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Sunday, April 14, 2013

A pocket full of flowers

photo credit : MEL JUSTICE

top : my graduation tee from CREATIVEINVASION
bottom : DIY pocket shorts from PULL AND BEAR
outerwear : varsity from a birthday gift

currently blogging in a cafe now cause my wifi is down. It's weird because I'm not in my 'comfort zone' 
and I feel people behind me are looking at my photos and what I'm writing about now, lol, yea it's weird.
and in a few more days I won't be having any internet access because I'm moving house.
One thing about my condo is that it doesn't have that fibre optic thing that UNIFI uses, so no more unifi for me:(
I guess I need to rely on some lame broadband stuff which I'm sooo foreign with the notion. gosh someone safe me!
And I never knew I had sooooo many things, I'm sooo tired of packing I don't wanna pack anymore T_T
like seriously I'm not even kidding when I say I have 5 large boxes for clothes, shoes, and bags,
sooo insane, I'm tired mentally and physically, I've been staying in this place for 3 years,
and it's almost like a home to me, especially Sunway. I'm gonna miss everything from my room.
the creepy ventilation on top my ceiling that I always fred something might fall down from there,
The lock and I broke *shh don't tell anyone* when I got locked outside my room,
The way the light shines it's morning light to greet me when I lay awake,
the pale color wall that makes the whole room look so calm...
sigh, it's mentally saddening because I'm so used to all this,
I even cried this morning because I won't be showering in ridiculously cold water anymore
because my heater broke a few months ago, I can't believe I cried because I'm gonna miss showering in cold water.
What I'm gonna miss the most about sunway is the people who makes my days everyday
 and tells me lame lame joke and makes me laugh all the time.


anyways that is not the main topic for my post today, haha,
I'm always going off-topic!

Have you ever got a pair of pants you love so much,
and that specific pants have that torn-old look that doesn't last for more than a year?
I bought these pants from Pull and Bear and honestly it's too costly for me to throw it away,
I also like that little patterns on the bottom of the shorts so much! I needed to find a way to give back it's life.
all you need for this ultra simple diy is cloths and fabric glue.
I don't think you can sew it on because of the stitching.
you can use lace instead of cloth if you want but I didn't had lace that's why, haha.
and walla! a new born torn out pants, haha! 

I hope you guys enjoy this little DIY, 
I've recently done a pretty nice DIY and I can't wait to show it to you guys, 
eeeek! CAN"T WAIT! :D
hehe, turning the old into new again just make my day to the max! 
I also hope you guys have a great sunday and get ready for monday! 
And I hope your day is better than mine:) 
I gtg now cause the cafe is turning on really bad and loud music, T_T good bye people.
I can't wait to blog again soon!!

till then, 


Krystel said...

I love your alien tee and shorts so pretty and the way you have customized them. This has inspired me to start doing my own DIY so thank you and beautiful outfit :) x

Anny Barros said...

the most cool outfit ever!