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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Picnic Adventures

Dress : BKK (similar ones HERE )/ shoes : F21 / basket bag : Bali

Trying hard not to burst into tears of laughter because I'm hardly the type to wear a lace sun dress (ViVi style) hahahah. 
But what to do, it's a picnic, so I must wear to suit the theme! Even my bag is a mini "picnic" basket I bought from Bali, 
I notice that whenever I feature this lil darling, a lot of my friends will come and ask me where did I get it from, haha. 
Well you famous lil basket. I should be blogging about my bali trip soon, Oh gosh when will it be The Time. haha damn.
But again I would say some un-happy things happened in Bali and it always pulled me back from talking about that subject.
But oh wells! Time to dust it off the shoulders and get on with it! Folks, hang in there with me I sure will blog about it soon, 
but for now, let's talk picnic! yay for picnics!! I always enjoy the fun of preparing for one...xx

 FYI, I am wearing pants underneath this ultra short dress. so don't hope to see anything here LOL
Love how you can tie a ribbon on the back. Ultra adorable dress!

I'm actually so scared if someone pushes me into the pond cause well frankly I can't swim. Still, I'll pose for the blog!! lol
 This style reminds me so much of ViVi, the japanese girls, with the brown curly hair, and the mini short white lace dress,
with those gladiator shoes and a small bag. Well I know I may fail at looking like those adorable-princess-kawaii Jap girls,
but I'm just trying to bring out that vibe, haha. To be honest, I find that white dresses always symbolize pureness.
Sometimes wearing white dresses may look really plain and boring, and that's not how I like my style to be.
Well I do put importance on comfort for whatever clothes I wear, but appearance always comes first in mind. hehehe.
I know I may be dying when it comes to wearing super killer heels, but if it makes me look good, I'll wear it! (for a few hours)
Lol okay, my point is, when wearing little white dresses (LWD), there's a thin line between huh-who's-that-again? and hey-nice-dress!
It's hard to describe, but you get what I mean. Whenever searching for white dresses, opt for something with an interesting twist to it.
Let's say a simple cut out, or mesh, or with lace or embellishments , or an interesting structure would do justice to a regular plain LWD.
Unless you're planning to style it with accessories and overalls, never walk out of home with a plain LWD.
People would be wondering why are you wearing your pajamas out of home. Lol.
As we speak, I found some really interesting pieces of LWD here in SHOPBOP.
most of them are not just the regular plain ones which is great!

Okay, not back to my picnic adventure!

We had our tiny lil gathering at desa park city which sucks because the guards chased us away when it was 7pm!!
WHAT THE HELL? and you know la malaysian weather, you can only go for picnics during the evenings where it's not too hot,
even when we were there around 6.30pm we were already getting sweaty and sticky (ew!). But OMG!
Shortest picnic ever?!?!??! came at 6.30pm got chased away like mosquitoes at 7pm!!! So ridiculous!
They should have put up a sign or something AT LEAST saying "No Picnics After 7PM" DUhhhhh...
Can you imagine people coming all the wayyyy here just to sit on their mat and eat their food by the the lake,
and then getting chased off for no good reason wondering What's Wrong????!! Sighhh..
So sad we didn't get to enjoy ourselves, sit down, talk and chill, play cards by the lake like we wanted :( what a turn off!!

People people, NEVER GO TO DESA PARK CITY for picnics after 7... I wonder why though! the guards didn't explain much :/
As much as I love Desa Park City, I hate how they shoo-ed us off like cats in the Mamak!
But well... At least I did manage to get some pictures of our food :(

My friend Serena made these awesomely adorable rice balls with stuffings that has different characters!! SO CUTE I DIE! 

Probably the most carb-filled combo in picnic history ever!!!
LOL I made the eggs with tuna ( I call it the egg thingy) and the eggs with tuna sandwiches!
and I'm glad to say it was all finished on the spot before the guards chased us away. haha so proud! :D
But boy, that mash potato that my friend Nadine made were so goood! wish I could have another scoop of it!
We had to gulp scoops full of mash because we were secretly eating them when the guards weren't looking.
Yes, we waiting for a while for the guards to just go away, but no the didn't T_T

Oh well, I look forward to another picnic!! Enjoy the outdoor with the breeze and fresh air!
and of course the company of good friends :)
To the next picnic!! To more awesome, girly, pretty picnics, and somehow this remind me of the collection of beautiful mugs,
candles and teapots from Jonathan Adler. You guys should check it out, his collection is seriously the cutest!
Whimsical and beautifully crafted, I can't get over them and I'm thinking of buying one or two as christmas presents for a friend.
Yeah, I know it's not christmas yet, BUT IT'S GOING TO ! LOL, that's it for now peeps, talk to you realll soon! 

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