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Thursday, January 24, 2013

I cry just a little when I think I'm letting go x 3 easy steps to reduce stress

a funny-fail-try-to-make-it-cool shoot of me.

photo credit : MEL JUSTICE


top : floral pullover from ElfinTreats
bottoms : high waist floral pants from BANGKOK
accessories : (both) rosary from DIVA
shoes : brown wedges from ALDO
bag : a gift from JIAZ

I got this top a few weeks ago from Elfin Treats, my official sponsor, and my good friend:) 
I love it cause it's cozy, fluffy and cute! My friend said I look like a goat sheep... BAKKK! lol
what an un-glam sound a sheep makes despite it's fluffy cute exterior.
I wanted everything to be white for my outfit, but too bad i didn't had white shoes,
oh well! I love this vintage looking heels that I recently purchased off Aldo.
lately I've been riding whenever I get the chance to cause this is a borrowed bike. 
I don't usually ride because my family hates me riding the bike, 
they're over protecting me from the traffic. even if I just wanna ride in my neigbourhood they would disagree.
so when I was small, I never had a bike to call for my own, and I would never get them as presents.
they were always borrowed TAT

But anyways! I figured out that for this post I wanna talk a bit about stress relieve
I always talk about how stressful my life is and honestly it's getting on my nerves, haha! 
the irony talking about how to reduce stress but I'm not listening to some soft classical music.
but to Florida's I cry. I've been hypnotized to this song lately, i would think about it everyday! haha.
anyway I wanna talk about this topic, because I found out a really scary thing about being stressed.
\\ ...Your Heart gets Harden when You're Stress... //
and that's how people get heart attack because their heart can't pump blood anymore.
no wonder you see skinny people getting heartattacks nowadays too, 
not because they don't eat or what, is because they're stress. whao , 
this really changed my perception of only fat people get heart attack cause they don't exercise.
so here are ways for you be less stressed and have a longer life.
cause i wanna see you

1. Eat
that's right, almost everybody goes to the snacks / munchies / comfort food whenever they feel stress.
I'm not saying that I choose fruits over sugar cause I'm probably the most unhealthy one among my friends.
I'm saying that all these snacks and comfort food like coke/ chocolates gives you an instant comfort,
they do help you reduce your stress, but they also give a very unpleasant crash.
And did you know that food with high carbs like bread, potatoes, pasta, etc makes you happy?
they produce serotonin, the feel good chemical which is good for you when you wanna release stress.
I can't believe despite my crazy busy schedule I did research, here! if you wanna be stressfree eat:
pistachios, salmon, turkey, sweet potatoes, oranges, hot green tea.
I had salmon, oranges, hot green tea for dinner tonight, whao! 
no wonder I"m not worried about my assignments to pass up tomorrow, lol.
eventho I don't have an idea what to do about them yet, i'm still blogging, lol

2. massage / relaxation / meditating / exercise 

okay, I know this works and so does yoga, finding the inner peace in you shit.
but for me, it doesn't because i have a very busy lifestyle,
and my lifestyle restricts me from going out to exercise.
Now I know this may be just an excuse, but I'm talking truth.
and chances is that I'm higher at risk when it comes to getting a heart attack
no exercise + stressful life does not end up good.
They say find an exercise that you love doing, well I love swimming but I don't know how, haha.
I love cycling because I can feel the wind in my hair but I don't have a bike! 
but last year, I found out my crazy likings for martial arts.
I know it sounds so weird, even me writing this down makes me feel weird, but I really wanna learn.
Mostly for self defense reasons, but I can also say that I do enjoy boxing.
okay, my lady like image has gone to the gutter now that you're imagining me boxing,
but I'm so sorry, I wanna be frank and honest cause I'm not that ballet type of girl.
Well I'm your ordinary lady, I don't act like a man, eat like a man or fart in public like a man,lol but
If I had close guy friends I would actually practice boxing with them, with pillows of course,
haha, and if I did had a punching bag at home (which i secretly want) I would punch it everyday, lol
is that counted as an exercise? 
and I guess punching bags are a good stress relieve exercise! 
Oh take a deep breath, if you don't have a bike or a punching bag like me, the air is free anyways !:)

3. Show some love
showing your love to your friends, family, yourself or even a stranger a day can really help brighten your spirit.
I love showing kindness acts to strangers or those friends who aren't close to me cause it makes me tingle inside.
giving them a surprising act of kindness without being judged and seeing them happy is priceless.
Close and tight friends who know me well always assume that I'm up to no good if I show them love.
haha, it's probably their way of teasing me, but yea. that's kind of the reasons why I'm not so kind infront of them.
Show some love to your pets! (this sounds like you ain't got no friends) but honestly,
if your friends let you down, hugging my dog really makes me feel better, I don't know how to explain this,
but ahhh, the feeling is so good. (oh and I just researched why) ==
physical contact with your pet or a human (lol)
may actually help lower blood pressure and decrease stress hormones, hmmm, interesting! 
Taking a time out whenever you feel stress is also a way of showing love to yourself.
For me, when I'm in a very stressful position till I'm about to erupt. 
at the end of the day I stop whatever I'm doing and go for online shopping, haha! 
and surprisingly I'm not alone, some of my friends do the same after they hit the limit.

I hope you guys found this useful if you're aiming to reduce stress.
I wish the world was more stressfree and everyone was more happy :) 
cheers to a stressfree life, and have a good night people!



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Hi! Lovely blog and great post!! :) I would like to invite you to know my blog, you like? ;)

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You looks so happy.. I loved the shoot, so cutie. And i loved the clothes too, all white.. really nice!
You are awesome (:

Morgan Ashley said...

Really good tips! Your photos are super cute.

Morgan Ashley

Anonymous said...

I love the first photo! You're so darling!

Stop by sometime, xo Natalie

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omg yes eating is like one of the best way to relieve stress!lol.aand loving you outfit! you look really fresh and gorgeous <3

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great outfit and love your photos!

& Pretty Things

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Really nice!! I love it!!!!

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Great, insightful post! I often feel stressed so this is very useful! Lovely outfit too :)

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Always enjoying your posts,honey!Keep rocking!;)

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Love the top, so girly!


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I love the style of these photos! The bike is such a cute retro accessory too.
-Kate xo