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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What to wear for FMFA ?

Me and my friend Vickie got the tickets half a year ago.
It was the first batch of early bird tickets and we had to line up outside Rock Corner Gardens Midvalley to purchase it.
We had sandwiches, sitting (having a picnic) on the floor along with all the crazy people like us, and the line was practically insane! 
However the organizers were keeping it fair only allowing 1 ticket purchase per person, there's a good and bad side to that. 
We got the 3 day passes for only rm98 then, but if you were to sell it now it'll be rm500-rm600 +
Imagine the money we would make selling FMFA tickets?! what a great investment!!!
I should consider investing on early-bird tickets in the future for other rave events...

BUT DAMN, countdown 3...2...1. We've waited for 6 MONTHS and BAM (!!!) FMFA is just 2 days away now.
TIME FLIES SOOOO FASTTTT!!! I'm really pleased with the theme being SAFARI this year,
I can already imagine seeing all the "wild animals" coming out to party on that day, SO LOOKING FORWARD NOW.
Plus thanks to Future Music Festival Asia's FACEBOOK page has really done an amazing job bringing up the hype for a few months now.
I'm impressed with their constant social media updates that were surprisingly not annoying like some promo pages, 
they had lots of contest to win the tickets, and set up pre-parties everywhere, and updates on location and set times, 
Bravo guys on the social media part, what a great way for marketing and bringing in sales!

ANYWAYS! so vickie and I (being all hyped up) gave some thought on how to plan our trip.
One of them being WHAT TO WEAR LAH. -typical number 1 question to pop up in a girls' mind.
So if you were wondering what to wear for fmfa ? HERE it is folks! 
Here's what we'll be wearing for Future Music Festival Asia 2014,
hope this post inspires you if you have no idea what to wear for FMFA...

My outfits are on the right, and hers are on the left:

make up refference
Knowing that probably a lot of people will be wearing the iconic Deadmau5 headgear, or be a mouse or dress up like minnie mouse, 
we were prepared to be different ;D BEING CATSSSSSSS. WILD CATS that is!!! oh I forgot to add in the sexy part;)
Check out our matching skirts, cat ears head band, and our leopard eye make up!
We're thinking of helping each other paint leopard prints on some parts of our bodies, I'm the SNOW LEOPARD, and she's the hot JUNGLE LEOPARD!


make up reff
I really like our DAY 2 outfits, it looks so girly!
Day two is all about trance, all about light and flowy and enjoying the good vibes from the music.
Hence wearing some thing PASTEL, light and flowy, with our matching flower crowns...
Excuse us while we pretend we're cute magic rave fairies who spread pixie dust across the room with our cuteness...
I even have some pastel pony color hair extension clips to go along with this look!


We wanted to be more chillax for day 3 as you know, as fun as it may sound like, realistically you're gonna be dead tired on day 3.
On day 3 i really wanted to go TRIBAL, something red indian. I'm DARNNN sure somebody will be bringing / wearing that red indian head gear.
The one with the big feather that looks so cool and you'll probably wonder how does one rave with that, #jealous
But damn it, it's undeniable that it looks SOOOO COOOL...
For me, in this case because I don't have that awesome head gear I'll just wear my feathers head band.
And I'm gonna be honest our DAY 3 outfits DOES NOT MATCH at all! but hopefully our make ups will! :D
omg i can't wait to paint my face now!!! hhheheheeh


OKAY GUYS! here's some additional tips for you just in case you're new to raves:

and plus the haze is NOT HELPING. being in such a crowded space with the haze around leads to no good.
Believe me, people WILL faint, and seriously, the water there is NOT CHEAP, it'll be around rm8-rm10 per bottle of water.
But guys don't be thrifty on this, you gotta drink lots of water....

I always wear sandals for raves because they're the comfiest and you won't have to worry it they get spoilt.
Wear shoes if you may or boots but it's gonna be HOT. I always wanted to wear my Martens and heck 
did you know you can stand a chance to win free prizes if you wear your Martens there? but no, I won't because I love my Martens...

People always lose their wallet / keys / phone at raves, exchange phone numbers with the group of friends you're going with.
Usually I put my belongings in my pocket or I'll ask someone to keep them for me, but recently I saw this arm band from Cotton on!
You can fit your phone, keys, id and money in it, SO GOOD because you don't needda hold anything when you party!!
But one thing bad about it to me is that it looks like some power ranger strap on your arms..... =___= 

I heard that the car parks in Bukit Jalil Stadium is only gonna be allowed for VIPS, 
Not only you have to be a VIP holder you have to pay RM20-rm30 for the carpark, WHAT IS THIS LA!?
there's another area for parking but it's quite far from the stadium :/ So vickie and I plan on using the LRT,
which stops directly at the stadium. It might be more advisable to use the LRT because
parking there would be a pain in the ass, imagine all the people coming out at the same time...
During raves I usually get stuck in the parking for almost 1-2 hours, and it'll drive you crazy....

SO guys I hope you find this post helpful, and one thing to keep in mind...



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