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Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Making of Thriftaholic Bazaar

Honestly coming up with this event wasn't an easy one, but then again, what is? 
Recruiting bloggers, vendors, place owners, sponsors, designers just to collaborate together 
and build something out of plain nothing was the most rewarding thing that happened in the journey for me.

Being the founder and organizer (I always hate to use that word on me) 
was a constant wake up in the middle of the night suddenly thinking about the bazaar,
always worried about countless what-ifs (what if people don't show up, what if there's no crowd, what if blablablah),
managing people, managing time wasn't easy especially since my regular work isn't until regular hours, 
so when I was managing this bazaar I didn't had weekends for a month++ when I was focusing on this, 
But I wasn't complaining cause I enjoy doing this and furthermore I enjoy the success of running things together.
 I realized that's where my strength lies, being able to change negativity from pressure to a motivational drive to perform better.
  Honestly it follows me since forever, I always realised myself I perform the best whenever I'm under pressure, be it a super tight deadline,
a super last minute need to change something important, or maybe the people you're working with is just pressuring. 
It's great I know, but of course not healthy in the long term, omg I'm getting out of topic.  

You see, the main reason that I came up with this bazaar is because I always love vintage / preloved shopping,
I don't mind recycling clothes, it just gotta be under good condition! I enjoy digging and finding for amazing gems and treasures,
and also because a couple of my friends and I have SOO many clothes our wardrobe is soooo packed!
For me, I stay in a small house, and my closet is too small to put my clothes, and knowing me I always still continue to buy things.
Cause you know, No amount of clothes/ shoes/ bags is ever enough for a women... So lots of my clothes usually end up in charity...
But what about the really nice and expensive ones? Those that I don't wear anymore but looks super nice hoping ONE DAY I might wear it again.
But no, it never happens, I don't mind giving them to charities but one thing about charities is that you don't get to see the person you're giving it to.
I treat my clothes (that I love) like a life, I would really like to see someone treat it as good as I did, and to give it new love!
Maybe that's why I opened up this bazaar, for people to pass down their old love hoping to rekindle new ones! sigh:)
And also to share the joy for recycling clothes together! That's why in Thriftaholic Bazaar I really care about quality.

But hey, let's take a ride so I can share with you how this all fell into place. 

work in progress- for different poster designs

final design for THRIFTAHOLIC BAZAAR
honestly I don't remember how many flyers I printed and cut by hand myself. So tiring! 
After work I would stay at home and cut them myself, every picture you see on top here is a different day...

thanks Vickie for always coming out doing silly things together passing flyers around 

We got there earlier about 9am to decorate the place and the place outside with balloons, flyers, and the trail ring that I made!
HUFF AND PUFF AND HUFF AND PUFF! blew sooo many balloons thank god we had pumps, but blowing with faster lol
Previously we were passing flyers around places like subang, bangsar, sunway everywhere every week!

Recruiting bloggers - Honestly a big thanks to all these bloggers who joined in the fun!
All of them were fun and friendly and honestly in my opinion some of KL's finest fashionistas out there.
Down to earth, famous everywhere but absolutely no diva bimbo attitude which makes my job so much easier!
Absolute professionals in my opinion, and it was a great pleasure working with them :)
 A big shout out to Vickie, Grace, Emma, Olivia, Audrey, Amanda, Sue and Janice. Thanks for bringing the bazaar to life!

Getting Vendors was easy, because there were sooo many people who were interested PM-ed me.
However I could only serve the space for those who came first because my space was limited,
even after I announced my vendor list was close a month ago, there was still a line of interested vendors pm-ing me everyday.
Not complaining at all but feeling greatly blessed for this overwhelming response, also to the lovely helpful people who shout out for us,
and of course one of our amazing official giveaway sponsor - NUNFISH who was nothing but awesome!

Psss. See anything from NUNFISH that you like? just mention "Thriftaholic Bazaar" and get 10% discount!
Also lastly and most importantly thank you to UPWARD YOGA for opening up their space for us,
the reason why I picked this place is mainly because it's indoors! A lot of other places were outdoors,
and with this place I didn't need to worry if it was raining or not, and wow it rained a bit on that day,
but you know what, it's okay cause we've got shelter ! :D

some of the thing that I was selling during the bazaar.

setting up along with the other bloggers and vendors 

my store obviously LOL

 laughing at idk what

 around afternoon!

more pictures from our first event right HERE
honestly thank you all the kind souls who supported THRIFTAHOLIC BAZAAR,
do give us a thumbs up on FB if you've participated our event and want us to do another one!
For the people who didn't get to join fret not! Just stay updated on the page because I forsee another one coming real soon! :)

that's all folks! hope you enjoyed! xx


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Looks like it was a blast. Must be fun! xx

Ivana Split said...

wow, I'm sure it was lots of work but it looks totally worth it! great idea and kudos to you girl for making it happen!