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Thursday, July 26, 2012

ALDO cocktail fashion party X BLUEYJOYCE

photo credit : JIM CHUAH
 edited by me :) 


dress : GIVENCHY'S black panther dress from BLUEYJOYCE
shoes : black velvet pumps from ALDO
accessories : transparent series clutch and cuffs from KEITHCHEE
ASOS inspired claw bracelet from JETEDEESIRE

i'm so excited to blog about this dress because it's the dress I've been finding online for ages! 
I saw the replica in BANGKOK but i didn't had the chance to buy it, cause my mom clearly doesn't understand fashion!
If you're a fashion freak like me (!) then you'll know that this is one of the black panther series dress 
from the lord of fashion, GIVENCHY. *screams* yes, i always get inspired by his designs, even in my work!
i don't really know how much is the original price, but i'm guessing it's 1000 times more expensive than the
 price i paid for this BABY! 
hehe, had a fun time fooling people around that it was from givenchy.

and on top of that, i wanna give a big thumbs up for BLUEY JOYCE online boutique,
well, they didn't sponsor me this dress, but i wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart.
they are marvelously efficient! well, the ALDO event was on a Wednesday,
and at that time I didn't know whatttttt to wear, so nervous, i asked my friends for some great
online boutiques, and the 1st one i tried was BLUEY JOYCE because i saw the love of my life,
this black panther Givenchy dress...... 
and i ordered it on TUESDAY, and it popped by my doorstep on the next day (Wednesday).... 
HOW LIFE-SAVING is that??! Thank you for your marvelous service BLUEYJOYCE!

okay, i think i'm getting kindda out of topic now, lol! 

HAHA, wondering what i'm laughing about? :P
cause my dear friend amanda was at the side looking at me, 
while i'm there concentrating on taking outfit post shoots, haha! 
kenot multi-task, i can die in the industry.. lol, i feel so shy when people see me doing this.

so instead she decided to join in the fun! 
haha, nice seeing familliar faces there,
i even ask her to safe me a seat cause i was an hour late for the event!
traffic jam traffic jam plus rainy day, lol, but it turns out there wasn't any seats for us cause it's all packed
I really love teasing her about that she's malaysia's top fashion blogger,
haha, which is true!! naonao, don't be so humble my dear hahahhaha P: 
ah, I missed you darling :))

we can't drink, but we still pretend too  LOL
FIY, i hate wain to the max!

you're looking very attractive here jimmy :))
*nods head*

i went there with my forever-handsome-looking-partner JIM and he was my photographer for the day,
he's sooo nice i can cry ! helped me take and carry all my things and making sure i stay fab..
thank you thank you thank you so much my dear! :') those lil things that you did really mean a lot to me.
look down, look up! 
how i wish i could have my 21st birthday here, private party like a rock star!
it's called BRIDGE BAR, in Gtower, freaking awesome place!!
GAHHHHH, so pretty, i'm insane with the interior.
okay, so it was ALDO's pre-fall fashion show, did i mention there was cocktails ?

these were some of the looks during the fashion show. :)
okay okay, so the whole main purpose i was there was because:

(haha, hey! we're standing in position just like the picture, lols)
such beautiful girls i met during the event.they were so nice and friendly i can't stop thinking about them!:) 
omg, feels like it was just yesterday when i decided to give it a try,
you can check my FULL outfit post of my wining look HERE
who knew i was be one of the lucky 5 ?! (haha, i know it sounds a bit cheesy)
but seriously, i can't describe this feeling, it feels very unreal!

that's Benjamin, the guy from Aldo's HQ in singapore, he flew all the way here just to give us the price!
and if i'm not mistaken, the women in the far right with red dress is from Female Magazine!:)

me and ze very hot girls 

Ami S!!! she's a famous local fashion blogger too! :)
i knew her tru friendlyfashion actually, hehe!
she was sooo nice, complimenting on my looks and my outfits,
gahhh! i wish i could just hug her again! lols

after the whole event ended, this lady from Female mag suddenly popped up and ask me for an interview
AHHHHHHHHH! i was soo nervous....! god save me, i'm so bad at all this sudden questions,
haha, feeling so unprepared i fumbled upon all my words! GAHHH T__T
I'm never ever gonna watch that video that she just interview me on, haha! 

the outfit looks that she took of me, 
well, at least what i'm wearing is good enough to cover up my nerves! 

with the leng lui again, haha! 
girls, never failing to take pictures again and again with each other :) 

me and Samantha S! one of the top 5 winners :) 
she looks so bubbly and gorgeous here! 
i feel like a fat log when standing next to all the girls lol T__T

i know i'm fat yet i still constantly eat and eat and eat.

my partner and photographer for the day.
thank you so much again for EVERYTHING jimmy <3
here's what we wore for the evening, the theme was playful glam.
are we playfully glam enough ? P:

so that's all about it my loves,
i gotta put this post to and end because i would go on talking.
I wanna thank you Aldo again for giving me this oppurtunity :) 
The Aldo manager Benjamin, from Singapore's HQ, came to personally thanked me,
thanking me for the nice words i put on Aldo's contest, hmmmm. I feel so honored ! TT
i should be the one thanking you, Benjamin !:)  

so then, ttyl.
I'll be posting up the stuffs i got and won soon! :) 
HAHAA, and i can't believe i'm doing this,
but i promised myself, that i would post up the before and after winning picture, if i won this contest.
so, yup, posting that too for my next post. hope you guys won't be too surprised.

oh, and the next post, will be a surprise for you all ;)) 
ciaoossies <3 !
hope you guys have a wonderful weed ahead!


Audrey Leighton said...

Stunning photos... Love the dress on you!

Be Frassy

Destiny L said...

Congratulations Jules! You look wonderful and that's amazing to see you reaching the award as I've been voting for you xxx times during the contest!

Jessa Meram said...

Hi! I love your blog!
Maybe we can follow back each other? xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Juliana, may I know where did your friend Ami S got her floral suit from?

Andrea said...

I absolutely love that dress, you're rocking that print! I love the photos where you can see the city backdrop, I miss Malaysia so much

Ami Schaheera said...

Hi Anon, got my floral suit from :)

love the whole post babe! you're just so awesome <3

caise said...

it looks like a great event:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ami! You look gorgeous in them!!! I will check out COVETZ.COM!

Silkybow said...

what a beautiful post!
That dress is seriously so stunning on you.
You definitely rock it!
Congrats so much on winning the Aldo prize too, looks amazing xx

This is LN said...

You look gorgeous ! I love your style, following your blog now ! I am a new blogger and would really appreciate if you stopped by my blog and follow back if you like it ! xx

Fabrizia said...

Such a lovely post: I like these pictures so much!!
What about following each other? Cosa mi metto???

~emi~ said...

Woww...what a nice dress you have..i love it seriously.

MiaJie said...

you sure are beautiful hun! congrats! :)

owh btw, follow u here :p