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Sunday, February 17, 2013

On the eve of CNY

I decided to split my chinese new year into 3 posts since i think that it'll be too damn long! lol

so, How was your Chinese New year guys?!  
I'm honestly so sad that I'm starting class tomorrow....
gosh, it's so difficult to depart from this heavy feeling of being a holiday sloth. 
I wonder how am I gonna get my game back into college assignments...btw
I've been busy spending time with friends and loved ones every day, 
I've even neglected blogging about valentines! :( how sad.
Time seriously passes by fast when you're having fun! 
So i decided that today will be my special "me" time :)

I didn't pack much clothes for this chinese new year, 
and in fact, I didn't even buy ANY new clothes this new years.
I came to a stage of my life (age) where I no longer have the NEED 
to purchase galloons of new clothes just for chinese new year...
I just pick whatever is red to wear and relax for this year.
OMG I FEEL SO OLD...... T_____T 
I mean I used to do it for like... forever? haha, 
I'm really surprised that this year, I didn't get anything, and I didn't even dye my hair! 
Life changing experience for me, this year's CNY, my accessories will be recycled,
and I only brought back 2 pair of shoes! wow! which I think I will ever only need because they're both so awesome.
And both proudly sponsored by the coutesy of Fashion Sanity, probably my most favourite blogshop now:)

okay, now let me just bombard you with extremely vain pictures of myself... hopefully you guys won't get sick,
and thank you so much Maesya for taking the trouble to help me taking all my photos at my hometown lol

I remember one uncle kept wishing me merry christmas by mistake,
see! time does pass by too fast, we're not prepared for chinese new year yet! 

top : floral pattern button up from TOPSHOP
bottom : metallic skirt from Elfintreats
accessories : lace socks from cotton on
mickey mouse shades from LUCCACAL
shoes : lace up creepers from FASHIONSANITY

altho I've always find it hard to run with creepers, this one is extremely comfortable and yet affordable.
it's only RM65 ! and if you're a fan of platforms and creepers like me, I don't know what are you still thinking about. lol.
I find that creepers, especially underground types of creepers makes your outfit look more kiddish in a good way.
I believe that creepers originally came from the gyaru (is that what you call it?) , the punk and emo from Japan.
not to say that they are the pioneers of creepers, but I believe the trend came from there.
since I was a teen (OMG I SOUND BLOODY OLD) I always read my favorite comic book NANA,
and I've always see the characters with cool platform shoes and creepers :) Finally I've got the shoe i always wanted!!
The shoes really brings out the inner child in you and instantly lifts up your spirit!
thank you so much Fashion Sanity!

the pictures are a bit jumbled up but this was what happened during the eve of CNY.
not sure about you guys, but we're pretty last minute (LATE!) when it comes to decorating the house.
So we folded angpaos and stuck them to walls everywhere around the house. sounds easy? HELL NO! 
folding them into a perfect square, and measuring the distance between each angpaos placed 
takes lots of time, love, determination, and hard work! lol, we spent the whole morning on them! 

and like any other chinese family, we gathered to have our reunion dinner...
this year, not only I'm chilling back, this year's reunion dinner was super simple.
that we had cold fish, isthat chicken?,  supertough duck and icecold soup.
haha, okay slap myself, some people don't even have a family or a reunion dinner okayy
what's most important is family and the ones sitting down beside you sharing a meal together.
however it is quite saddening that I don't really see a future where everyone is all at home.
Everyone's going off to work or to study overseas it seems like CNY is getting much more quieter,
and honestly, less meaningful than the way it used to felt. (look even I'm wearing old clothes!omg)

yea but jokes aside, we spent the whole day taking pictures, playing mahjong with the grandma, did we watch a movie? 
lol, singing, catching up, eating mandarin oranges (I swear I'm getting a sore throat from that), Oh OH oh! 
and there was this one evil candy........................... the coconut candy....
made nothing from pure evil coconut and sweetening milk..... tempted me like the serpent,
tempted me like no designer bags had, it lingers at the corner of my eyes and I'm such a sucker for sweet things... 
I gave in....
Not one, Not two, but almost three.... EACH TIME!  gosh... fattening....
I think I finish almost half of the jar of that evil stuff.....
seriously nothing can allure me more like a bone to a puppy than that cocount candy.
dammit! It's all gone now...

hehe. till then! xoxo


anoddgirl said...

lovely outfit!
you look so cute

Bellamoreway said...

seems like you had a great reunion ^^ andd i heart those shots especially the creepers!

Kri said...

you are beyond amazing!

Benlovesting said...

Lovely photos and happy Chinese New Year to you!

Anny Barros said...

You looks so amazing! Happy Chinese New Year (:

Dark Blue Stripes said...

Love the metallic skirt.

Christie x

Dark Blue Stripes

Trà Mi said...

i like the silver skirt

irene said...

Hi! I really like your metallic skirt. It's lovely. Would you mind to share where is this Elfintreats boutique? Thank you.