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Sunday, September 30, 2012

The galaxy is in your hand(bag) X DIY galaxy bag tutorial

photo credit : ME & my trusty TRIPOD


top : crop vest from TOPSHOP
bottom : galaxy fis-tail skirt from randomboutique
accessories : rosary from DIVA
bag : DIY galaxy clutch sponsored by FRIENDLYFASHION
shoes : velvet pumps from ZARA

forgive me if you find some of the pictures a bit blurry,
that's because i took each and every single one of them myself! 
which i'm actually very proud and satisfied with the results,
but it's really weird seeing the pictures of myself on blogger now, i wonder why.hmm.
i never imagine me finally being the model and the photographer together that smoothly.
well i did took some self portraits with the tripod before, but none of them as good as these ones.
You can imagine me dragging and changing the position of the tripod countless times, 
haha, it's all just for fun, because i wanted to do a bathtub / galaxy / gangsta /sexy nancy sinatra shoot.
I know it's a lil too much to ask for my expectations, but whatever.
I'm hoping you guys like the shoots as much as i do :)
so enjoy!

Here's my DIY galaxy bag tutorial!! FINALLY!! 
please please please view it in HD, other than that it's really bad ! lol thanks! 

So here's what you'll need :
• Black Spray
• Arcylic paints 
• Newspaper
• Nail polish remover

So i was filming my DIY clutch tutorial video myself one day, 
and decided to Oh just take pictures while i still have my make up on, 
and walla! here's the outcome which I'm pretty satisfied with! :D 
the video is done especially for friendlyfashion's blog 
you can check what i wrote herehere for the step by step tutorial in words!!
thank you so much again FriendlyFashion for sponsoring me the clutch to DIY.
I'm loving galaxy prints more and more everyday when i look at the bag, haha! 
we've all seen this lovable print on shoes, shirts, dresses but i never seen one on a clutch / bag before.
that's how i got the idea of making a DIY galaxy bag myself! 
since they don't have it in the market anyways, 
no worries about clashing outfits with other people then.

but sadly, because of the music copyright thing, the video is blocked in Germany :( 
I really satisfied with the galaxy bag, and me being a perfectionist, 
it took me a reallllllllly long to film the whole video.
a lot of work and effort has been put in the video so please do view it in HD! 

And if you're observant enough you may spot that i have about 3/4 different nail art on my fingers.
and that about explains how long it took me to film the whole video,
I only use iMovie to edit because i'm not really good at editing movies,
but ! i hope you guys like my very homemade video and hope it inspires you:)
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miss you guys...


IFA Athirah said...

loving ur style as always :)

Reinhardt Kenneth said...

I'm in love with the whole outfit, the galaxies are just perfection<3

JULES said...

@IFA thank you honey! you're sweet like cotton candy ! <3

@reinhardt yes! galaxies are my <3

Hypnotizing Fashion said...

You look great !!! :) lovelly outfit:)

Victoria said...

You look AMAZING. I'm in love with your skirt!

- Victoria

CHERELLE said...

Thanks so much! I love your style, but I'm in love with your galaxy bag/skirt. So perfect!

Patti said...

hello! i like your blog and your style! im following you now, if you like my bog, follow me back please! and if you want we can follow each other in our facebook page. what do you think? XoXo

Haley Titus said...

Your outfits are so cute! Glad to have found your blog <3

Colour Me Classic

Darby said...

OMG your skirt is FABULOUS! I LOVE the galaxy print1 Looking amazing as always darling!
xoxo Darby

Obviously Obsessed

Veren Lee said...

amazing outfit! the skirt and clutch are sooo cool!