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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Polka Frenzy X O'bambi sponsor

photo credit : MEL JUSTICE


top : plain white tank top from MNG
bottom : pokka dot flare skirt from O'BAMBI
accessories : pokka dot collar from DIVA
galaxy bag : DIY
shoes : loafers from VINCCI+

it was a rainny day, hence the umbrella.
I decided to just shoot instead because I liked the whole look.
this is one of my umbrella skirts too, I call it this way because of it's shape, haha!
Thank you so much O'bambi for sponsoring me this ultra cute skirt! I love it cause it's SOOO KIEWT!  
and i've been seeing polka dots everywhere recently! a lof of bloggers been posting polkadot clothings recently!
is it time for some polka dot frenzy!?? :) well I'm definitely loving it! 

I match the skirt with something simple like my cream loafers and a white tank top! 
I also found a matching polkadot collar to go with the skirt and i think it makes it look more balance:)
According to the weather broadcast it was suppose to be a sunny day that day, but it rainned, 
thanks to malaysia's reliable weather, haha! 
I honestly can't imagine being in London, because all of my friends who've been there 
complain and complain about the weather being terrible by raining and raining everyday.
if you're reading this from London, do let me know if the fact and notion of the weather is true/false.

as for O'bambi,  I also like how the way they display their clothes.
very different from other blogshops, you can check it out here  
they all look very neat and simple because of the white background,
so it leads more imagination to it :) I'm also loving the packaging because of it's effort.
makes the whole shop looks so handmade, and homie, which gives you that comfortable look and feel!
thank you so much again for sponsoring me the lovely skirt, hehe P:

lately, or maybe just tonight i've been feeling kindda down.
been talking to some people about my problems, and i really can't find a good solution to it.
Honestly, I don't have much people to share my problems with.
and honestly, the one person I wanna share my problems with can't help me anymore.
it's just some personal issues i've been dealing with everyday recently, 
but other that that, life and work has been opening good paths for me to walk on to.
i should be thankful that i'm still living under a roof, 
and even getting sponsors is a really big thing to be thankful about already,
but just that sometimes in life, where other personal issues gets you in the heart, 
and you take a breath, wondering what to do next....


Annina said...



Bubble My Licorice said...

what a lovely outfit :)
I love polka dot!

Bubble my Licorice

ms.bulat said...

those are cute nails!
Hope you will feel better soon:)

Clara Turbay said...

Really good!

Samantha said...

This is such a cute outfit, your polka dot skirt is so gorgeous and very flattering!

I’m now following you. Check out my blog at Novella Place and I’d love it if you could follow me back on bloglovin xxx

Darby said...

You look SO FABULOUS in polka dots! The collar is absolute perfection doll :)
xoxo Darby

Obviously Obsessed 

Destiny Lim said...

Cheer up sweety. Get rid of the clouds above your head soon k. I'm the least you can think to tell me your problems but i'm always here :)! You look adorable as usual!

Victoria said...

You look adorable! I love the collar :)

- Victoria

E said...

Your outfit posts are so fun and cute! I especially like the polka dot skirt :) I'm your new follower.

Hope things get better. Stay positive :)

<3 Emi

Anonymous said...

Beautiful look!

would you like to follow my blog, bloglovin and maybe facebook??