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Friday, April 26, 2013

Sparkling blues

top : pink cropped cut out from BLUEYJOYCE
bottom : topshop inspired aqua sequin skirt from UGLY DUCKLING CLOSET
shoes : DIY

Remember the time when I say I was omg-ing all the way when I received a parcel from
Ugly Duckling Closet? Well it was because of this skirt that I’ve been eyeing for a long
long time in Topshop since it first landed on the rack a couple of months ago. This skirt
is phenomenal; its absolute shine is total attention grabbing. Almost like an aqua disco
ball, gosh the color (!) a mix of peacock and mermaid! A hybrid that’s what I call it. 
And of course it was so much cheaper and affordable than Topshop.

I was waiting for a day that I could wear it out; because it’s charming shine needed to
suit a charming event too. And of course, it needed a pair of charming shinny shoes!
I'm still very much happy of my new DIY shoes.
So I decided to wear it out for my buddy’s graduation
exhibition. It’s funny how I haven’t blog about my exhibition yet, lol.
Thank you again Ugly Duckling for knowing my taste so well, thank you!:) 

 Recent buys from a trip to the book store 

Recently I’ve been living on coffee in the morning accompanied by a book, the book
will be my breakfast partner and the one I go to to get my mind off stuffs. I never
have coffee all the time; the only time I usually have it is when I’m rushing on
assignments. Even now there’s a cup of caramel macchiato by my side when I’m
typing these out. April hasn’t been very good on me, and frankly it’s been more than
rough because I have to deal with so many personal stuffs coming at me all together.
Honestly it’s been the roughest for a long time now, and I’m struggling everyday
trying to get pass it. Struggling is a word that I hardly type out and being so bare and
vulnerable now is just not my thing that I show to anyone anymore. I don’t know since
when I started to bubble up my problems and built a wall around me that hides my true
emotions. It’s good tho so that people wouldn’t know what you’re thinking, it’s bad at
the same time as well because I’m having trouble finding the right person where I can
share all my feelings with. You know some of those 'friends' who just ask how are you
just for the sake of asking or to start a convo, they don't really care about how you feel 
to be honest, or what really bothers you isn't what they want to hear.

At the same time, I wish I had that person or friend that I can 
lay on the beach together with, showered by stars on a 3am sky.
Call me hopelessly romantic I just wish those days would come true...



Bellamoreway said...

omg totally in love with your DIY boots! and your skirt as well <3 one day you'll find that right person whom you can share all your feelings and really care about how you feel :)

Render Sublime said...

That skirt is adorable, I love it! xxx

Render Sublime

Sylwia Dolores said...

Hi pretty;)
Love your outfit!
great shoes!
and I like your blog, so I'm your new follower;)
Hope u would like to follow me;)
kisses x