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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Lazy Weekend at PULP by PAPA Palheta @ BANGSAR REVIEW

top : COTTON ON / bottoms : MANGO / shoes : VINCCI / bag : vintage

Here's a picture of my sulky face right there, because today unfortunately my car got banged by this idiot driver who was speeding...
He was speeding out from a junction and he thought that it was a one way on my side of the road but omg it's NOT!
They say you should drive carefully because if you're not banging other people's car, idiots on the road will bang yours.
Sigh, and it did happen to me today, I just really hope he pays up as promised because man I'll be a fool trusting humanity if he doesn't.
Just pray that people out there really do stay true to their words :( But then again, 
I know there's a lot of doubts, and people would be calling me silly for not launching a police report, but let's pray for the best! 
Just feel so traumatized driving now because this is my FIRST TIME getting into a car accident... :( my heart aches and my hands are shaking...

my boss was saying, "Wah you can still smile after that" in the office when she heard I got into this car accident.
But honestly... I'm just hoping for the best even though there's so much doubts.

 But anyways! This is one of those rare photos of me with long pants on, I HARDLY wear any long pants, in fact
I don't really own much long pants because I think they're just so unflattering on me! makes my lower body look so fat!
But these are an exception just because I love the prints! Crazy coconut prints with a tinge of green on a super nice red background.
FUNKY! Just the way I like my long pants. haha. I think I own less than 4 long pants in my wardrobe by the way.
So last weekend I wore this comfy lazy look to a cafe near by my house that I always wanted to try- PULP!
Love the logo by the way, Check it out! 

When you talk about having COFFEE in BANGSAR the usual place you'll think of is around Telawi area, but this one is not. 
It's one of those hidden cafes located in Riong's Balai Berita building, the head office of New Straits Times Press.
No wonder I was shocked and was in a "HUH?" look when I saw the sign "Art Printing Works Factory"
This place previously belonged to a paper-cutting space. Pulp is run by a Singporean coffee boutique PAPA PALHETA,
and I heard they do authentic coffees in Singapore so coffee lovers were ecstatic when they heard that he's opening another branch here.

Checking out the place.... I love anywhere with HIGH CEILINGS. honestly it just feels so.... stress-free.
Love that there's aluminum on the ceilings so that the natural light can reflect through, perfect industrial design!
Then again, this place used to be an industrial place... It was so crowded during the weekends, seriously,
this place is getting famous because tons of people kept on coming I was amazed as the door kept opening.
Amazed because actually there's nothing much at all in this area, and people would still come all the way for this coffee
It's quite difficult finding a place to sit here during the weekends so I reckon weekdays would be best.
But then again, who goes to coffee houses during weekdays (except for free-lancers, ah so nice!)... 

We were seated on an old printing / cutting machine, and here's the menu! Simple (and not much choices)
At first I was thinking of having lunch here but thank god I didn't because there's no food here except for cakes and scones.
So folks, if you're thinking of having pasta or some big breakfast, you can't find it here okay~

What my friend ordered - Cold Brew Coffee which I like and should have ordered

But I went for the middle one with the big huge black circle on the menu. 
Hand-brewed, you can have it either in bright, balance or bold. And my friend accidentally ordered BOLD for me, 
omg damn kao. hahaha. Damn, but one thing good about this place is that they practice cupping before serving every cup.
That's why it takes a bit of time to reach to the customer's table... 
No need to think about coming here on a weekend, because it so packed and noisy like a MAMAK. 
This certainly isn't a very nice place to chill and catch up with your friends during the weekends.
I donno why this post is turning a lil over-bitter like this coffee here, but yeah.. haha.

For Parking we park just in front across the road which had plenty of parking space that time. I came here around 3pm ish.

And one thing that you should know is PULP is open from 9am-7pm WEEKDAYS ( EXCEPT MONDAYS)
and 9am-10pm WEEKENDS Pulp By Papa Palheta
29-01, Jalan Riong, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2201-3650


ur li'l miss sunshine said...

awesome pants!!!

sepatuholig-Grace Njio said...

i am soooo sorry about the accident, sometimes we are already careful but most of the time idiots just get in the way of being safe...
You look good anyway.. hope you get over your trauma...

Antonella said...

Great post,love!You look amazing!
xoxo Antonella

Emily Knott said...

Love this outfit! So glad I came across your blog!

Joana Sá said...

Nice this look
Adore this pants

Kiss kiss.*Jo