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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Marini's on 57

photo credit : JIM CHUAH


dress : topshop inspired dress with floral cut outs from CATINTHEBOWL
bag : metallic messenger bag from ALDO
shoes : jeffrey Campbell inspired litas with studs from FASHIONSANITY

I know, 
I've been slacking a lot on blogging, 
and I don't want to blame it fully on my upcoming graduation exhibition,
but it is taking a lot of my energy, mentally and physically in both ways, 
extracting every energy juice i have like a blender and consuming me in a way I never felt before.
It's also very much affecting my studies because there's like 4 important subjects that I'm handling
plus one big graduation exhibition that I have to manage properly because I play quite a big role in it :(
I'm not complaining or what, I'm just letting you guys know (or my self at least) and understand
the reason why I haven't been blogging as much as I want to nowadays.
and I fret that being in this ocean of responsibilities pounded by waves of stress, 
I'm afraid that I might not see the shore... 

but anyways, 
thankfully fashion saves me and it's the only way i truly de-stress.
yea, some people play video games or smoke to de-stress but I shop! 
to me, it's like giving myself a reward after a hard day at work.

Last week 
I was the happiest girl because I received this ultra super incredible pair of litas from Fashion Sanity
Which so generously sponsored me 2 pairs of shoes, they're increabliy affortable too! 
only rm110 for this awesome babies, so much cheaper than the original which is like rm600++?!
 i swear this pair of awesomeness is the one of the top 3 in my shoe collection. GOSH.
super comfy it's even one of the most comfortable heels I've ever wore.
good quality and looks so much like the real one. :)
My face split into two by my humungous grin when I saw this.
words could not describe how butterflies rampaged in my stomach when it was a perfect fit! 
I'm usually a size 38, sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller in other brand, 
I know, I have cacat feet, haha. but for this i ordered the same size, and it fits!!
I'll definitely talk more about FS on my next post cause they're awesome,
but for now I will go back to my main topic which is my tittle for today haha.
Gosh i was so happy.

haha, p/s I notice that I always wear this white dress for big days,
it's like the play it safe but stay cute dress for events.
like the time where I met my crush since high school NigaHiga

another way to truly de-stress is through food. Good food to be exact.
and with a good partner it was heaven. lol, i'm still getting trying to get use to jimmy's hair,
so honored I was the first to see it~ haha! dined in this special place for his post birthday dinner. :)
and dining with the best atmosphere around you is just so relaxing it instantly makes me feel peaceful.
 I was really stressed and cried the other night, but after the almost 3 hour meal up in the sky, 
everything seem to get better, and I felt the most lightest mentally within the week of stress. TAT
mmmm... fashion, friends, food, and relaxation...

omg, being a jakun as I am, I kept on pronouncing and thinking it was Martini's on 57 at the first time.
WHY AM I SO JAKUNNNN hahaha! Martini's martini's wtf, well it's certainly easier to remember! 
After that I learnt that the name Marini's belong to the owner so yea, thank you google for telling me that.
I ordered lamb shank, and he ordered beef something. Okay, I'm probably not good with italian words,
but the menu was filled with italian names like blu ee partii lamb shank laskana, or like
pasta burrata beef ribs pizza la aii ieee oooh buzangga which makes no sense to me ==
the only italian names for food I remember is pasta and oglio aglio... 
HAHA, does pizza counts?

Everything was exquisite there. mmmmmm. mindblowing relaxing, seriously!!!
I love dining in the sky, I seriously can't wait for the next trip omg...
The height really makes you feel like you're in a plane at night. 
and wow, the next time I'm coming here for their sunset! I cannot imagine the view......
writing all these down makes me relive the moment again :') 
I wish I could said I was sponsored by them,
but no, hahahahah, that's impossible.
The staffs were extraordinary well trained, although I heard a lot of bad remarks about the staffs online, 
but I guess they probably fired and changed new ones :) 
the food was okay for me, I can't wait to try others next time! yumss!! 

I miss you BIG GUY! wait for me to dine next to you soon!!!

I could go on and blog and blog about that special and delightful evening,
 but I need to stop now since I'll be going back to my hometown soon.
By the time you see this post I'm probably already off cause this is a scheduled post,
I know, feels mind fucked right? hahaha, you think I'm talking to you now, but I'm not :P

Owhhh Marini's I miss your view right now...
Goodnight, I'll be thinking of your breathtaking view tonight :')
xoxo's all to you.


Maya M said...

Awesome look and it looks like you had so much fun!

amalie said...

gorgeous look! i love your clutch x

Claudia said...

You Look Great Babe.
Lovely Dress.
I would appreciate it if you take some time out and visit my blog
Claudia xx

Stylejourneys said...

Lovely photos!!

You look so cute in the white dress...
Looks like you had an amazing time!



Estilo Hedónico said...

I love it!!!


Anonymous said...

I die for those boots!

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