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Monday, September 22, 2014

Funk up your pajamas pants

Ignore the sleepy eyes, I think the pants really do make me overly comfortable at times it seems inappropriate.

To be honest, 
I always had problem styling "pajamas" pants. "Pajamas" pants = with big prints, low waist, and looks a bit baggy.
To be honest again, these are my ONLY "pajamas" pants because I get so frustrated at styling them. But for this look, 
I paired these lil lazy trousers with a cut out grey top for a structure made for functions. If you get what I mean,
the cut outs from the top do help to give the pants an edgier look, instead of pairing it with just a plain crop top,
which you can actually see here on my PULP in BANGSAR REVIEW where I just paired the pants with a plain crop top.
This time it's time to pump in some funk and groove into the outfit!!! (even tho my face doesn't show it lol sorry guys)
Also like the way I did you can add a colorful accessory to funk up your look when you're wearing a plain top over.
For my case, I like adding a pop of color to my bag, you can check out some really cool Fall's Best Bags here where there's 
a gazillion bags I just wanna get! Pstt... Currently I'm insanely in love with any bags from Phillip Lim ... Gah.. Must get!

You see folks, it's not very hard pairing up a statement pants, Yes I know "pajama" pants can be a statement too.
Anything bold on the bottom should be paired with something light and simple on the top for a balanced look,
but to spice things up you can always add colors / funky accessories to make your look more interesting.  
And pardon me, I don't have abs but I'll still shamelessly rock a crop top. I know it's a fashion no-no, 
but don't tell me fat people are not suppose to wear crop tops? haha. no, because fashion is all about fun.

Speaking of fun, I've found some REALLY nice PRINTED pants here 
that you can have a look and maybe add to your closet to funk up your wardrobe! 
So that's it for now folks, if you haven't try out this "funky-pajamas-pants" trend do give it a go! 
Never know you might like it! ;) 


N@NY said...

such a perfect fall outfit ,,, xoxo
have a fab week


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Clarissa said...

I really love those pants! The whole outfit looks amazing on you! If you're ever looking for a gorgeous handmade leather bag, check out!