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Monday, June 23, 2014

Brooklyn B Bagel Bakery and Cafe FOOD REVIEW! @ SUBANG!

jacket : ZARA / top : TOPSHOP / bottoms : bali / shoes : FOREVER 21

Again wearing my most comfiest shorts ever! I'm totally shameless when it comes to comfort I'll reuse it again and again LOL
During the weekends which is my special free time and "adventure" time, I ventured into a cafe where I always wanted to try 
for quite sometime now. Also opened by a very dear friend of mine. But we'll talk about that in a bit, First! OOTD time! :)
yup. you got it right... this was after shopping at P&M, oh god i'm so broke right now!!

detailed close up on my quite new silk top from topshop, and the rest of my outfits....
Recently the haze is back and everyone is wearing Haze le Parfum. It's insanely blithering hot right now, 
and I'm devastated that I can't play much with layering clothing as much as I want to cause it's too hot!
I'm even devastated now because I'm sick! Sick to the bones because I haven't been having much rest recently. 
haven't been sleeping much, and always waking up way too early has cause me to finally break down on my health state.
I'm having the 3-in-1 (flu, high fever, sore throat) and I hardly get sick, but when I do it's serious :( 
Honestly hating this right now, cause it's always when I'm sick I feel the cravings to eat spicy tomyum food, 
drink lots of sweet cold bubble milk tea, and ohh. McDonald's Fries... Spicy chicken wings... Domino's pizza...
Oh damn... But one thing contrastingly healthy other than my oil-filled cravings is that I'm craving for this lox bagel...

Which brings me to the cafe that I was talking about, one thing also famous about it is this piece of art done by my friend Katze.
Also known as Tihah, I knew her cause we go to the same college and the same batch. She has sooo much talent,
I used to (and still) admire and respect her photoshopping skills so much since sem 1, and also her talent for drawing.
Totally incredible and she has a very unique style where in a glance you can see that it's done by her... so much talent!:)
Check out her FB page guys, and also this wall she did here... totally awesome! 

OMG. Trying hard to keep an emo face, because I'm going for that "emo single in a cafe" feel. ahhahaha damnit!
okay, i think I finally nailed it here. ahhahah. I should be holding a cup of coffee instead of that receipt -_-
obviously I fail at keeping straight faces so here's a pic with my friend's creation, NICE RIGHT!? :D 

So back to this yummy place (if you have not notice the tittle and my photo)...

 time to order some BAGELLLLSSS!!
 ze menu ! WHEEEEE....

omg If you guys don't know what is bagel.. No it's not another name for DONUTS...
According to the chef after chatting with him he said that was one of the funniest thing he ever heard from someone.
LOL, and it is, it is creative at the same time, cause who would have thought?! BAGELS = DONUTS...

When I also asked why Brooklyn ? New york style...
and yeah, as obvious as it may seem, it is because they make authentic NEW YORK style bagels locally from scratch,
A new thing that I learnt is that there are so many other different types of bagels like canadian, australian, etc...
For those of you who don't know the difference between a bagel and a donut.
Well, Bagels are ring shaped bread made from yeasted dough which are boiled and then baked.
Crunchy and shiny on the outside, yet chewy and dense on the inside, Come on, way more different than donuts!
Donuts are more airy and they're both made using complely different cooking processes, donuts have no yeast in them,
they're more of a batter type dough and are deep fried. When you boil and bake a dough, it's usually more chewy like bagels!

I ordered the one with LOX. Don't know what LOX is? Me neither in the first place,
So i Had to ask and annoy the chef - " What is LOX??" 
rupa-rupanye, it's salmon, just that they use the term "LOX" more often in brooklyn ;)

AND ACTUALLY, the chef and one of the owner is my very good friend from college - Chris Fowler.
that's why I purposely ask so much and annoy the shit out of him , hahahahha
MINE CAME FIRST! cute packaging that some how reminds me of nasi lemak from afar.
Hi my bagel friend! 
I ordered salmon lox (on the RIGHT), and my friend ordered Oriental chicken if I'm not mistaken.... lol
opening up mine woohoo! yummy yummy salmon ohh my favvvv!! With cream cheese! MMMM!! :)

First bite from Brooklyn B's BAGEL... and it was....
mmmmmmmmm. YUMMY! Julie approve! :D 
It is true that it was crunchy on the outside, and chewy on the inside!
It may look small but it surprisingly served me full as a meal! Don't think this would be a snack food,
it's more of a meal to me cause it is filling! And the portion of salmon lox which they gave was FAT size! which I love :3
Can't wait to come back here again and order somemore!
Apparently a lot of ang-mos like coming here to take away bagels that could last them the entire month!
They would stock it in their fridge and I'm surprise that it can last that long when kept in the refrigerator,
but then again it's BREAD! so that makes sense.. hehe. Maybe I shall do the same too!
Stock up lots and lots of LOX BAGELSSS OHH YUMSSSSS!!!!

spotted my beloved ex-lecturer there~ 
Chris, my good friend, and of course one of the owner and founder for Brooklyn Bagels, 

Honestly so proud of this guy... With the right creative mind (thank you The One Academy) 
targeting the right people, coming up with the right concept, and opening his very own business.
So much to learn from this guy and omg we had nearly a 2 hour + catch up talking non stop it's crazy how time flies.
Not only when you're talking, but also when you're living life itself! We've grown so much after college!
But that's life guys, and right now, life is giving me lemons... Flu to be specific.

And I better head to bed soon to take a flight to dream land....
Hope I can get well soon so I can visit this yummy place again!:)

Meanwhile you guys can feel hungry and check out on their MENU!

Nights little ones....

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