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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tokidoki x Hello Kitty x Shell Malaysia !

Hello! Has everyone recovered from the Hari Raya holidays yet? 
Know some of you, (even I myself) feel the extra blues after this long weekend, lol
But hey, I rested a lot this holiday didn't go out much because I was at home filming this! 
Lemme show you something really exciting!

ME unboxing the Tokidoki x Hello Kitty blind box from Shell Malaysia!!

Probably the most exciting thing that happened to me this week, haha!

HELLO! So i'm assuming you guys already watched the video before reading all these, 
OR you guys might be watching the video WHILE reading this.. ahh, look at chu multi-tasking!! lol. 
Whichever way you prefer, do remember to check out the video cause I'm afraid if I might leave out some important bits!
and so back to today's topic! HELLO KITTY X TOKIDOKI FIGURINES!

check out all 10 of them! SO CUTE! which one's your fav?!

and guys, where have you been if you haven't heard about the latest hello kitty craze in town!?
Well not literally all guys in general but guys! I'm sure you've seen their huge banners on shell stations! 
I personally pump from Shell every time (hey, no they didn't sponsor me petrol or pay me to say this okay),
but I usually pump with Shell because it's the closest to my house. 
And frankly, I noticed there's 2 similarities between Shell and Maybank.
First, they're both yellow like Digi, second, THEY'RE EVERYWHERE! SUPER CONVENIENT!
So folks it's not difficult getting these cute adorable limited edition TOKIDOKI x Hello Kitty figurines!
Guys, get it for your girls! Seriously she'll love it and the fact that it comes in blind boxes makes it so much more interesting!
The anticipating feeling of opening the box... I remembered when I bought my first box after pumping at shell,
I had to stop by the road side for a while to open the box, LOL was planning to open it when I reach my destination that morning, 
But NO, the itchy heart cannot drive without thinking what's inside of that mysterious box... HAHA, 
so guys, do open your boxes before you drive if you know you'll think about it non-stop while driving like me :P
It was 2 weeks ago when I got my first box, you can check my instagram pic right HERE

and it was a week after that I received good news from my email:

close up on the items

Shell Malaysia & Ogilvy decided to give me some of these awesome stuffs to spread the kitty love with you guys!
OMG the box is just sooo cute! Frankly, I think anything with hello kitty on it is immediately indicated as cute!
But I don't mind, I think there's one thing about us girls is that no matter how old we grow,
our hearts will never fail to be thrilled and get excited everytime when we see something cute!
Well, at least that's for me tho, haha.

I bet from the video you can already see me so excited when I found out I got the one that I wanted!! 
The CACTUS KITTY!! which is totally adorable and which now sits proudly on my work desk!
And the SUN key chain that I have from them is hooked on my black vintage bagpack that I carry everyday.
I must repeat again Shell Malaysia doesn't know which one I wanted, and getting it was seriously pure coincidence / luck!
I'm sure people will think that I may look a tinge childish with all these hello kitty figuring everywhere around me, 
but hey, as long as I'm happy am I right? And if you're happy you'll work better! (trying to prove justice here, haha!)


Shell has just launched a range of adorable Hello Kitty Tokidoki designer collectibles! 
What is TOKIDOKI you say? Well basically it's a brand designed by an Italian artist - Simone Legno.
I saw their collaboration almost 10 years ago when it was still launching in HK because I was (and still am)
such a huge fan of HELLO KITTY. haha. So when I see Shell bringing them in, I got super excited! 


Available exclusively at Shell Select convenience store nationwide 
UNTIL 31st AUGUST! (31 more days to go!)

Priced at only RM9 each, and can be purchased with:
• A minimum purchase of RM6 worth of Shell Select Products 
(excludes Tobacco, Alcohol, E-pay, Touch n Go & Lubricants)
at any Shell Select convenience store.
• Any purchase of Shell Select monthly promotion items
(can check out the items on the counter!)

you can also get an exclusive Hello Kitty Tokidoki Collector's Kit at RM25 and earn 50 BonusLink points! 


I'm putting this RED in color and BIG BIG because this is so worth it, haha!
there'll be a INSTAGRAM CONTEST where there'll be weekly winners and a Grand prize!!

All you need to do is to:
1) post a picture of Hello Kitty in a CREATIVE LOCATION on instagram
2) hashtag #ShellTokidoki in your caption

and you'll stand a chance to win a FULL SET of Shell Tokidoki x Hello Kitty collectibles! 
OMG SO GOOD RIGHT?! just need to buy one and you can stand a chance to win EVERYTHING!
okay I think that thought is a bit "Auntie" for me but hey! I say it's a GREAT deal, 
I myself am participating in this fun contest as well, so why not guys, join in the fun!

3 weekly winners to be selected EACH WEEK. not one, BUT 3 !!!
and a Grand Prize winner to be chosen at the end of the contest.

Contest period : 1-31 AUGUST 2014

• Grand Prize : Full set of Shell Tokidoki x Hello Kitty collector's KIT (all 10 of the figurines!!!)
• Weekly Winners (3 winners each week) : Shell Select Premiums

I hope you guys are as excited as I am, and And here I'm ending this post with 2 selfies of me 
(not that this post have not enough selfies) HAHAHA. But I really like the lighting and my make up that day. sooo... lol

That's it for now folks! 
Do remember to join in the fun because I can't wait to see some creative photos from you guys! 
I saw one today while searching on the hashtag for #ShellTokidoki and I saw this apple ones which is really cute!

Toodles peeps! Miss you. xx Goodnight!


I just shoot this 2 just now for the instagram contest! just thought that I could share it with you guys here,
hehe, totally adorable I love these kitty figurines to the max! and when you search on the #shelltokidoki,
you can see all the other awesome participants, even Lisa Surihani is one of them!:) 
so guys! Remember to HASHTAG and stand a chance to win! let's join in the fun! :D


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