked palettes are among my favorites :)

Anonymous said...

Hello your naked2 seems fake... I'm not sure but you can see it here