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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Tiger Translate Malaysia

Last Friday I was at The Rabbit Hole @ Changkat for Tiger Translate event.
It started at around 7.30-8pm, so I had to rush from work, MAKE UP AND CHANGED in the car, (yes I'm awesome)
and appear hopefully flawlessly at the event. haha! my work finishes at 7-ish, and you know one thing about Friday after work jams.
well they're really stressful and annoying, you just have to be extra daring to cut lines here and there to rush to somewhere. ANYWAY!

on ze way to ze RABBIT hoe LOL. Many thanks to Manoah Consulting for the invites :)

First time here at The Rabbit Hole, Changkat. It's a pretty chilled place, the first thing I saw was the graffiti on the wall.
I smirked cause I know it's done by my very good friend Kenji, so much talent. 
I think that Rabbit Hole is one of the perfect place to host this event, since this event is all about combining music and art,
well, let me explain more....

What's Tiger Translate about ?

I'm sure a lot of your are confused when you first hear the word Tiger Translate, 
to me, when I first heard of it I thought it was an some event to do with translation / dialogue / communication.BUT, it's actually 
a platform by Tiger Beer to celebrate global creativity in music and arts though the exposure of different cultures and experiences.
This is the first Tiger Translate in Malaysia and it's coming to Malaysia on 14th June at Kenanga City so get ready for it peeps! 

There'll be acts from local and international music scene featuring Editors(UK), Chuchukmo(HK), ManicSheep(TW) and OJ LAW(local).
And there'll also be a collaboration between 3 homegrown artist, one of them my good friend, Kenji Chai (Graffiti Artist),
Lynda Chean (Tattooist), and Kickatomic's Tsu Ann and Jayme (G.Designer)
so guys, be sure to catch it at Kenanga City on the 14th June!:) 

OKAY, like any awesome events.... WHERE DA FOOD AT HOMIE?!

VEGE maki sushi. Not a fan of veges, but I is hungry :P
OMG chicken wings! Funny how I was craving for it on that day, 
and my eyes sparkled with joy and hope, omg. organisers... I like you already! LOL *take take take*
And one thing awesome about Chicken wings is that they go so well with Tiger beer! In my opinion of course
what is this?! LAMB???? oh yum.....
makan makan drink drink TIGERRRR
okay what do you do when you're full and filled with energy from the awesome food?
take pictures bersama bloggers lahhh... haha! Kelly, Yuki and I. 
Yuki showing off her Samsung NX mini, super cool cam... How come I don't have one.... :'( 
It's the first time I met her in real life, often seeing her on FB I think I got used to it it seems like I always see her. LOL
She's has such a sweet and kind soul and she likes me cause I feed her. Yes eat more Yuki you needa gain some weight! :P
Sam, Charmaine, Kelly and I
met a bunch of the coolest peeps that night. Ashley, Isaac, and Leonard, the people from Juice and Masses :)
met a handful of other new people but forgot to take pictures.... :'( lol sorry ahh
Got home at last! 

Okay! So about 14th June, The passes to the Tiger Translate event is not for sale, 
but you can win them from their fb page HERE and their website HERE
Remember it's gonna be the first Tiger Translate in Malaysia so do remember to like their FB page for further updates!
It's gonna be so cool so you better not miss out on this awesome event! ;) 


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Love your outfit, where did you get them? :)