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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Wong Ah Wah Famous Chicken Wing @ Jalan Alor FOOD REVIEW!

You'll need to pardon me with the bad phone quality pictures but this place is way too awesome not to blog about!
And because it was a spontaneous trip again thanks to my weird cravings, lol anyways let's go!

After work, (and during work) I was already super super super excited to head to this place.
I've been talking about this place THE WHOLE DAY at work because of the sudden cravings for chicken wings!
And I've never ever been to Wong Ah Wah before... Yes... I know.... It's sad. And whenever I say chicken wings,
people would tell me to go try Wong Ah Wah's one at Jalan Alor. The reason why I haven't been there before
is because I don't usually go to that area (it's beside Changkat) and plus I don't usually eat out or go out at night much.
And it's amazing because I got to go on this lil ADVENTURE with the BFF whom I miss so much!!
Frankly everytime's a fun time whenere I'm with her, so anyways! Let's talk CHICKEN WINGS!!! omg so exciting!


I hear from my colleagues (yea since I've been talking about it whole day at work) that parking there is a lil difficult.
There's the usual Changkat price parking where it's around rm10-rm15 per spot, or you could do what I did, 
Park illegally by the road side, in hopes that your car won't get scratched or banged. yea that's what I did.
Because we weren't gonna be there long and I thought it would be a waste spending on parking, anyways
after that it was a short walk to the famous "market(?)" at Jalan Alor. I'm calling it Market since there's lots of food there.
and just look at the pictures, it does look like those typical night market place. WOOHOO! First time here!!
But yea, after we got our parking. my friend saw this sign and I was like... OMGGGGG! We're finally here!!

First thing to do : Pose like a typical tourist... Pardon me cause I'm just TOO EXCITED to try these famous babies!
My colleagues was telling me not have too high expectation but I just couldn't contain my excitement!!

Pardon the blur picture because I was shaking with excitement while taking this photo!

uuuu LA LA~ Smells sooooo gooooood!! Really really good cause it's GRILLEDDD!
Oh yes, welcome to my tummy chicken wings!! We ordered 8 pieces. 4 each, so it's just nice!! 
I was wondering if I should just PLAINLY order their Famous Chicken Wings for dinner, or some other food as well,
but we decided to try other stuffs since we hardly come here and we're already here anyways~
The chicken wings are RM3 for a piece! Marinated with their special sauce (quite thick!) Which had a honey kind of taste!
The chicken was crispy on the outside, chewy and juicy on the inside! So tender too! And it was exquisite.
Tender, juicy meat was dancing in my mouth as it's sauce melts on my tongue and as my tastebuds rejoys on it's flavoring.
Ohhhhh... So good.... For a moment I wanted to stay in that moment... 
Damn greedy after finishing this plate my mind was wanting for somemore........!! 

Next thing we ordered is a recommendation from my colleague - the Xiu York (3 layer pork) mee.
It's just like the typical Wan Tan Mee, but this time with the 3 layered pork!!
Usually it's minced meat, or char xiu, but this time it's XIU YORK. my favorite way to eat the pig.
Salty crispy fried skin with it's sinful soft bouncy fatness from the pork with enough amount of meat to top it up,
mixed with our local delicacy - the wan tan mee, stirred to perfection because the saltiness from the pork
goes so well with the mee and vegs! Our typical chinese way of eating Wan Tan mee...
YUMS! and this was only RM12 (single) more than enough for the bought of us to share! :)
I would so order this again next time! Here's another thing that I would order again:

OHH MY LORD... Put HAM DAN with anything and I would like it. and these amazing dish is to die for!!
Salty but not so salty because I could taste the york of this HAM DAN!(salted egg). They put a generous amount of egg in this!
which is again... AMAZING. and thank you so much for doing that chef! Another thing awesome is that
some HAM DAN dishes makes the food soggy because of the eggs, but this one is fried to perfection! 
The Squid is still semi crispy!! Because I think they put flour and then deep fry it with the HAM DAN goodness...
OH GOOD LORD.... before I die I must eat this again... and it's only at RM15!

close up of the HAM DAN (salted egg) goodness . COME TO MAMA!

TYPICAL BEFORE AND AFTER PIC, because I know we're gonna clean everything up!!

and just after 15 mins!!! DAMN FAST! we both were like, " Eh? Finish already ah? so fast!!" hahaha

BURPPPPP!!! Satisfied HAPPY FACE :) sighhh.. really happy and it's funny how they say good food makes you happy 
it's fucking true. And honestly, I can't wait to get back here!!! Despite that it's a bit far from my place,
but omg. You MUST TRAVEL for good fooddddddd!!
And not only that, this amazing good food only cost about RM45 for the both of us!!
Which I think is really really really really WORTH every cent compared to those high class chinese restaurants in shopping malls.
This one was sooooooooo gooood.... omgg..........

That's it guys! I hope I made you hungry as much as I made myself right now. haha


THIS TIME I GOT TO TRY THE LALAAAA. so awesomeee! Note to self : please get back there and order this soon! 

I was expecting the ikan bakar would be nice, but hmmm I've tried better ones! 

but nevertheless, we finished EVERYTHING AGAIN hahah. 
notice that the same thing I ordered with the previous time is the HAMDAN sotongs, and of course the CHICKEN WINGs! 

I love you wong ah wah hahahhahha. wtf. 

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