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Friday, June 15, 2012


this is the picture which i sent in for the ALDO competition :)
i hope you guys like it!
if you like my picture, and think that i deserve to win,
please vote for me
my name : SUNDAESINS.

the reason why Aldo makes me confident: 

nothing is impossible, impossible is nothing.
ALDO helped me achieve many of my most impossible dreams.
It's been my number one choice when i need a boost of confidence.
Striking the streets with almost everyone's eyes on my shoes, hehe!
ALDO shoes are absolutly a head-turner! :)


top : scallop beaded top from TOPSHOP
skirt : chiffon skirt (a gift) from KOK
shoes : zebra wedges from ALDO
bag : scallop B/W pearl bag (a gift) from JIAZ

look at the amount of make up i put on my face for the photoshoot that day! 
quite insane isn't it ? but sadly that's the amount of make up i need for almost every photoshoots, lol.
i've been wanting to do a levitation shoot for myself to enter Aldo's competition
as it says here in the competition:

when i saw the word creeative, the first thing that came in mind was, levitation.
which is what i'm good at too! hhaha, make my life easier.

I started to enter this competition about 2 weeks ago,
sadly at that point, most of the competitors' votes were about already 1k + ,
almost all of my friends told me to give up, 
cause the voting part is extremely time consuming, 
not like those easy facebook click a like on the photo things.
you had to register in Aldo's website, check your junk mail in your own email,
then log into aldo's website again to start voting. 
although you could vote everyday, but i can hardly imagine who 
would wanna go tru all those strain just to vote for me ? 
honestly, at the first week of the competition, 
i gave up asking people to vote.
i gave up because i didn't had faith, cause i need to juggle my very 
frustrating assignments along with other things that kept me busy from this competition.
i gave up cause i think i couldn't win...


BUT! yesterday when my friend msg me that i was one of the top 6!!! 
I went crazy!! the last time i checked the votes were only about 167?! 
i was amazed, and felt truly touched that my friends were backing me up everyday,
everyday there were people voting in for me, somewhere out there, 
some of them who i know, and some of them who i don't
i was really really at the most awestruck state i couldn't even say anything.

All i can say now is thank you everyone who voted,
for only once, or those who've been there everyday to vote for me,
i am sincerely at the depth of my heart very grateful.

however i still need your help cause i'm still very far from winning !
so hopefully if you guys who don't mind if you this my styling, and picture 
deserves to win do click here to vote for me. 
look for my name : SUNDAESINS to start voting !! 
best thing is, you could vote 1 time everyday
so please :) i can't win this race alone ! 
there's just 5 more days to go! 

everybody click HERE to vote! 

thank you so much guys,
you set me in believing myself again.
to believe not to give up! 
guys, if you're out there feeling lost,
please remember, all the famous people failed much more times then you guys,
so guys! please keep calm and keep moving on, 
i believe that i can win this competition with the help of all you guys .
again. thank you so muchhh! 


JiM said...

You'll win Julesss! :) <3

Instant Bitch said...

I LOVE your blog ! Your outfit is amazing, I hope you win ♥

JULES said...

thank you my loves!

Annie Ho said...

your outfit is stunning! i love your shoes and the gif of the moving shoes is so cute!