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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cute Granny Vintage & some indie songs

photo credit : MEL JUSTICE


top: tropical jacket worn as blouse from CUTEGRANNYVINTAGE
bottoms: floral high waist skirt from TOPSHOP
bag: zebra print clutch from TOPSHOP
shoes: high heel clogs from FOREVER21
accessories : in courtesy of JETEDEESIRE

my heart is very calm now after listening to all my fav indie songs,
which is i think the total wrong time to write about this post. haha! 

time for some, i think, pump up indie song to pump up the mood! 
i purposely removed my usual mixpod playlist, so you guys better click on the vids to enjoy! 
i think that people are listening to the radio too much, it's getting a bit of bored.
switch to indie songs more often if you wanna widen your inspirations my loves! 
:) happy listening! 

now time to talk about this outfit! 
the second i saw it on sales in CuteGrannyVintage i just HAD to get it! 
i got this lovely prints for only rm20! crazy isn't it?! 
and when i wore this outfit out, i was surprised that a stranger girl came up to me and said:
"hey i like how the way you incorporate your top with your outfits, where did you got it from?"

and of course i smiled and said it's from a vintage online shop called Cute Granny Vintage.

okay the heat nowadays is getting more and more ridiculous.

haha, however i find ourselves always complaining about the sun! 

have we ever thought without the sun, all our plants would die, 
and there won't be veggies on our dishes (which is a not bad thing), well maybe i could handle that,
but without veggies there would be no food for chicken and we would eat humans in the end.
scary, cause that's what happen to the miami guy...
anyways out of topic! the reason for this photos to be over edited this way, 
is to show the love for the sun. i name it Heat Wave! 
funny how i name my pictures like humans, haha! weird. 

when i received the parcel, i found this lil tee folded form archie comics !
it's super cute isn't it, and i think that good blogshops should do these kindda
lil small thank you notes to their customers more often,
it's such a cute and simple way of making your customers smile.
of course if you fold it into a shirt like this, it'll make me wanna open it up to figure how you did it!
but of course i didn't unfold it if not i know for sure i wouldn't know how to fold it back, lol! 

last song for the night and i'm off to face my assignments.
i'm not really suppose to blog right now cause i have tons of assignments to do .
haha, my life = assignments, gosh i need a break! :)
adios fellas , i love you guys and all of your comments always brightens up my day.
forgive me if i didn't reply all of you guys, it's just that i hardly have the time to!
but i do read and sometimes reread all the lovely comments that you guys left on my blog.
all the time :)
so thank you again and check out CGV,

did i mention that they're having a wonderful midyear sales now?!
omgosh whatcha waiting for? :))


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Your blog is soo beautiful.

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wow! looks lovely..i love your skirt,so cute..i love it! .. im happy to following your blog,pls followed me too!

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Beautiful outfit! I love how you mixed prints :)

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nice outfit!

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Destiny L said...

Thank you so much for this lovely post Jules! You're the ultimate prints queen!

Sam said...

What a great way of mixing prints! I love it!


E said...

Cool blog! Like the music + outfit posts :)

<3 Emi

Anthea Lau said...

love those windy glasses and you look adorable in that skirt <3 polish girl is actually one of my favourite songs :)
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