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Thursday, October 4, 2012


photo credit : MEL JUSTICE

jacket : jim's denim jacket from TOPMAN
top : rottweiler shit from GIVENCHY
accessories : LIVBERTIAN necklace with studs from LIV-BERTY
beanie with studs from LIV-BERTY
shoes : boots with studs from FOREVER21

it's such an amazing thing to have a close guy friend with good fashion sense so that you can borrow clothes from him.
I always like guys shirt, the nice ones i mean, they're so cool and sometimes it makes me wanna be a guy.
hmmm, maybe not but, haha! but I'm loving those aztec print tops from TOPMAN!
haha! thank you so much Jimmy for borrowing me your shirt and jacket, haha! 
i realllllllllllllllly love both of them so much, altho i know the cutting is not for females,
but i love it, and i'm thinking about NOT giving it back :P hehehe! 

I was so fortunately sponsored by LIV-BERTY, one of BANGKOK's amazing online shop! 
yes, BANGKOK, imagine to us Malaysians how affordable the items are! go check them out now!
some of the items are even more cheaper than local online blogshops! 
 Opened by my amazing friend Sara, she gave me this beanie by surprise,
and i picked their really cool LIVBERTIAN necklace with studs on it.
this is really an online shop that you should check out,
I'm loving their style so much, and Sara's a graphic designer too like me,
so their photos are really pretty and the way she styles the clothes are WOW.
haha, speechless, she even styles the photos to make it more interesting.

like this one. looks super cool right!!
I love the top to bits! 
and yup! she designed it herself! :)

The meaning LIV-BERTY means freedom, it's LIVING + LIBERTY = FREEDOM.
that's their unique identity which is a temporary style clothing brand for those who loves  dressing up with a twist of style.
There's pop to bohemian concept, which is utterly good for girls like me who lovesss to mix and match.
just take a look at my previous post, it's girly and dreamy with the floral crown,
but my style can be very contradict at times, like for this post, BAM! punk, rock and bold!
please tell me that i'm not the only one who's suffering from this thin line between rock and soft.
it's a sickness that i can never recover from, I love both of them! and i think i'm somewhere in between.
but anyways i think i'm getting a lil out of topic!

I love the beanie that she sponsored me, I think it's really cute, what about you?
I like it cause it not like some boring old beanie which robbers cut a hold on and wear them to rob a bank.
 haha! this beanie is more like a self-defends, so anyone who wants to rob me....
... HA CHAK! ....
studs stuck on your forehead as i give you my HEADBUTT! LOL.
beware thieves. be VERY aware! and afraid too!

here's a step by step DIY tutorial on how i made my tie dye / denim acid wash nails.
I think it looks a bit like OPI's Shatter nails but yea,
I got no money to buy OPI so my as well DIY your own shatter nails.

hope you guys like it! 
and thank you so much LIV-BERTY for sponsoring me the beanie and necklace!
till then, 

i will miss yall! 


JiM said...

This is bad! LOVE!

Bellamoreway said...

you look stunning with that boyish look!oh maybe im gonna try the DIY shatter nails,thanks for sharing <3

Anonymous said...

another great look by you.

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Stunning! Love the grungy look! xx

Joshua Christian said...

I super love the sponsored beanie!! Congratulations for that! You styled it perfectly as well <33

Clara Turbay said...

Everytime better it´s great to be back.

Anonymous said...

Love that rock and roll outfit!