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Monday, August 13, 2012

ALDO RM200 cash voucher GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)

(sorry for the messy hair because i was jumping and jumping for the photos! haha!)
trynna pull off this Topman shirt look that i've bought for quite some time now.
It was love at 1st sight, because i loved the vintaged looking prints :)
been wearing it all the time every since!! 
so did i manage to pull this look off? :P 

photo credit : MEL JUSTICE


top : ectez print button up from TOPMAN
bottom : high waist velvet pants from BANGKOK
shoes : high cut boots from FOREVER21
accessories : rings from YSL necklace from F21

sem break is here so I'm enjoying every sleep I get now. haha! 
I've recently dyed my hair too, reddish-purple it my seem,
but my hair looks more darker indoors. 
I'm sure this Red will be fading soon because it's not one of those colors who last long T__T
I'm your lil red head for now :P 

High heels have known to make women feel more confidence about themselves.
 I wonder why sometimes, haha, it's like they have this magical thing going on. 
And Aldo of course have been a brand that most women would opt for when buying heels.
because of it's comfort and security of not tripping over in such High Heels, haha! 
but for me, I don't always wear high heels because i'm already 165cm and happy with my height :)
I only wear them for parties, events or whenever i feel like it! :)

Again, I wanna thank you everyone who helped me won this contest! 
I'm being so generous because of your constant supports and concern, 
I wanna give back by doing this lil Giveaway for you guys.

READ HERE for Prize Giveaway Ceremony

Like i said previously, I promise to post the before and after winning levitation look
if and only if i win the contest, haha, so here it is guys! 
yes, be shocked... be very very shocked :P 

what i did was i had to photoshop the chair off
and the bag, and the van in the background.
and add in extra hair and fabric to make it look more dynamic :) 
I'm not suppose to show you guys this cause I feel so bare

READ HERE for Winning Look!

ps, please view it in HD because i don't wanna implant a very pixelated image of myself in your brain...
(follow the instructions in the video)
Gosh, up till today i still can't believe i won! :)
WELL, quit the front part of the video cause i was just filling in the time for the background song. 


1) FOLLOW my blog
2) Answer me 2 questions,
what makes you confident? and why.
comment down the comment section below

I'll be personally picking out 2 winners by 31st AUGUST, so try your best! 
Do remember to leave your email address along with your comment so that I can contact you on the 31st!

-both of the winners will receive this notebook from ALDO,
-RM100 cash voucher from ALDO each,you can also buy sales items
 (expiry date is by end of this year)
-and one of them will receive those funky slippers from ALDO (best fits size 39-41)

I truly can't wait to announce the winners myself,
I will personally read each and everyone of them, 
so be creative and try to touch me with your words :) hehe! 

all i can say now is GOOD LUCK YOU GUYS! 


IFA Athirah said...

congratulationss!!! ^_^ lovin ur blog and... u!!

Angeline Ng said...

What makes me confident?
Everything about me makes me feel confident. Either my hair, eyes, body and also my inner self! :)

Because I'm blessed that I'm living here right now being a happy-go-lucky girl who have a good family and friends! They truly fully support me for keeping me alive ever since I was born! :) Maybe you too? :P hehehe

Carolyn Tay said...

First of all, thank you for sharing your prizes with everyone :) I'm so happy for the chance given to win this giveaway <3 && CONGRATS :D

What makes me confident?
I feel confident when I dolled up, put on my favorite set of clothes and have nice hair day.

I guess every girl feel confident when they look good, especially a good hair day. The moment when you look in the mirror and everything turns out perfectly the way you want it to be :D You don't have to put on thick make up or so. But the hair is in place, the legs look kinda long with the new heels and etc etc :p When you go out, people start praising even the lil things and they appreciate effort you put in your outfit.

Sorry for the long comment :x

MiaJie said...

You sure are gorgeous, as always :D

What makes me confident?

I feel confident when I wear at least a 5-inch-heel and my make up looks flawless for the whole day!


Because high heels give the illusion of a taller me, so I'll be able to look skinnier & for the make up, everybody wants a pretty face dear!

Ashleigh Errolene said...

Woohoo! Congrats, Juliana! You deserved it! :D

Okay, I've followed your blog. So here goes my answers:

What makes me confident?

I feel the most confident when I'm doing what I'm most passionate about - writing. Writing and the beautiful wordplay.


Sure, wearing killer stilettos and a bright lipstick may boost confidence levels a little, but nothing compares to the rush of energy and confidence I get when I'm presenting my ideas that I'm passionate about. Besides, nothing beats watching your words go viral on the internet! How is that not a confidence booster? ;D

A.R.T. said...
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A.R.T. said...

