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Friday, May 23, 2014


Hi everyone! as you all may know I enjoy doing spontaneous stuffs, going to random places and exploring new things.
Well Bulgogi Brothers isn't really a new place, in fact lots of people know them for their famous heart-shaped beef bbq,
but to me, I spontaneously ended up there with Vickie a few weeks ago when we were deciding what to eat at MidValley.
Both being new to this place we decided to give it a go, and to see what's making this place so famous! 
That's why I need to apologize in advance because of the i-phone quality pictures for this blog post,
I usually blog with my dslr cam but this time since it's sponstaneous I didn't bring out my cam, 
and the food is so awesome for me to not don't blog about! lol, I need to share it with you guys how awesome it taste!
I know maybe maybe a lot of you had been there before, would be great if you guys could let me know what's nice there!
I don't really, in fact never done a post fully relying on phone-quality camera pictures before, but here goes! :) 

appetizer, (photo taken after we ate more than half of it haha!)
I love korean food, and to be honest I love their appetizers the most! What's Korean food without their appetizers?!
For this Bulgogi, their Kimchi had a lil more sharp pungent kick taste, which is great! 
This is what I call good quality Kimchis tho. and mmmmm the rest was appetizing :P
Have you tried their TOFU with chicken?! OMG. I so damn wish I can cook this one day :( 
their tofu is AMAZING... I'm not a huge fan of TOFUS, in fact it's one dish best to avoid. but this one is an exception. 
The tofu's chewy and has a very nice sauce and chicken to go with it. urgh I can't describe how awesome it is,
All I can say is that if I'm at Bulgogi I'll definitely be calling this dish again ;) can't wait to bring my mom here!
yay our heart shape beefs are here!!!
before~ wahhhhh look at that juicy richness red meat... mmmmmm
Yup, that's their signature heart shape beef. And me waiting happily to be served like a princess. :P
I was expecting much more (I guess that's what you get after reading good reviews) towards this dish.
It wasn't bad, and it wasn't something so mind-blowing to the beef bbq family that needs to be written in bibles either.
It was okayy, yummy with the rice and juicy because of it's thickness. we ordered tofu, 6 pieces of this beef,
and also our favorite must have Kimchi Jigae which you can see it's the big pot beside our BBQ~ 
Damn, we had a lot that day it's crazy... Just the 2 of us girls....

Speaking about food, right now after I'm done with this post, I'll be packing my bags(again) for a weekend trip 
back to malacca (again) for their awesome food. I miss Malacca and it's yummy food glories...
I've been so down recently through quite a lot of aspects in life, I can't wait to stuff myself with happiness food tomorrow:)
sigh... but it's okay, we all move on, and I guess I'll get back up eventually again... 

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