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Friday, August 17, 2012


the best job in the world is doing something that you love.
and who doesn't love it when you're given credits doing the things that you love?

I was so excited when JUJU*MILKY decided to sponsor me!! thank you thank you thank you! 
they're really nice and not only that, they have so many NEON things that i've been finding for ages!
especially their accessories that were like all sold out on the 2nd day they released it to the web.
soo many pretty neons and studs accessories all sold out! 
it's insane! totally insane i tell you! but luckily enough i was able to pick up some items from them,
fuh! being an online shopper isn't easy, 
you need to have a fast internet access in able to get the limited items fast! :)

photo credit : MEL JUSTICE


top : lilac button up from JUJU*MILKY
bottom : lace skirt from ZARA
shoes : JeffreyCampbell Skater shoes from BANGKOK
accessories : multicolored stud hair band and ring from JUJU*MILKY

as discomforting as it may seem, trust me, i wouldn't buy them if they were not comfortable to wear 
i walked in the park with them for the whole evening! pain=zero. 

the weather that day was very pleasant, the sun wasn't too hot,
and the wind was being a friend. the lack of sunlight caused my photo to be a bit hazy,
but i like the effect, don't you ?

#phototipoftheday : these kinds of lightings are called flat light.

the moment i got this top i was mesmerized by the color, lilac.
and the only thing that i thought to match it up with was my Zara lace skirt
and these special shoes that i cherish so much, i'm wearing it first time to show you guys, :)
I always loved this color, my only concern that it may look a bit tan on some people,
that's why i hardly wear any purple or lilac colored outfits.
but thankfully it looks more than fine here! haha! I even had to paint my nails lilac to give this
whole outfit another boost of purple feel! :) another item they sponsored me was the multi color
studs ring and hair tie, SO CHIC i tell you, the whole studs on your hair tie idea is a genius!
 tying just a ponytail now can never be as dull looking as it was before with this stud hair tie :)
I love it! and i'm almost using it eveytime i spot it laying on my desk!

sigh :) thank you so much again JUJU*MILKY for sponsoring me these lovelies.
haha, the name sounds like my name too, julesjules*milky :P hehe!

sem break is here... finally i've got time to do things that i want.
right now i'm browsing some comedy so that i can snuggle up at nights like this and laugh my socks off.
sipping on my hot green tea, cuddling in my warm blanky... mmmmmm
Finally feeling free from all the previous stressful nights.
these few nights are my chance to rejuvenate my skin, and also my soul :)
adious amigoes! can't wait to show you guys some DIYs I've been doing!

P/s checkout some of these cool prints from JUJU*MILKY!
so pretty right omg...! :) Happy Raya to all my MUSLIM friends!
if you're on the road remember to drive safe!!
pp/s They're having a Raya Special Sales right now too!!


Chloe said...

Lovely :)

Bellamoreway said...

omg heart the shoes! heart all the ppics <3 lucky you :)they have many great stuff!

ms.bulat said...

omg your shoes are lovely~

XxxLoveIsBeautyxxX said...

amazing shoes! followed you, hope you can follow back!

JUJU*MILKY said...

thanks for awesome reviewed,nice shot :)

Cathleen said...

beautiful skirt, I love lace :)

Suzie Yusof Mohamed said...

what a pair of heels!