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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A market in the skies X Tiger Translate X Zouk

top : TOPSHOP / outterwear : sunway / bottoms : bali / shoes : FOREVER21

I'm practically ambushing the usage of wearing this outfit many too constantly nowadays, 
but I must say, this is currently one of my most comfortable outfit ever! It does channel that unique style out,
(perasan perhaps I may say) those prints where I have no idea belong to which category, that vibe which is indie, 
yet maybe in time when I look back on what I'm wearing I'll think of it as plain weird rather than something interesting. 
However I do train my mind to focus more on the now, rather than to think what will it be like in the future.

My Saturday was a tremendously busy day of talking, walking, shopping, dining, socializing, drinking and dancing. 
Of pure fun, spontaneous but somewhat planned events, and a great deal of fatigued which came with the package.
My morning was awaken with a brunch at La Scala, and getting to know the wonderful people behind Duriana and the AMITSkies
and of course chatting and getting to know one another across the table. The food was amazing, 
I ordered sea-bass with salad and oh... I've been dreaming to take another bite of it ever since I left this place.
I love this place because of it's ambience and vibe... It's such a nice place to chill and wind down from the hectic week!
A place when you feel classy, but not so uptight, haha! I don't know if that makes sense or not. but here's some pics.

Looking packed at A Market in the Skies! Cool stuffs everywhere... I'm quite broke right now, so I'm closing my eyes to all these...
Locking my wallet up and there was also CHAMPAGNE SHOWERS PONG! Something like beer pong,
but they just trade it with champagne (even better!) And we were the first group to play!

After that I left ( to more shopping ironically ) went to H&M since La Scala is very near to Avenue K,
bought some more shit loads of stuffs, chilled for a bit in Library ( it's a cafe called Library btw),
and then changed both location and outfit to Tiger Translate at Kenangan City !!

Media passeses gets 4 free bottles of Tiger Beer, and normal passes gets either a beer or a free tiger translate shirt by LANSI! Wooohoo!
and cute tattoos are free for everyone who comes! I don't think there's a limit so you can do until your whole body if you want, LOL
love how they done up the whole place with these awesome eye catching colors, check out how vibrant it is!

There were also trampolines, food, graffiti for everyone to spray around as well. was out the whole day (and night) with this girl.
we left earlier to have shisha at Marakesh and after that a very spontaneous trip to Zouk to end the night...
I was insanely tired already because we were OUT THE WHOLLEE DAYY, and my body was aching,
but still we went to Zouk with a couple of friends anyway.... lol tiring /_\

I don't always post phone quality pics but this one is exceptional 
huhuhu, just to prove to changed my outfit 3 times a day without going home. 
I look like I'm about to go for a picnic more than I look like I'm going to a club, 
this was actually a dress that i bought on the same day after shopping at Avenue K.
I changed because I didn't wanna ruin my pretty new pastel skirt that I just bought, because well, it's Zouk.
You're gonna get cigarette holes everywhere :/ which is scary so I decided to changed into a cheaper and worried-free outfit LOL
The next day (Sunday) was a very long day of chilling at home for me~~~ oh man, my body ached like crazy,
I don't think I'm fit enough to do this nowadays, hahah. 3 major events in one day is enough to wear me off LOL

Good night guys! xx


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