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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

JETEDEESIRE & a lil sponsor

jumping like an insane freak! lols!

photo credit: MEL JUSTICE


top : feather and lace top from ASOS
bottoms : lace shorts  from BANGKOK
shoes : DIY glitter and pattern shoes from VINCCI
accessories : claw bracelet, army ring, prada inspired baroque glasses from JETEDEESIRE

I hope you liked the pictures! cause i really enjoyed taking and editing them :) 
I've been wanting to blog about this awesome website and news for quite some time now, 
just couldn't find the right time to talk about it since i've been so busy about my Aldo competition, 
the one i wrote on my previous post. :)

WELLS! now that i have all the time i want,
it's about time i spread some good news that happened to me.

it first started with a personal message in friendly-fashion,
Jetedeesire first approached me with a simple herrow. haha! how cute! 
and when i click on her blogshop, i was utterly impressed!
there's soooo many items that i want to get my hands on... mmmmmm.
this that, that this.. she has a quantity of super cool stuff that is really rare to find around town.
a lot of them i've been eyeing on for decades on lookbook but i can never find any online shops which sells them!

these are the items that i bought from her online blogshop!
1. Prada inspired baroque sunglasses.
2. the most awesome stockings ever (which i'll soon reveal) !
3. ASOS inspired claw bracelet!
4. silver ASOS inspired army ring (sponsored from her )'

I'm insanely in love with my new sunnies i wear them almost everyday!
and once my friend even asked me if it was Chanel. *giggles*!
and that claw bracelet is one of my precious accessories now in my jewelry box!  
the quality is absolutely guaranteed and it holds a certain weight which makes you feel that it's real and there.
unlike some of the accessories out there, which are totally light that you feel it somehow lost it's quality.

one downside about shopping online is that, you'll never know if the quality is up to your expectations,
or is it as nice as the pictures. and most frustrating thing is that you worry they might lose the items while posting.
rawwwrrrrrr. that's what keeps me from shopping online sometimes,
is that i fear things like that might happen!
however my experience with Jetedeesire totally ease my silly notions away :)

I met cynthia, founder of Jetedeesire and she was so nice to have the items CODed to me in pyramid.
and she's also so generous to give me this lil complimentary gift. ah how nice of her?!
I never really wore silver accessories usually but now i know how matching it goes with white outfits!
i wanna thank you jetdeesire again for sponsoring me those lovely army rings. 
they practically makes you look more fair! haha! 

I tell you everything here is totally affordable.
from clothes to accessories, her website is a must check!
I really think that she shares the same taste that i do. Authentic. Evocative. Nostalgic. Retro.

these are some of the items that i personally can't get my mind off! 
a lot isn't it? i know, it's insane! :) 
and the best part of all is that,
they're all totally rare! 

i've been to a lot of blogshop and online boutique before, 
and never really seen such crazy unique style before. 
you guys should seriously check her OUT! : D

for me, there's most definitely more outfits coming to my closet from Jetedeesire 

xoxo, hope you guys like it! 
drop a comment on her wall sometimes, 
or say something nice about her items! she's totally friendly :)


Lucija said...

That's something special!!
Follow each other? :)


IFA Athirah said...

whoa..i think know where u can get the cat tank top

JULES said...

@lucija. thanks babe! :) followed your blog it's awesome!

@Athirah haha where? :)thanks for dropping by my blog btw! <3

Bellamoreway said...

your glasses is totally stunning!
love your outfit <3

Mira said...

Great photos!!!


JULES said...

@bella , aww you should get it! i bet it'll suit you too

@mira, thanks for visitn my blog hun! you have great photos too! xx

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

pretty! xx

Diana (double-ganger) said...

Hi! you have a great blog! please check out my blog and if you like, please follow me on Google Friend Connect & Bloglovin, I promise to do the same for you!

the dreamer said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun on this shoot. Cute outfit, thanks for sharing! I have a fashion and lifestyle blog and I'd love you to check it out sometime.

Sarah x

Jenifer said...

your blog is exquisite <3 and the outfit, so much yess

Michelle Jiafang said...

Great outfit! (: lovin' the sunnies

Tere Ávila said...

great items, i love all your pieces!!
have a nice day


LPFashionPhilosophy said...

So pretty! We love the way you styled this look. Such fun accessories! :)

ox from NYC!


Valentina said...

love jumping pics!


Anonymous said...

Love those sunnies~

United Kingdom Of Fashion said...

love it!

United Kingdom Of Fashion

Annie Ho said...

i love your outfit above! you've got amazing style!