Hi Jules

First of all, congratulation on winning the Aldo contest! :D

What makes me confident is a good hair day.

'cause our hair is our crowning glory. Even with the best make up on earth, if our hair is looking bad, everything eventually dont look as poised.. Our hair shows not only our personalities but our mood, feelings, styles and it shapes our face. Thus I always spend time doing my hair before I head out as it is what makes me feel confident as I step out of my comfort zone. ;)

p/s: My feet are size 39 :D not implying anything. #justsaying

and Thank you for doing this giveaway...

karmoon said...

thank you for being so so sooooo generous to share the prize:)

What makes me confident?
i should said my height, I'm almost 150 cm tall even though I'm 23 this year. :D

I used to be very upset bout my height when everyone laughing at me or making fun of my height during secondary school but now I'm very proud and confident with it. Because its my uniqueness and shows me that I'am special. Besides,I can look younger with my height and able to squeeze around crowded places easily.I can wear KILLER HEELS to makes me look taller without worrying how tall is the heels.

chimidama said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chimidama said...

oh dear! congrats:)

I'm really excited <3 so here it goes..

What makes me confident?
I believe that confidence come from the inside. Anything you wear shouldn't matter. Even while you're wearing a smile :)

When you take a photo, thinks about something funny, it will reflects on your smile. The same goes with everything. No matter how beautiful you're, confidence only shines from the inside..

rasyidah yusof

thank you :D

Fabulousity said...

hi jules, congratulation n also thankiu so much for doing this giveaway =)

What makes me confident?
no doubt would be the killer heels!

im a 153 tiny little 21 yrs-old young lady.Obviously, with such a height, i failed to bring out those mature lady look in many outfit especially dresses. Most of the time, they turn out to be too sweet or too long on me. =='
So, those high heels do help me a lot! NO JOKE! I gain so much confident with those heels on. More importantly, i have more confident to try out different styles.

I feel so excited when i come across ur giveaway. have been wanted a heels from Aldo, those killer heels r drooling!


lynnz said...

Dear Jules,

Congratulation on winning the Aldo contest, I must say ur really creative to add the hair n skirt effect..nicely done & well deserving win!!

Here goes:

What makes me confident:
When somebody actually laughs in approval at my suggestions or my jokes.

Gosh for as long as I can remember people always assume I'm a serious person..Maybe it's my looks or the fact that I tend to be the listener whenever I meet new people. But when the ice is broken and I am comfortable enough, I love it when people laugh and say, ur so right or ur funny..

That and a good pair of heels helps as well :)

congrats again Jules,

Kerrie san said...

What makes me confident is when i put on my make up.

Why does it makes me feel confident is because I actually a very timid person. I don't have courage and feel nervous when I talk to other people. When I put on make up its like another me is shown. I have more confidence.

ajxaxa said...

Hi there,
im not that skinny type, i don't have long legs or the perfect skin and teeth.. so what makes me confident is clothes and makeup! bcz clothes to flaunt my figure and makeup to show how confident am I.
thank you for this giveaway! :D

Quintessence said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Quintessence said...

Dear Jules,

This is my humble attempt for a chance to win your giveaway; hope you like it! :)

A pretty smile makes me most confident,
Because it is an accessory which best complements,
Spritz on a feminine fragrance,
Perfection in an instance!


Anonymous said...

Dear Juliana,
Surrounding myself with loving and loyal friends and family for having someone to go-to makes me confident. A certain darkness is needed to see the stars,they see the true you and keeps me grounded open my eyes to change and it's good to have always have someone,when it's 'shit this,or shit that' altogether radiates love in shining confidence.


wei mun said...

Congratulations upon winning and it's very lovely of you to be sharing your prizes with your readers :)! Thank You!

What makes me confident:
Undoubtedly make-up and dressing sharp do instantly boost one's confidence but it only lasts in the short-run. What makes me confident or rather who is having positive people around me- family and friends.
because having people who encourages you and gives you support helped built my confidence. I used to be insecure about myself- how i carry myself, the way i look but my friends made me realize that i'm so much more to that and i stopped feeling apprehensive about my presence. Cliche but true! So, thank God for the wonderful people i've met who has made me feel pretty darn amazing even at the worst situations :).

Beatrice said...

How much did you bought the red velvet highwaist shorts for ??? I bought it from a blogshop and it's exactly the same piece If I'm not wrong :( I bought it at a steep price ._.