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Saturday, July 6, 2013

KLFW 2013 super late post

shoes + leather jacket from : FASHION SANITY

I finally have some time alone to rest and blogggg (with my cup of green tea beside me). 
This is bliss. Being able to be alone at home, to blog and have my own space for a while :)
I know I sound like such an anti-social person, but let me tell you it's fine to tell your friends you're busy sometimes, 
just to getaway to my own island. and get stoned. Not literally but imaginatively (how is that even a word?!)
I'm cozy at home with nothing but my undies (TMI) and it feels so good being nerdy reading my books again. 
and the kooks is playing on my ipod, ah, I miss this solitary moment :) 


Okay so I'm a bit late for blogging about KLFW but that's not gonna be my case today.
i wanna live in there where we can just wear anything and not be judged. :'D my heaven.
One thing in common that I saw was that 70% of the people there wore black jackets. haha! including me.
Of course the monochrome trend was at it's peak in the hall but I wasn't feeling very monochromatic that day lol.
One thing about black leather jackets (before I got them), whenever I see someone wearing it across the street I would be like:
"Siao one, stupid people wearing leather jacket under the sun."
And I must say that many people do have that impression of "aren't you hot?" or in a more malaysian way,
"You not hot AH?" whenever they see me wearing my leather jacket. 
haha and it makes me laugh cause that was what I used to think.

I got my first ever leather jacket from FASHION SANITY.
the material is so so so soft I could sleep in it, and I wore it the whole day
and SURPRISINGLY, it's not hot at all. (well unless you're in a marathon under the hot sun).
Frankly I've always wanted a leather jacket but it was either I can't find the right one or the price was insane! 
RM300 is the regular price for a good looking leather jacket. I would definitely buy it if I was living in a colder country,
but buying it at that price in a summer 365 weather is just a silly investment.
When I saw this jacket for only RM90 from Fashion Sanity I just HAD to get it immediately, literally.
lol. I'm so happy that a friend bought it too when she saw me wearing in the instagram :)

HOKAY PEOPLE. that's all for now.
Have a great weekend ok!


Celyx Lim said...

ERRMAHGERD mad love with your heels, Jules!! <3

Celyx Lim

N@NY said...

great outfit , amazing heels ,

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Anny Barros said...

wow loved your entire outfit :)
the chanel bag is very beautiful <3

spreadfashion said...

Love the outfit! Now following :)

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Luba Dimitrova said...

Love this look ! So cute and chic !

XX Luba 

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Anthea Lau said...

love your mix of tough and sweet elements in this outfit! really nice floral skirt and rockin' spike boots!

check out my new outfit on blog! :)

Barby said...

Perf shoes!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great look, love the edginess of it, yet it has some cute feminine touches. Those booties are so fierce!

Cee. ♥
Code Overdressed

Sabrina Musco said...

Freaky Friday

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t said...

Love that bag!

dana dimitras said...

Really great look!! :)
Do you want to follow each other on bloglovin, let me know?!

Amanda said...

i love your blog =)

Bella Mason said...

Beautiful look!!!
Love your blog, now following!

Louise said...

These boots are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous outfit! I'm obsessed with leather jackets, but I've always lived in colder countries so I can get away with wearing them pretty much all year round!

Annalisa Masella said...

I love that bag.

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I'll leave my link...

Ester Durães said...

aww you look so cute, I love your outfit! :) I am in love with your skirt, such a gorgeous print!
I totally understand what you mean, sometimes I just wanna sit on my couch with my computer in order to blog and get a little bit away from my daily life, I don't think there's anything wrong with that! ;)
Ester from Drawing Dreaming

Milex said...

oh how much I love it.

Lauren said...

so cute fresh and with the best photos!!!!

Lauren at adorn la femme