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Saturday, October 13, 2012


photo credit : MEL JUSTICE


top : studded white top from SHOPLIGHTS
bottom : galaxy skirt from JETEDEESIRE
shoes : platform ankle back from KISSJANE
accessories : big bang tiny skull cuff from LUCCACAL
bag : DIY galaxy clutch from FRIENDLYFASHION

I obviously had a really great time editing the pictures to my likings,
hope you guys like them too:)! 
and i have this weird likings for geometrical and triangular shapes,
so in the future, whenever i'm free, i shall try extend my likings to my photo designs,
haha! can't wait! 

I laughed really hard when i saw this picture.
and decided ah, i have to post this up, hahah! 
me and my cat who really hates taking photos ,lol.
are all siamese cats so grumpy ? please let me know, haha! 

again I feel so blessed having the most awesome sponsors giving me clothes that i always wanted.
like this skirt from Jetedeesire for example, 
as you guys know, I've always loved galaxy stuffs, 
I was quite sick of seeing people from everywhere wearing galaxy fishtail skirts already,
i think it's a lil too mainstreamed, but this bodycon galaxy skirt is definitely an exception.
I love the way how galaxy prints can evolve from shoes, bags, clothes, to different types of skirts.
don't you think it's so versatile ? 
This is the 2nd item that they're sponsoring me,
they have soo many awesome accessories that you gotta check out!
for instance, check out the first item that they sponsored me here

and also thank you for this lovely studded sheer white top which shows some skin on the arms,
I think that's pretty sexy actually. thank you so much SHOPLIGHTS for sponsoring me this top!!
it's now one of my favvvourite tops to wear! 
I don't usually wear tank tops because i feel quite insecure with my flabby arms,
haha! so this top pretty much helps me in a lot of way,
to hide and show a lil bit of the arms, ah! how teasing ! :P hehe! 
Oh! and just like their facebook page here to get 5% discount for clothes! 

btw, have you guys watched my DIY galaxy tutorial video yet? 
hope you guys liked it :) 
and have a wonderful weekend ahead! 
i love you all to bits! 


Carolyn Tay said...

Love the whole outfit, both of my most favourite items :D

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

your blog is so darling! i love how you edited these photographs and i love the skirt you are wearing!

lindsey louise

Mitha Komala said...

gorgeous skirt! you look super stunning xo

Letters To Juliet

Darby said...

OMG I can't believe this clutch is DIY! You are BEYOND talented!! I absolutely LOVE it! And your cat is TOO CUTE!
xoxo Darby
Obviously Obsessed 

Aleda Boyd said...

u r always so cute and adorable..great style!

Clara Turbay said...

it´s great and very smart, love this blog.

Michelle Jiafang said...

That is a really crazyyy skirt!!! OMG!! <333 anyways, i like the photos too! ^^

Borjana said...

I sooo love this,honey!Well done!;)

Celine Ting said...

:) i love the DIY clutch. Just wondering where did you get the paint and the spray from? thanks!

JULES said...

You can get aryllic paints in any art store @celine!:) the spray you can either get them from Ace Hardware store or Art Friend in gardens: )