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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ankle boots + Bling DIY

This is result for my latest DIY project.

I bought these knee length boots from Forever 21 a few months ago that I had to keep
because it was one of those pretty pairs that were on crazy sale and I had to buy it and
try to figure out a way to innovate it later, haha. I wanted to put studs on them at first
but through time I didn’t think that it would reach my fondness; I love studs but I also
wanted to push myself to get out of my comfort zone of just playing with studs. So in 
the end I opted for a more bling and elegant look instead of the punkish boots that 
I was going for at the start.

So here's how I did this project that I'm sure all of you can do too :)

see, pretty easy right? 
I wore the bracelets here and bought two on impulse because of the sales again, 
They were too big for my small wrist; that's why don't throw away pretty things, 
you might need them for a DIY project in the future, haha.

I glued in the extra cloth after I cut the boots just to keep it neat. I didn’t want to cut it
at the edge because I think that would look awful, but if you already have low cut boots
you can skip the first step. It’s a very easy peasy DIY that I finished just within a day. 
It could have took a shorter time because I was over persnickety about where the gems
should be placed, I tried a few designs and decided to go with this one after the forth
attempt, and I think that arranging and deciding where the blings should be decorated
on is the most fun process of this whole diy :) 

Happy DIY people!
hehe I'm most pleased with the outcome and can't wait to share an outfit post with you soon!
p/s I'm still having major problems finding the right broadband brand for my stupid condo which does not support unifi :( 


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