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Thursday, July 24, 2014

FIRST TIME FASTING (berpuasa on ramadan)

Finally finish editing my one day fasting adventure vlog, 
do check it out and remember to subscribe to show me some love on youtube guys! LOL

I have so much salute for those of you who fast, seriously, 
after trying out this myself I realised it isn't easy going on the whole day without water!
Especially those who work under the sun, those who serve food / drinks, those who travel and walk here and there, 
and those who have to meet clients back and forth, oh gosh, I never knew it would be this difficult without water (or food!)

Like I said, I did this not to mock other religion (in this case Islam), and I have no intention to.
But this is just for the pure purpose of experiencing what my muslim friends go though even if it's just for a day:)
I hope I didn't offend anyone in anyway, and if I somehow did, I'm sincerely sorry for my lack of knowledge for Islam :/

I did this also as a challenge for myself, and frankly it's pretty fun! 
Haha, but oh gosh, pretty hard not drinking a sip of water for the whole day man!
My perspective towards the people who fast totally changed after trying it out myself! 
Seriously I salute you guys who PUASA and I have so much more respect (not that I never had) 
for you guys now after trying it myself!  RESPECT LEVEL 999 I'm just so impressed and look up to people who PUASA.

Like I already said in the video, 
It's funny how people relate me to Felixia Yeap straight when I tell them I'm gonna try to fast.
Haha, no don't worry guys I'm not turning Muslim soon (altho what if I do? Is there something to be worried or upset about?)
To me, religions are just practices and teachings, To me, I may like the teachings of Buddhists that urge us to stay calm at every situation, 
at the same time, I may like the teachings from the Bible reminding us to always seek god's love when we feel hopeless,
or maybe I might like the teachings of Islam to always seek for knowledge and to learn more.
I believe in our modern day society we're given more and more options, even when it comes down to religions,
we're free to explore and we're no longer needed to follow what our families may have taught us, 
we may be expose to more information, more practices, and more learnings. 
Okay, I think I'm going a bit off-track again, haha, somehow I don't really like to talk about religions, 
because I think that it's quite a heavy topic for me to put out there, because I'm sure we all have different views on this, and
because I'm always afraid if I may offend someone, but what I'm just saying is just fully from my own point of perspective.

SO GUYS! Chillax! have fun! 
For those of you who's interested in fasting there's a few more days for you to try out together with your muslim friends! :D
Just go for it and experience it just like how I did, I believe whenever you fast, you learn something more about yourself,
For me fasting this time, I learnt more about self-discipline, cause I'm pretty weak at that, and after this I do realise this problem.
OF COURSE! Time to work more on that! 

TO ALL MY MUSLIM FRIENDS, selamat hari raya in advance okay guys! 
Be safe on roads, and same to the other people who will be enjoying the holidays, HAVE FUN FOLKS!

much love, sundaesins


Bellamoreway said...

i rlly enjoy watching the vid! you should post more vidss ><
omg its pretty hard when u try puasa for the first time right? but aft you finish it you will feel proud of urself and learn a lot about discipline. Im a muslim so i fast this whole month and sometimes i also feel like cheating and munch something bfr break fasting! lol


JULES said...

haha stay strong sweet heart! It was a real interesting try out for me because I've never done this before, some achievement feeling when you hit the gym real hard ! haha Happy raya loves :) xx