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Monday, September 29, 2014

Multi cool hoodie.

hoodie : PENCEY STANDARD from SHOPBOP / top : BKK / bottom : printed skirt similar HERE  / shoes : NIKE

It's the cold season and we're more closer to winter now! :D Oh no, there's no snowy winter wonderland in our country, just plain rain....
It's a sad thing how our country's weather is unlike other european season where they have the the fall, spring, summer and winter. 
For us it's just summer all year long with a few hours of rain when it's close to the end of the year, but then again,
Sometimes I appreciate the fact that we don't need to go through snow storms, and don't need to invest on
huge, thick snow jackets that makes you looks like the michelin-man. Our weather is pretty unpredictable, something
like the london weather I may have heard, it rains unexpectedly, and it'll get sunny all of a sudden, or the other way round!

recently while I was scrolling shopping through SHOPBOP I realized this pretty cool hoodie that reminded me of a biker jacket
except that it wasn't made in leather! The open laid back triangle flap on it's collar signifies the edgy look on a leather jacket,
but this material was just cotton! Don't be fooled by the material guys, it does keep you warm, at the same time cooled,
it's not too warm, not too chilly, which is PERFECT for our local weather. Not only that, there's some surprising ways to wear this jacket!

How often do you see me in sneakers, hoodie and a cap eiy? The cuddle weather nowadays just makes me so lazy!
 I just wanna snuggle and live in this jacket. Plus the snapback was because I had major bad hair day that time, haha!
Alright, folks, be amazed! The sleeves, and the hood are both detachable from this hoodie! How cool is that!?
Perfect for our weather, when it's hot you can remove the sleeves, and when it suddenly downpour you can add 
the sleeves back with the hoodie to keep you wet-free! Very versatile and this is the reason why I bought it as well,
it can be a vest, and another second it can be a hoodie !:) Thanks to the brand Pencey Standard, they have a lot of nice 
basic wears that are totally chic, a lot of greys and black which you can match with anything just like this hoodie ! 

Here's to another look! Hahaha, while taking pieces and pieces of my clothing off the passer-bys thought I was stripping or something,
haha I could see it in their face as I unzip my sleeves one by one. i was just afraid if someone might call the security guard,LOL

Check out for somemore cool hoodies here
 I personally have to say that T by Alexander Wang has some pretty awesome pieces, I really don't understand how she can design
some plain looking jackets and turn them into absolute trend setter pieces it's mind-blowing! Alright guys, have fun shopping!

I'm gonna head to my bed now because god, this weather is making me so sleepy all the time!
goodnight! xx

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N@NY said...

Seriously the best ootd ever & those shoes are killers !! xoxo



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